Saturday, March 08, 2008

Barack's the one


Immediately after 9/11 I made a short statement: "More than any thing else at this time what the American people need is a person who can articulate all that is best about being American and inspire them to be the people they can be. I hope that person will show up soon".

A year later, in October of 2002, Illinois senator Barack Hussein Obama made his famous anti-war speech in Federal Plaza, Chicago, which, followed by his inspiring 2004 Democratic Convention address, led to him being poised today to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Barack Obama is the one I hoped would show up. If you look just at the karmic coincidence of his middle name, Hussein, and that he's a black man now poised to be President, then that's enough for me. America has too many crimes in its name to ignore the possibility of redemption here.
Please note I am not predicting he'll win the nomination, let alone the Presidency. That will depend on the choices people make. The chances that the election will be stolen once again is high. But the possibilities!

That he titled his book The Audacity of Hope is one thing that explains his popularity. That he inspires so many shows how the American People have thirsted for change and not, more of the same. Cynics, fearing manipulation, disdain any appeal to emotion. Politicians, even within his own party, have thrown so much mud at him it's a miracle that he still leads in the polls. Aside from partisan Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and the disenfranchised will all, I believe, vote for him if he wins the nomination.

Keep in mind he's politician, not saint. If there were two Americans whose absolute honesty and dedication to principle I'd trust to all others it would be Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, on opposite sides of the political spectrum, which just goes to show you that those labels are meaningless. But those two will never be elected, and there's one reason above all I'm talking about Barack today. One, that he's a good man, and two, he has the potential to be the greatest President that ever lived. Not down the road at some time in the future, but now.

Yes, he's inexperienced, but when greatness is inherent in you, you rise to the challenge. A good person may make mistakes, but the damage that can be done by profoundly flawed and compromised people like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, for all their 'experience', is infinitely worse. Good people, on the other hand, tend to do good things.

But I'm saying this from a spiritual, not political perspective. The destiny of the U.S. lies in this one last chance. Let's see what happens.

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Man From Atlan said...

There's a story aboout him, which I'm saving till the time is right, just before the election.