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Nikola Tesla, The Atlanian Man

Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

The scientist philosopher race of Atlan had reached its peak of achievement. It had healed the scars of war and restored the environment. Atlanian civilization rested on two pillars, philosophy and science. Its direction was in the pursuit of knowledge, both physical and spiritual. Its people lived long lives due to its technology and psychic spiritual practices, then remembered their lives again when they were born. There was no dividing line between science and magic. Then when the time came, it sent its best people to Earth.

Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor of all time. It was he that harnessed electricity, and therefore was responsible for the Modern Age. His discoveries, like all great ones, came from his brilliant intuitive vision. And he was from Atlan.

Tesla was born in Serbian Croatia as the son of a priest. His father wanted him to be a priest but he chose otherwise. He was very sensitive as a child and his dream was to help humanity. He once had a vision of harnessing the power of Niagara Falls to create electricity. Another time, while walking through a Budapest park declaiming the poetry of Goethe, he had a vision of the sun as a wheel that became the basis of his rotating magnetic fields motor. He proved the possibility of wireless transmission of energy through the earth, was working on free power for all, invented a motor car that ran without a fuel source, received signals from outer space, and believed in the existence of alien civilizations. After his death in 1943, all his papers were seized by the U.S. government, and his ideas suppressed. But his legacy lives on as the spirit of Tesla returns, again and again.

There are many good books on Tesla, and here's an overview at

However, my purpose isn't to talk about him alone, but our hidden potential as a human race, and our future. Because we are all living half-lives, and stuck in our fears and ways of living.

There are many people here on Earth who have memories of other planes, many brilliant scientists who relive the discoveries and technologies, for good, or bad, of the Atlanian and Atlantean times. There are those, like Tesla, who have benefited humanity, and there are those whose belief in technology as a saviour of humanity sometimes blinding them as they recreate a time when science and hidden knowledge was used as a way to control and manipulate people, when science was separated from the ideals that had brought the Atlanians to Earth. And many, unfortunately are intolerant of the hidden knowledge, not because they don't want to know the answers to eternal mysteries, but because they can't measure it within the limited confines of their laboratories or with their primitive instruments. They can't understand gravity, or discover a Universal Energy field, or say whether there is one universe or multiple ones, with any certainty. Even their giant of rational empirical science, Newton, whose Principa Mathematica was an inspiration to so many, was first and foremost an alchemist, without whose occult knowledge of the possibility of invisible energy fields would never have discovered the forces of gravity. As later writers were forced to admit, "Newton was not the first of the rational scientists, he was the last of the magicians"

And I ask, where do the ideas of genius come from, but from the past? For Tesla was an Atlanian scientist, reborn.

So how did Tesla make his discoveries? Like all those who are reborn on Earth, he was blocked from his past. Without the Atlanian ability of past life recall, he had to meditate, and see patterns in nature, and ponder, and the solutions would come to him. And those Eureka! moments would come, and they were connections with his past.

Atlanians love the journey, as I said in "Travels with Chloe". It is a fact that in order to fulfill their purpose they had to come to Earth, many thousands of years ago. I first introduced the Chief Scientist of Atlan, Andron to my readers in my first book "Man From Atlan" and will write more about him in the sequel, "Children of Atlan". I was his teacher in many lifetimes, and he mine in many others. He came to Earth in the aftermath of a great war where a planet was destroyed. It is interesting that Tesla wrote about how we are surrounded by Universal Energy and by tapping into and focusing it, we could destroy whole planets. But without the moral focus which is the Way of Atlan, that power can only be misused and it is better it be lost.
Make no mistake, this is how Atlantis was destroyed, many times. In war and the misuse of technology. And what are we doing but repeating history, with insane wars and genetic modifications and engineered viruses? Now we are on the brink of another disaster yet you are all so blind!

Atlanians love physics and science. There are many brilliant scientists and researchers out there, who, if free from those who would control it to make money and create monopolies instead of benefiting humanity, could solve the problems of the world. There are many discoveries, which, once suppressed, could come back to help others. Even Tesla found that sitting beside one of his machines helped restore his health. Our energy problems would be solved with his technology, and even if much of it was lost, we as a race have the capacity to bring about a New Age.

I've written about the Dimensional Shift which caused the destruction of Atlan. The fact is, that Time and Space being rather porous and flexible, one can actually open portholes and travel between Dimensions, and even, create rifts between. This is how the people travelled, and this is how they reconciled the disparity between the Physical and Spiritual worlds as well.

The legends speak of beings in the spirit world, who return to Earth when needed. I've been asked many times, where is Andron right now? Is he on Earth or in Spirit? I said, "he's in spirit, and so is my mother Aeflan, and they choose to remain there, so they can do their work from within the Spiritual Dimension" That has now changed, as a new Dimensional Shift comes into being. And the great Atlanians are being reborn again.

A while ago I asked for a sign, and that very day received confirmation that Andron, who once was Nikola Tesla, would be born again soon. What does this mean for us and the future of humanity? This means we are being readied for all the great changes I have been speaking of, and as a sign, it's a great one.

This is what we must do:

  • Whatever your gift is, be it Science or Art, Physics or Healing or Music, find it now.

  • Follow your journey, do not be afraid, don't be a spectator.

  • Welcome change into your lives, be a discoverer of the new.

  • You are surrounded by Energy. Anyone can tap into it.

  • Find: your own, inner, Atlanian.


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