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A Psycho-Astrological Perspective on the Relationship of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito

Knox/Sollecito. Are they soul mates? No. Kercher/Knox

I'm grateful to the person who asked this question a while ago: "I'd love to have a psychologist give an opinion of this Amanda/Raffaele relationship. They don't know each other. Media is making it out to be some great story of lovers torn apart. They had sex for a few days" (Referring to media speculation that the two would meet in Seattle over Christmas, much seen as an attempt to rehabilitate their image)

My reply:"Sigh, here I go, being dragged back into this case again. Thanks! Coming up, "A Psycho-Astrological Perspective on the Relationship of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito" But to let you know, it never was a soul mate relationship, more of a karmic one, clearly leading to imprisonment and legal difficulties. They'd do best to stay two oceans away from now on"

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been found innocent in the first of two appeals trials that will determine whether they are truly guilty or innocent of the crime of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy.

While we wait for the outcome of this process I would like to say that indeed, Astrology can answer such questions about the nature and outcome of a relationship. Whether Psychology can ever get back to its astrological roots is another debate, for another time, of course :)

Astrology, like Psychology, is the study of humanity in the context of time, location, space and waves, or, cycles, of energy. It can draw maps of the relationships of each with the other..

You can have one horoscope for the place where you were born, another for the place you go to, and an innumerable number for all the relationships you have, with people, places, and nations.

And then there are more, pertaining to time and the cycles of energy, which like the tides, ebb and flow.

I have already written about the astrological background, with spiritual insight of course, of the night of the murder in my article "What Might Have Been"

Further background insights may be obtained from "The Criminal Mind" and there are two amazing books I recommend as well, "An Astrology Guide to your Sex Life" by Vivian E. Robson, and "Signs of Mental Illness" by Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. Dr. Gibson was the chief resident in Psychiatry in a Philadelphia medical center and now has a successful private practice in Arizona. He is also an astrologer, with a new technique that identifies the planetary markers of mental illness; and Vivian E. Robson, has written a classic, almost out of print primer on sexual and marital compatibility (and dysfunction)

Their books have informed my own opinion, but the following interpretations are broadly speaking, my own, even if they are solidly grounded in accepted astrological teaching.

I am also grateful to the good people of for the use of their software to draw up the composite charts shown here. Please support them by ordering their horoscopes, which make great gifts!

There is an astrological technique called synastry where the charts of two individuals are blended into one. The composite chart of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox show fascinating insights into the nature of their relationship, and, eventual outcome...

Moon Conjunct Neptune: With the conjunction of Moon and Neptune, both individuals should be very careful to understand the true nature of their relationship. They can see themselves as soul mates, but there is a great deal of self deception involved..

Venus in the Second House: Indicates being in love with the idea of love. This being the house of emotional resources, they will always have what they need, and may even be financially successful together.

Jupiter Trine Pluto: Luck, and fate, combine here. How that works out depends on the choices made, but Jupiter in the 12th house of restriction and imprisonment and Pluto the planet of inexorable fate in the 8th house of death shows the pitfalls ahead in this relationship..

Venus Opposition Pluto: This is a warning of danger. The relationship brings up deeply buried emotions that can be overwhelming.. It can either help you to grow, or cause self-destruction.

Sun Conjunct Mercury: You have the ability to understand each other's thinking. You meet through travel. You are alike on a mental level.

Sun Opposition Saturn:
The development of the self (Sun) is constantly thwarted by the fated or karmic circumstances of Saturn. This relationship cannot last.

Saturn in the Ninth House: The karma (Saturn) of the relationship is expressed through the 9th house. The ninth house rules higher learning, the legal system, and publishing.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant: The relationship will always have an element of 'luck' and 'friends in high places' that can help in the worst crisis. The relationship can create feelings of exuberance and optimism as long as the chart does not show other stressors.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House: This is the house of imprisonment and restriction. Combined with other indicators, shows a time spent in prison.

Uranus in the Tenth House: Uranus (upheaval and change) in the house of how the outer world sees you indicates you can seem er, 'different'. You try to challenge people's perceptions, but it is your choice whether to bring change in a positive or negative manner. Destructive activities can lead to a fall from grace.

Uranus Square Ascendant: This amplifies the destructiveness mentioned earlier. You can goad each other, and feelings of rebelliousness will be exaggerated in this unstable relationship. This is why I strongly feel the relationship cannot last.

Moon Square Mars: This is a difficult aspect for a relationship. The emotional energies show conflict through bad associations.

Mars in the Seventh House: You have the choice of channelling your energies together for a common purpose, or you can end up being each other's greatest enemy. The seventh is the house of partners and enemies.

Mars Square Neptune: This negative aspect can indicate ego and controlling games with each other. There can be confusion, deceit, and delusion in the relationship, which is often accompanied by drugs. The two can often act against each other's interests.

Jupiter Square Saturn: You have to find a balance between optimism on the one hand, and feelings of restriction. Extremes of mood and behavior can lead to difficulty.

Ascendant in Pisces: You can project an outward, dreamlike quality, and others can perceive yours as an ideal relationship. However, there may be self-destructive elements of your relationship. As long as you find a common idealism, it should work well. Drugs and alcohol on the other hand weakens the relationship. Friends and family find it hard to understand you; there are many levels of deception.

Neptune in the Tenth House: A lack of clarity is what you project to the outside world. People find it hard to understand what makes you tick. Or you can develop your creative, spiritual side to counteract that. (Note: I have this aspect in my own chart :)

Pluto in Scorpio in the Eighth House: Pluto (and Scorpio) rules death and transformation. So does the eighth house. It makes the relationship deep and intense, but can also bring out psychological conflict. There is a deep sexual connection that if utilised properly can lead to spiritual oneness. Or, it can lead to death and destruction. (Funny, but I have this aspect too :) and the spirit's journey after we pass on and the sacred aspects of sexuality is part of my teaching)

Venus Opposition Pluto: This can bring up deep powerful emotions in your relationship, so you have to be careful, otherwise you will not be able to deal with the consequences. (I have this aspect too, and yes I have powerful emotions, but direct it towards healing)

To summarise then:
The relationship chart of Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox shows that in spite of the fact they only knew each other a week, they did have a relationship based on their inner psychological needs. This sort of 'fatedness' but also imbalance, can project outwards and explain why so many people are attracted to and support them, and others, not. And so we project back on to them what is inside ourselves, good or bad, and it is important we step back and examine our own attraction to this case.

And here, so clearly in the chart, we see, motivation, outcome, political interference, and reaction.

The next technique I use is called Astro-Cartography. Moving away from our place of birth shifts the placement of the planets of our chart to different angles that bring out deep rooted conflicts or, where we can be more in harmony with ourselves and others.

Knox in Perugia: Chiron/MC Line: This line runs through Germany as well, where Knox had a job through her aunt which she lost. This affected her perception of herself and goals for her trip. The crisis of confidence that arose from her loss of professional and social standing affected her deeply. Here, one becomes aware of the influence of parents on one's growth, but also brings up feelings of rebelliousness.

Sollecito in Perugia: Crossing Sun/Uranus: This line shows how the quest for personal freedom and independence from a restrictive situation can make one seem even more eccentric and unpredictable. You seek new challenges and experiences. The unusual and the unexpected can happen along this line..

Knox in Seattle: Pluto/DC Line: Not a good place for Knox. Here there are secret power plays and conflicts, and uncontrolled behaviour. Life can run roughly, and one seeks to escape through extremes of behaviour, and then actually, seek to leave this place.. Unfortunately, one takes conflicts along where ever one goes..

Sollecito in Seattle: Crossing Venus/Jupiter: Funny, but he'd actually do very well if he moved to Seattle: Here, he'd find luck, prosperity and happiness; but not, it would seem, with Knox. Fame and notoriety may help, but it also would be an escape from the pressures of home..

But what about Meredith?

I thought this would be it for my article but found myself coming back to the victim, Meredith Kercher. What was it in Knox and Kercher that brought them together? They clearly had a deeper connection, to my mind, than Knox/Sollecito.

This is where the rationalists and I part ways. To them, it must have been a random coincidence, just bad luck, that brought them together that fateful night in Perugia. To me, there was a clear attraction that came from what is often referred to as a karmic relationship. And the map of that lies in their relationship chart, seen above.

I am drawn to the six planets all narrowly concentrated in the 6th house of service and health. Also, the house of mental and physical conflicts arising from the externalization of the ego It is clear from accounts that Knox and Kercher had many conflicts in the short time they were together. Published reports only show the petty irritations that might arise from two young women of different background and temperament having to live together. The relationship chart, however shows what in hindsight was clearly a deadly combination.

Note: blue lines show areas of compatibility; red lines, stresses and conflict. The eye is drawn immediately to a red triangle in the upper part of the chart (a conflict that is in the public eye) and connecting the 6th house of inner conflict with 8th house Uranus (jealousy, sudden death) and 12th house Jupiter (imprisonment, release)

Here are some interpretations of their chart:

Jupiter Square Uranus 8th/12th: It means you must give each other lots of room, and not try to restrict or change the other.

Mars Square Uranus 6th/8th: Personal expectations of each other cannot be met, a great deal of reaction to each other. Can escalate into violence leading to injury or death.

Mercury Square Uranus 6th /8th: Automatic disagreement with the other; psychologically conditioned reactions. This relationship would have broken up very quickly, and one or the other would have moved out. Sadly, this did not happen.

Venus in the Sixth House: The relationship is on the surface, a utilitarian one (a shared apartment) but has underlying nervous reactions that can lower self-esteem.

Venus Square Neptune 6th/9th: Here, I see that Knox was attracted to Kercher, and I do not mean in a sexual way. The 6th house is the house of healing. Knox had deep mental and psychological issues that had never been addressed. Kercher was a bright, focused high achieving student with passion and drive. There was something special about her that attracted everyone. It is my opinion that Knox wanted very much to not only be Meredith's friend, but also, to control her. (There are domination issues in Knox's chart) There can also be an idealized fixation, and from all accounts of their respective personalities, it appears the attraction was on Knox's part. Kercher would have found her the very opposite of her driven to achieve Capricorn character. This aspect leads to great disappointment in the relationship, and yes, I consider jealousy and feelings of rejection to be one of the motives.

Mars Square Saturn 6th/9th: This provokes negative feelings that simmer below the surface.

Uranus in the Eighth House: Sudden and unpredictable reactions

Mercury Conjunct Mars 6th: Speech patterns that can aggravate the other. Constant irritations can lead to physical confrontations.

One of the problems faced by the prosecution and defense has been in trying to determine or eliminate the motivation for this crime. The actual mechanics and physical evidence have been argued and disputed for a long time now but motive, on the other hand, with various scenarios being presented, are all conjectural. We may never know for sure.

But a study of the psychology of the individual, as seen through astrology, can be quite insightful.

Here: The placement of the Moon in the chart explains hidden feeling and emotion so very clearly.

Moon in the Sixth House: This indicates a coming together for the specific purpose of healing. However, this cannot work as there are too many imbalances in the chart, which prevent understanding.

Moon Conjunct Venus: They could have had a great friendship, but they were too opposite, and the squares to Uranus and Neptune indicate that repulsion set in very quickly.

Sun Conjunct Moon: This indicates a great attraction, even if there are too many difficulties indicated elsewhere.

Moon Square Neptune: This relationship has aspects of delusional thinking. It appears that one or the other can project all sorts of longing on to the other, but, when that turns out to have been misjudged, lead to great disappointment. Alcohol and drugs can exacerbate the situation.

Summary: The Moon represents the relationship with the mother. Amanda Knox's father left the family when she was a toddler, and her mother remarried with a much younger man. Meredith Kercher, on the other hand, had a strong, loving relationship with her mother. It appears that Meredith reflected back Amanda's issues with her own mother, whose high expectations (she's a teacher) and Amanda's self destructive patterns and rebelliousness led to a violent outcome.

That the Moon falls in the 6th house indicates to me that her actions can lead to Amanda Knox's eventual healing. It is very clear she had mental issues before she left for Italy, and they are much worse now. I told some people that she would be in a prison of one kind or the other until she was 41 years of age. Karma is a healer; more so than any physical prison.

And in the end, we will always remember Meredith Kercher. I prefer to see her, not as a victim, but the luminous figure (it really was her) who appeared in Kristian Leontiou's haunting music video, "Some Say"

RIP Meredith Kercher


DarkEyedIrish said...

"his relationship has aspects of delusional thinking. It appears that one or the other can project all sorts of longing on to the other, but, when that turns out to have been misjudged, lead to great disappointment"

Pretty much sums up the author and his outrageously insulting quackery.

Man From Atlan said...

Some people go through life waiting to be "outrageously insulted" but aren't able to read. The sign says "keep it polite, thanks"

I don't mind people with honest disagreement, but since you seem incapable of debate, goodbye.

RoseMontague said...

Thanks for an interesting read. My personal opinion is that Karma is a teacher more than a healer, once we learn then we can begin to heal.

I wonder how your analysis would fit together if you approached the case from the standpoint of innocence?

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks for your comment, RoseMontague. I agree that Karma is more of a teacher, at first.

That it ultimately leads to healing, I also believe (even if that takes several lifetimes:)

You raise an interesting point about approaching the case from the standpoint of innocence, but sorry, the astrological indicators I listed here and in "What Might Have Been" all point to guilt. The interpretations I gave are supported by many standard texts.

You might be interested to know that when I wrote "I predict bombshells in court" there were several astrological indicators of this verdict at the Appeals level.

I will publish more if and when this case goes to the Supreme Court.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Interesting post. Do you have a link to your predictions of acquittals?

DarkEyedIrish said...

"It is very clear she had mental issues before she left for Italy, and they are much worse now"

You have no evidence of Amanda Knox's mental condition, either before or after her wrongful incarceration, except your "astrological interpretation"

Apart from the sheer audacity of your claims, what you stated above strikes me as malicious libel.

Man From Atlan said...

Specifically, in several private messages to regulars at PMF.ORG. They can release that information if they wish. Also, generally speaking, in the regular discussion pages at PMF.

And as I said, I will write more if and when the case goes to the Supreme Court.

Man From Atlan said...

And btw, SM Kovalinsky, you might think I was "angry" at DarkEyedIrish, but you're welcome to your opinion :)

SM Kovalinsky said...

I know I am welcome to my opinion, but thanks for reminding me. I think saying "good bye" was an indication of quite natural "anger" - or perhaps 'irritation' is a more apt word - at perceived rudeness.

Man From Atlan said...

@DarkEyedIrish, I'm not too sure what jurisdiction you reside in, but here, it's called an opinion piece.

You might want to go after Time magazine; they also speculated she had neurological issues.

It appears you know nothing about Astrology, but feel drawn to comment on it anyway. Hardly the conditions for rational debate, imo.

SM Kovalinsky said...

To be truthful, I am one of those people who wants to be only rational, but is drawn to this type of analysis. So I cannot fully call it "quackery" - although logic says it must be so. I suppose Jung was both rational and drawn to things such as psycho-astrology. In your opinion, what were the "indicators" of the acquittals, and moreover, why were acquittals fated? thanks smk

ftmdave said...

Will you bring this evidence to the attention of the Mignini appeal case to the Italian Supreme Court?

At the moment Knox & Sollecito have been found innocent (i.e. the court used the term innocent, rather than not proven/insufficient evidence). This was because all over the murder scene was the DNA of the vile rapist & murderer Guede, who took Kercher's life. There was no DNA of Knox or Sollecito. But ...

... your superb analysis could well tip the balance. Please get it to the Italian Supreme Court ASAP!

Man From Atlan said...

Hi, SMK.

I started to develop very strong feelings about the acquittal in June 2011. So when I checked that against the astrological chart I saw a Grand Cross pattern with Sun and Venus at stressful 90 degree angles to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, it all pointed to sudden, unexpected events. Since they impacted AK's chart so strongly I felt she would be acquitted.

The Sept 27 New Moon prior to the decision was favorable to her chart, and the fact it was due on Oct. 3, the day OJ Simpson was acquitted, convinced me. (He shares the same birthday as AK, July 9)

Jupiter in the 12th points to powerful allies, and that she was fated to be released.

We know that human beings have strong connections to the unknown. IMO astrology just barely touches the surface in trying to understand it.

But Jung certainly used Astrology to form the basis of his Psychological theory

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thanks. It is certainly an interesting perspective.

Yes, CG Jung was drawn to the psychological aspects of depth astrology, and of the I Ching and Tarot as well, because he saw the archetypes as acting within them. Quantum physics gives this a scientific respectability.

I believe Hellman ruled as he should have, yet there is something in me which sees Knox and Sollecito as archetypal characters, and thus, having the full range of possibilities in them. Cheers.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, SMK. Knox, Sollecito, Guede and Kercher might well be working within those archetypes, which is why this case fascinates me.

I also think the day Quantum Physics discovers its connection with the Occult will be a very good day for humanity.

Man From Atlan said...

ftmdave needs to discover the difference between sarcasm and debate, but never mind.

The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of innocence or guilt under Italian Law, so any crowing might be a bit er, early..

I know if the pair are found innocent I will have no problem accepting that verdict, even if I disagree. I suspect ftmdave's reaction if this were reversed might not be so sanguine, and I don't even know his astrological sign ;)

SM Kovalinsky said...

I was telling someone on Websleuths forum that the night the verdict was read, I went to sleep quite tranquil about the acquittals, which I had hoped for and expected. And as I drifted off to sleep, I suddenly had what British binary mind theorist Anthony Peake calls a "hypnogogic vision" - this is when from stress or exhaustion, one is falling asleep rapidly, and the right brain suddenly sets forth a thought, in the form of a vision. And I saw Knox and Sollecito looking sinister, and clearly involved in the murder. Notwithstanding, I knew I could accept the truth of Hellman's ruling. In terms of the occult, and of all things hidden, I concur with Hamlet, who said, "And therefore, as a stranger, give it welcome." Cheers.

Man From Atlan said...

Speaking of "hypnogogic vision" I am also interested in the neuro-science of near death experiences.

There is a possible connection between the brain starvation/chemistry change that occurs at that point in time and that experienced by mystics who fast or take hallucinogenic drugs.

A separate line of enquiry might be the number of meditators who have micro-tumours on the pineal gland. Many of their visions can be traced to this, imo.

As someone who was a fan of the original "Mind Mirror", I love seeing the brain wave patterns that take place during meditation/spiritual activity.

All the best.

RoseMontague said...

I am curious how much weight you give your astrological analysis as compared to the actual evidence in this case?

SM Kovalinsky said...

I am interested also in hearing Man from Atlan's response to that question. I think that astrology, as CG Jung rightly said, can be an analytic and contemplative tool, but it cannot be used to declare facts about anything: Empirical data must rule in legal matters. Here is a quote from Jung , 1958:

"While studying astrology I have applied it to concrete cases many times. ... The experiment is most suggestive to a versatile mind, unreliable in the hands of the unimaginative, and dangerous in the hands of a fool, as those intuitive methods always are. If intelligently used the experiment is useful in cases where it is a matter of an opaque structure. It often provides surprising insights. The most definite limit of the experiment is lack of intelligence and literal-mindedness of the observer. ... Undoubtedly astrology today is flourishing as never before in the past, but it is still most unsatisfactorily explored despite very frequent use. It is an apt tool only when used intelligently. It is not at all foolproof and when used by a rationalistic and narrow mind it is a definite nuisance." -

Man From Atlan said...

Hi, Rose. It was the evidence that convinced me in this case. My Psychism came second, and Astrology a distant third. I didn't even draw any charts until some time early this year.

What has been missing is an understanding of the motivation and psychology of the individuals involved. Astrology gave me the insights to flesh out that picture. I am quite aware I haven't met them personally or examined them, but am still astounded by the number of markers that confirm (to me) the scenario I hypothesised here and in the previous articles.

Therefore I accept the prosecution's argument, and not the defense's, based on the evidence alone. And if I were called upon to be a juror in any trial, I would never base as serious a matter as determining guilt or innocence on astrology.

But as a tool for understanding the psychology of individuals and their behaviour or potential for committing certain acts, yes, I use astrology.

RoseMontague said...

Fair enough. Are you willing to discuss the evidence here?

Man From Atlan said...

Hi Rose, no, since what you call 'evidence' is two opposing camps shouting at each other, and it's been 'discussed' at length all over the internet. There are websites that people can discover for themselves now. For myself, I am quite happy to wait for movement on the legal front in Italy, and will be concentrating on my own garden now.

The topic here is the spiritual, psychological and astrological aspects of the case. People can read my opinion on this, and make up their own minds.

@SMK, I'm neither the judge nor jury on this, so my opinion is equally as valid as any other blogger. I don't see why astrologers should refrain from commenting, but food column bloggers, veterinarians, truffle salesmen and scientologists should have free rein to do so (with all due respect)

Regarding Jung: Of course he would benefit from his studies of Hindu philosophy and Astrology and borrow themes from there to develop his own theory of archetypes. But he really was not qualified to speak further on astrology, having only touched the surface.

And yes, I do wish he had been able to stay longer in India. Hindu philosophy may have better enabled him to integrate the unconsciou­s within himself. I also suspect the 'psychosis­' he experience­d in 1913 which was the basis of his Red Book may have lasted all his life.

SM Kovalinsky said...

I would agree that on your own blog, dedicated to psychoanalytic approaches, there is nothing wrong with using astrological analysis to discuss Knox and Sollecito - you are well within your rights to do so. I certainly was not implying that you were one of the "fools" in whose hands astrology is dangerous, as the Jung quote asserted. I think I was pointing out that you are well aware of both sides.
I am puzzled by those (not you) who say they accept Hellman's ruling, and yet wait for it to be overturned. Insofar as Jung's psychosis goes: I always thought the same thing. I believe he conducted much astrological research and many astrological experiments, but I also believe that he remained somewhat schizophrenic his whole life.

Man From Atlan said...

I like to think we all are searching for the truth, no matter how and where that might be found.

Guilt or innocence will always be a matter for discussion, but the question of why we believe, now that's an interesting debate!

james rae said...

Excellent work Atlan.

Man From Atlan said...

Thank you.