Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cat Came Back


There was a ginger cat my friend Heather and I met 6 years ago. We were coming back from a concert in Devon around midnight when we saw this cat lying across the road. It had been hit by a car, and sadly, was quite dead. No movement and the flow of blood from its head had stopped.

I held it for a while. Then I moved it to the side of the road for the night.

In the morning we went back to bury it, but it was gone. We assumed a fox had carried it away.

When I returned to Canada I heard that 'Ginger' had turned up again. It was fine, and started coming up to the house every day.

Yesterday I got another message. Ginger is still, quite well. She comes up for food and love, and then dozes off on the warm, sunny bed made for her.

Remember that miracles can always happen for you too.

Update: The cat has now been named Amber. Heather recently lost her beloved Dalmatian, Poppy, and now Amber is there for her. Amber is a healing and grounding stone for spiritual energies. May you all, find healing too.

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