Monday, January 03, 2011

Mother Mary Comes To Me

Mary's Tomb

The view from the Marian Hills, Pakistan

There is a town in the North of Pakistan that used to be called Mari, before the British changed the name to Murree. Lying in the foothills that lead to Kashmir, it is also close to the Buddhist centre of Taxila. The peaceful valleys and distant mountain views remind one of Shangri-La.

There has been a grave on a hillside there for almost two thousand years. When the Muslims arrived in the area they saw Hindus praying at the shrine, and, noting that it appeared to be of Jewish origin, began to pray there too, since this obviously was the grave of a holy person of the "people of the Book".

The locals have always called the place "the mount of Mariam", and the area, Mari, because it is reputed to be the final resting place of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The British wanted to build a fort there, so they tried to disinter the remains. Thousands of people, who believed the shrine gave them special protection, protested. During a time of severe drought in 1916 the townspeople had prayed for rain which then started to pour that day and continued for three days. The British left the tomb alone, and when the engineer who'd wanted to tear it down died in an accident shortly after, the people said it was because of his impious ways.

I was aware of the legend because of its connection to the whole Jesus lived in India story. It is a story that lives in many masonic and theosophic circles; I make no claim as to its veracity.

But, I moved there with my school during the 1965 India-Pakistan war to escape the bombing of our air force base, and I visited the area once again, during my 1995 trip to the Indian sub-continent, so, I was drawn to it.

So there I was, in the winter of 1995, and I knew I wanted to visit her grave. Except it was now surrounded by an air force base, and lay at the foot of a telecommunication tower, so it was off limits to visitors.

No matter; I talked my way in, and got a tour with the commanding officer, and yes, I felt her wild, restless energy there. I prayed for her, and thanked her for the many times she had come to me. It is a peaceful place, where she rests, and you know that this is the sort of valley that her son Jesus came to live in in the later years of his life, after the crucifixion. There is barbed wire around the grave to keep trespassers out, but that is ok. She does not need visitors to her grave, or to be worshipped.

These are the messages that are coming through. It will be a spiritual time that has nothing to do with religion, that time has gone. The amount of destruction and chaos will be great, but that is a result of the imbalance in our selves and the fear of change. I have been saying this for 35 years now, and people still would not accept that message. Now they must go through what they must.

But, I stood on that hill and there, I felt that great peace. All one has to do is think of her, and she will be there.

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