Monday, March 03, 2008

The Nature of the Spiritual Warrior

I wrote my first book Man From Atlan in 1974, at the age of 24. It was something I'd lived since I was a child, and the feelings and the memories were real, at least to me. I saw a pattern of lives lived, the lessons I had to learn, and the people I had known. In each of the lives I wrote about, I met the same people, was a warrior, and died a violent death. Did that mean I would die a violent death in this life too?

Would this planet?

Man fights in many different ways, for many different reasons. To defend one's self and family, for one' s country, for a belief, or, because it is his nature. I described a man who eventually sickened of death and killing, yet felt it was his duty to go on. And yes, it was his karma to die in battle, or in a violent way. I saw another life, in which an emperor's son asks his father why there always was war. Could there not be another way to resolve conflict? The reply he got was, that as long as it was in Man's nature to fight, then he would.

But there is another aspect of the warrior, and that has to do with nobility, honour, and duty. To defend the weak against the rich and powerful, a cause against the corrupters, and no matter what the odds, to not just master, but be, without fear. And even if the opponents seemed unbeatable, to still, never ever give in.

I'm writing another book, a prequel called The Children of Atlan. It describes a teacher who warns the people of Atlan about war, but also prepares them for it. He trained them to be spiritual warriors, and when the time came to defend their homes, they unleashed forces that destroyed a planet.

In this life all that has happened before, is happening again. I have met many of those I met before, and trained them to be warriors. They are women and men who were the greatest warriors of history, all come back to fight for the cause of the survival of the planet. Their weapons will be not violence, because that is not what this will be about. Their weapons will be magic, spirit, and love.

The greatest battle will not be fought against external enemies, though those do exist, regrettably. The greatest battle will be fought within yourself, but the effects will be felt outside of yourself as well.

And yes there is a battle to be fought: against War, against the greed of the rich and powerful who seek to dominate, against poverty and the destruction of the environment. But first, you need to change yourself, and you need to be warned.

I saw the Lunar Eclipse as it progressed over Toronto two weeks ago and was reminded of how I first saw it in Los Angeles in 1993, to be followed just a month after by the L.A. quake of 1994 that I witnessed. The eclipse of 2004 followed by the Asian Tsunami, the 2005 eclipse followed by the Pakistan earthquake, and I knew, when I saw it again, that there would be destruction and upheaval. And there it is, with an earthquake in Britain just a hundred miles from where I taught healing and meditation a few months ago, war in South America, and Israel massacring over a hundred Palestinian men, women and children in the space of a week. I was reminded of how I went to Tehran because I felt it was important I do so, and the earthquake then, and near war; and the London Tube bombings two months after I visited. The 2007 floods when we were visiting? These were warning signs, and it saddens me to say there will be more. Watch out for solar storms, magnetic field changes, and the shifting of the dimensions. Watch for what happens tomorrow, March 4.

Wherever I have been, and whoever I have touched, there has been great change. Yet in all this I am well aware of the grave personal and physical danger and entrenched resistance to change. This is the Way of Atlan, to be at peace but prepared to fight, to win without ever drawing a sword.

Who knows what will come? The warrior waits, patiently.


Anonymous said...

That was so good to read, no wonder I feel soo stressed and bored! I'd rather be out there chopping off heads!! ;)

moonkoon said...

Thanks for that.
It's all in the mind.

moonkoon said...

Hi, Man from Atlan,

Let me take a moment of your time to tell you a story about a story.
It is about a man called Joseph, Joe for short.
Joe sought me out, he wasn't really my type, but we became close friends.
He was a good sculptor, but not a very practical sort of person.
He had an answer to every question I could think to ask him, and, as you might imagine, there were plenty of them.
He had seen enormous human suffering in his life, which he told me about, some of it at least.
He told me that God had told him to leave his former vocation but had not told him why.
He is dead now and died without knowing what he was supposed to do.
But lately I have had the idea that he might be back soon.
When he presented me with this story, I thought it a bit twee.
But I have always wondered about it.
Lately it has lost it's naive tinge.
That's why I thought I should share it with you.

The following was actually told to me by Joe about fifteen years ago.
He even gave me a printout of it, but I can't find it at the moment so you will have to take my, or rather his, word for it!
This is a précis of the story.

We sail on to our destiny across the sea of time in space ship Terra.
With our support squadron Sol, we pass through uncharted voids.
We are the freighter, as it were, of the convoy.
We have outriders performing various services, but we are the main ship with the precious cargo.
Galileo got himself into strife when he pointed out that we were not the centre of the universe, not even of our solar system .
The Terra centric idea had a spiritual reality before he came along.
And he made the idea a physical nonsense.
But it is not the physical dependencies that I am talking about.
They, as Galileo discovered, are ordered according to physical laws.
The really important ship is one that carries the Spirit of Love, that's us.
That is our precious cargo,
We have been entrusted with it,
We are it's custodians, we are the amphora (the container) for the cargo.
We don't know where we are taking it, but we are told, and in our hearts we know, that it is valuable.
We each carry a portion of this precious cargo and pass it on to each generation.
This is our destiny.
One day we will arrive at our destination and we will not be very popular if we have lost the cargo.
Not that we will lose the lot, but we can lose our portion.
It always lives in the hearts of some.
Remember to pass it on. :-)

Man From Atlan said...

I really should stop posting on Xymphora so I can look after this blog :)
Regardless of how we get through our journey, there will always be friendship, commitment, and love.
One question I always asked myself was what happens to us after we die? Understanding spirit and other dimensions helped answer that question, but it helps also to know we get all these second chances to sort things out, to come back and meet people we've known before, to evolve.
And while I greatly enjoy the material world, it is good to know there are other worlds to explore..