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The Future of Medicine

The Caduceus (Twin Winged Serpent) is the symbol of Hermes Trismegistus who also was Thoth, God of Magic, Healing and Writing.

One of the prophecies of the people Of Atlan relate to this very period in time. One day, there would be a great need for healers. Not only for people, but the planet, and I asked, but who would help heal the healers? So, since you are all, ultimately, the healers of your selves (God only helps you heal) I write this with love for all of you.

This is not just about the latest flu or fear induced pressure to go and get the latest vaccine which would 'prevent' disease. This is not about a 'cure' for illness. None of this would make any difference unless we were to ask ourselves, who are we, what's our direction in life, and where are we going with this planet of ours? What can we do? What should we do?

As a child I saw my parents emotional upheaval and saw the harm done to them and their children. I saw people die, and I was 10 when I was told that my younger brother was dying. And even though I knew that he would go on to be a spirit I was filled with such a rage I couldn't understand, and the rage made me ill.

I was 14 years old before I finally reconnected with the world of spirit and I have not ever lost it again. I saw I had never lost my way but it would take me down many roads. I was drawn to the Occult as a way of knowledge but also, a way of healing. I used Psychism as a way of understanding people. I came to Canada where I started my meditation classes, and right from the first, combined meditation with healing.

I used to suffer from allergies and asthma and only through homeopathy and unconventional medicine was I able to cure myself. I learned about the politics of medicine. I took up studies in medicine. I had a son who I was told had the 'incurable' illness of autism and I and my wife had to work very hard to reverse the autism. I started a free clinic then moved on. I had a healing centre, then moved on. I taught many people to be healers, I moved on.

I obtained my medical degree when I was in Canada but really, I'm not a doctor (I prefer physician) but a healer who helps you heal yourself, and what I practice is the ancient method of healing as practiced on Atlan. It is done through the laying of hands, and presence, energy and intuition, and changing your way of living, and your way of looking at yourself. Sometimes, there are miracles, but what always happens is that your karma is lifted, even briefly, and you experience nothingness, and peace..

I was at a medical conference in Spain in 1991 when I presented a paper on the Spiritual Healing of Autism, and I said, in this great big hall to the hundreds of doctors from all around the world, "the future of medicine is in energy medicine"

We have three types of energy: The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. I therefore refer to not Body, Mind, and Spirit, but Body, Psyche and Spirit. Imbalances in one of the bodies leads to imbalances in the whole, and to heal the whole, you have to treat the whole, with the physical, emotional and spiritual therapies of The Way of Atlan.

You will see elements of this method in Indian and Chinese medicine, and various energy and other therapies. It includes diet, nutrition, herbalism, and the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. But it also looks at the spiritual and karmic causes of illness, not just the physical. And it looks at the environment, personal, social and political, that shapes us.

I learned that my brother's leukemia was just one of the millions of children who were struck in the 50's as a result of nuclear testing. My children's Autism was a sad consequence of widespread vaccinations and inherited factors. Cancer was increasing not just because of a toxic environment but because much of it was caused by the greedy, controlling makeup of our society but also, the very medicine we were claiming would treat the illness. Many of the new viruses like AIDS weren't even natural outcomes but man made genetically engineered attempts at social engineering. We were creating the conditions for the future breakdown of the health of humanity.

Read three books:

  1. Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. It shows how environmental toxins lead to genetic damage and defective offspring, first in nature then in humanity.

  2. Edward Hooper's The River : A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS. AIDS was first introduced into Africa with the WHO smallpox vaccinations in the continent.

  3. Debbie Bookchin, Jim Schumacher's The Virus and the Vaccine: Contaminated Vaccine, Deadly Cancers, and Government Neglect. The Polio vaccine as the cause of a new, widespread form of cancer.

Read about the huge increase in childhood chronic illness like diabetes, anaphylatic reactions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, learning and 'genetic' disorders and cancers, and sudden deaths due to the insane increase in compulsory childhood vaccinations. Read about governments who work for the medical establishment, ditto, the scientists. Read about the honest researchers who got fired for reporting adverse health effects of genetically modified organisms and foods, bovine growth hormone, and fraudulently approved medicines. Read about one of the greatest causes of illness and death, which is medicine as it is practised today. Read about the great inventors and discoverers whose health discoveries were suppressed.

What can be done? I hear about rich people setting up healing centers on Scottish estates and Florida Islands and laugh because it's already too late and the solutions won't come from something only rich people can afford (Even the rich can only delay the inevitable) It won't be from eating organic foods until the world becomes organic, nor from new pills be they 'natural' or drug based. It won't be from vaccines that have already killed or made the poor people they've been tested on ill. Disease will not end until you put an end to war and the imbalance within your souls. You won't be healthy until you heal the planet.

Let go of fear, and you will heal. Resolve what your karma is, and you will get better. Be at peace, and have faith.

Yes, there is a great need for the healing of the world, soon to become greater. I welcome you all on your journey for healing, and my purpose is only to help. Just ask.


Man From Atlan said...


Anonymous said...

In the last ten years I have grown in leaps and bounds (thanks:)) and understand more and more each day how much more work there is to do. To remember one's personal karma and dharma and the ultimate goal is a major step that happened to me in mini-steps and is still evolving.

As a child, as far back as I can remember, I couldn't wait until the day I met up with you again, my teacher and healer and his wife, my best friend, teacher and healer. I feel so lucky and appreciative. But it didn't come easy and it still isn't easy BUT it is so right. What it does feel like is 'home'. Cheers Naseer and Chloe for being so brave, so true to yourselves and others and a true example and inspiration to us all.
All my love, Chaieomie

Xanadu said...

I am sympathetic to all you say on the spiritual aspects of healing. However, your negative comments about vaccination trouble me slightly. If you and your family took a trip to India, surely you would agree to be vaccinated against TB, cholera, yellow fever and malaria?

I went to India last year and had to take a number of shots. Felt a bit woozy and fragile for a day or two, but I can't say I suffered any long-term damage. I'm still here!

Xanadu said...

The reason for my humble acceptance of you and what you stand for is based on my own experience of the miraculous. Yes, I have experienced magic in my own life. I was incurable sick on two occasions, beyond cure, having given up all hope. On both occasions I was cured, I would say, instantaneously.

No one particular cured me. It came from deep inside me somewhere. Or maybe it was the Hidden Hand of God. My faith in the Unseen is now unshakeable.

However, I don't wish to talk about myself here, but about my mother. She was cured of chronic rheumatoid arthritis as a result of a spiritual process known as the latihan.

The sainted Berkeley (PBHN) recently referred to a movement known as Subud on his excellent website. My family were into Subud in those days. The latihan is to Subud what the Mass is to Catholics: its central ceremony. It was during a latihan that my mother was instantly cured of her racking pains — cured instantly and permanently.

What happens in the latihan? People meet in a large hall as if for prayer. At a given signal the latihan "begins". It goes on for about 20-30 minutes and stops when a "helper" gives a sign that the ceremony is over.

During the ceremony, each person SIMPLY DOES WHAT S/HE WANTS! People cry, wail, shout "Allah!" They roll on the floor, thrash about, run round in circles, mutter mantras, sing, chant, recite poetry aloud...or simply sit still, legs crossed on the floor, and meditate. No one misbehaves in any way or has physical contact with anyone else. (If they did, they would simply be escorted from the room).

During one such latihan, my mother suddenly felt her pains rush from her body like a clutch of demons. She couldn't believe it. She felt rejuvenated.

After the latihan was over, a helper came up to her and said, "Did you have any bad pains?" My mother replied, "Yes, but they've gone!" The helper smiled. "Yes, I know, but your pains have jumped into me now — and I have to get did of them!"

The helper assured my mother that this transference of pain was common and not to worry about it. All the helper had to do to free himself of my mother's "demons" was to perform a 5-minute "cleansing" rite.

All this I never understood. And still don't. Subud never worked for me at all, though I tried it. There are different paths for different people, and I was meant to go a different way.

Xanadu said...

I must apologize for the length of the previous post. I just thought you might like to read about a real-life case of spiritual healing.

The sequel was equally interesting.

My mother's doctor refused to believe she was cured and insisted she continue with her orthodox medical treatment, i.e., physiotherapy and drugs.

"How can you be cured?" he asked angrily. "Your X-rays still show extensive damage!"

Xanadu said...

Sorry, "The sainted Berkeley (PBHN)" should have been "The sainted Berkeley (PBUH)." Apologies to aforesaid individual.

Anonymous said...

I got me an Ophiuchus body and I'm pretty happy about it.

Xanadu said...

Hi Homer, I would have liked to pick your brains on something I read last week on Vedanta, but unfortunately I'll be out of the reach of my computer for the next two weeks, starting tomorrow. Hope you're still posting here when I get back. Bye for now.

Man From Atlan said...

Xanadu, every person finds their own path to healing; Subud is to some what prayer circles in Christian Science can accomplish just as well for others. I do know you had your own experience of healing, and am so thrilled that your mother had her own miracle in the experience of latihan.
Therefore, believing in and knowing what I do, I would never vaccinate myself or my children but if i went to India would get a homoeopathic tropical vaccination kit from your excellent pharmacy Ainsworths in London, and take along my World Travellers Manual of Homoeopathy by Dr. Colin B. Lessell.

Xanadu said...

Thanks, MFA, I really do enjoy speaking to you. Will check in again in a couple of weeks. Hey, how about writing an article called Whither Israel? Would love to know your thoughts on this subject.

Man From Atlan said...

I might do that, actually, but here's an earlier one:

Anonymous said...

Xanadu, I really don't know much at all, regarding Vedanta.
I did, however, peek at the end.
(Krishna did it)