Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Road, Less Travelled

My first ride

My first ride was on a Vespa. That was all my dad could afford at that time in Pakistan. So we would all fit somehow, Dad, Mom, and sometimes all three brothers on it. (We were somewhat little then :)

But this is just a hook to discuss, the road we must all travel. We are on a journey, and yes that journey may seem very difficult at this point in time. I can only help give each person the tools to decide what direction to take.

I sent this out to my Global list in 2004. I hope it was well taken, and want to see how it applies today.

The Road Travelled

Many people have asked for help in determining what their purpose in life was. Was it based on what one did, or strengths and accomplishments, the places one had been to and the people met? Are we meant to follow certain rules, and obtain rewards in this and the afterlife, and those who broke the rules would be punished by whatever means, Hell or Karma, and the consequences would be unpleasant? Must we search in blindness, and do the best we can, and hope for the best?

In the past I have said there is a particular place within ourselves, the part or chakra of dharma, where our path can be determined. But knowing our path is not the important thing, it is how we get to that realisation, the road travelled, that is all-important.

This is a time for reflection, and so I would like to share with you The Road Travelled.

I have had great loves and sorrows, accomplishments, remembered my past lives, saved the lives of others and seen the future. My purpose is to help, but is that all there is? No.

I see men and women who aren't at peace, unhappy in love or their jobs or family situation, looking at their lives and saying is that all there is? Then there are those who find their passion and go for it, but are they truly content, or is there always, some unreachable goal they will pursue to the end of their days?

I see people who are so unhappy they can only live by obtaining substitutes for happiness, and that becomes their purpose. Is life meant to be suffered?

There is one answer, and one only. We must find God, however we may expect that being to be, and whatever form, and if that gives you peace and balance, hold to it. If you do not have peace and balance, search for it. What you do in life or how you do it may be a means to an end, but remember, the chakras I tell you about are just doorways into other dimensions. You must still find the thing you were meant to do. It may even be that all you have to do is love someone, or give in some way, or create something wonderful. You may be the greatest or the lowest of beings, but in the end, it will be how you lived your life, the road travelled, that will bring to you great happiness and joy.

Naseer Ahmad

7 years have passed and I hope you have found what it is you are looking for. But if not, then what is the direction you must take?

There's an exercise I teach, where if you have always followed a certain route, then take another. If your road comes to a fork and you think you should go left, then, turn right. You may take longer to get to where you want to go, but who knows what or whom you might meet along the way?

If you have always done the same thing, be it in politics, or religion, or any other area of action, then, look at new ways, and look for change. The old ways do not work any more, and I am changing all the rules. Look at your belief systems and reactions, and then, take the road less travelled.

It may be harder; I know mine has been very much so. So many times when I knew I could take the easy road, which is where I would meet everyone else :)

Yet I knew it was the wrong way for me, so I took the road that did not make any sense, until much later. Always.

Now we come to the end of an age. There is no safety anywhere, be it through material wealth or New Age spirituality. Only faith in yourself and the future can help, if you are ready to change, and seek help.

May you take the road, less travelled.

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