Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Life As A Spy

My professor was a spy

CIA, that is. Everyone in my Liberal Arts College in Pakistan knew our History Professor was an American Spy. So, I asked him. And he told me he wasn't a spook type, but, like most people in the Agency, was an analyst who wrote reports about people's opinions and whatever was written in the Pakistani press.

I thought that was a cool job. Analyse information, write reports which could influence policy? Sure.

With my family's military background, my education in politics, history and economics? Sure. Not passing my final exam for the Air Force Academy, I still could go into the Army. Many of my friends already had (one went on to become the head of Pakistan's fearsome ISI, one of the world's best intelligence agencies, if not the best).

But my path was into medicine and spirituality, and to come to Canada. But I've always been interested in the hidden forms of knowledge and patterns of history, and, I am a 'spook' type personality anyway:) So yes, I studied the world's intelligence agencies, and What They Were Up To.

Now, I do believe in the necessity of intelligence gathering. I do understand the need for security services to keep tabs on potential threats, internal and external. I do believe democracies need to protect themselves, as long as there are safeguards against infringement of individual rights or societal freedoms. They do need to not become private police forces for various economic interests or for political aggrandizement disguised as 'protecting Democracy'.

So these are my thoughts, and no, I never did join the Agency or any others. However, I did, in the course of my many travels, come across many interesting people and situations. Maybe it's because of my nature? Perhaps.

There are a great many good books on intelligence agencies, but the one I especially like is "The CIA And The Cult of Intelligence", by Victor Marchetti and John Marks, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_CIA_and_the_Cult_of_Intelligence CIA and State Department employees who detail how the CIA has strayed from its original purpose of "collecting and analysing information on foreign countries, politicians and corporations, and strayed into clandestine activities". I also like Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky's "By Way of Deception", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Ostrovsky which he wrote "to draw attention to the corruption and shortcomings he claims to have witnessed in the Mossad. Ostrovsky has repeatedly argued that intelligence-gathering agencies must be permitted certain operational freedoms, but that significantly increased governmental oversight is necessary". I also like Noam Chomsky's writing and regularly read Covert Action, a now defunct magazine (which you can still find on the Internet)

And one more book which I think is a classic, "The CIA's Greatest Hits" by Mark Zepezauer, Odonian Press 1994, which details the CIA's role in political assassinations, mind control, the drug trade, and money laundering. It follows that the CIA and related agencies, not having changed at all since the Senator Church investigations of the 70's, most likely are continuing similar activities to this day.

Intelligence gathering has always been used as tools for the furtherance of national policies and hegemonies. If you were a king, you wanted to see who was plotting against you or what the neighbouring country was up to. During wartime, intelligence gathering took on a military slant. And as democratic countries became more and more open, secret services became more and more er, secretive. And when government tried to regulate you, you would get into illegal businesses like drugs and arms smuggling to finance your operations. (The CIA's alliance with the Mafia began when it needed help preparing for the invasion of Italy)

And, as the world becomes an even more smaller place with globalization, control of dissent, and unipolar policies disguised as competing political philosophies, (which I'll address later, that's an even longer article) the need to control people, and even more so, their minds, becomes even more imperative.

So, it comes as no surprise when:

  • various agencies plant stories or control the media

  • agents become 'journalists' and 'news editors'

  • NY publishing houses get taken over

  • Agency involvement in LSD experiments are revealed decades after the fact

  • Various mind control cults, psychological therapy and alternative spirituality groups have agency fingerprints all over them (I get no funding, alas :)

  • Wild theories and other memes get planted on the Internet to compete with and discredit real information

  • And they spy on and listen to every phone call, e-mail, text and blog.

But my real concern is when assassination is used as a tool to not only silence opposition, but also, to create fear and division in society.

Or false flag attacks are used to provide justification for war.

Or mentally ill and immature people are encouraged to commit random acts of violence.

Or 'religious leaders' use all sorts of twisted theology to justify killing people.

Or criminal masterminds get away with crashing banks and stealing trillions, and no one polices them.

And millions of people die in wars because they're living on oil fields or in the way of gas pipelines, and we kill them because they'd prefer it be used for their benefit, not global oil controllers.

There is a war going on right now to gain control of the earth's resources and people. Those who stand in the way get exterminated, or controlled by various despotic rulers and 'insurgent' armies, who coincidentally happen to be armed with guns smuggled in to them by various American and European agencies, as opium and precious metals get smuggled out.

As Federal whistleblower Sibel Edmonds says, “You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one”.

So we create a desert with CIA controlled drones and State Department mercenaries and call it "exporting democracy" and "defending our country".

But what democracy? And what country is there to defend when we are continuously lied to, and our freedom slowly taken away?

In these difficult times what I can suggest is, do not give up your independence, do not buy their stuff, or their ideas. Do not be, a slave.

And it is so funny when they spend so much time spying on us, that some of us, spy back :)

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