Friday, May 12, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn, The Next Prime Minister

A minority government, but still
I wrote a while back: "We are slowly taking back the world, one country at a time. My country, Canada, first. With leaders and parties who will be held accountable": Brexit, What? and What's Up With The UK? plus many more on the UK, Scotland and Europe.

We already took back Canada in 2015. It is not perfect, but still, the best. (The U.S. is not ready yet, still has a long ways to go).
Next, the country I love just as much, the United Kingdom. Those who follow me know the deep ties and many friends I have there.
The U.K General Election set for Thursday, June 08, 2017 will be the one of the most significant elections in centuries. (Chart below).

I had this thought, and wrote on Twitter May 02, 2017 that Jeremy Corbyn would be the next prime minister.

Then later, I checked the astrology. Which is what I did when I said Trump, and then Macron, would win.

Jeremy Corbyn
Theresa May
A curious belief via Chinese Astrology: Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth )
"Every 12 years, people will encounter their Ben Ming Nian. In other words, when people are at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and even 84, it can be an unlucky year...Impacted by this power, people will suffer either exultation or misery during that year."
Then I noticed Marine Le Pen was 48 years old, and Theresa May will be 60 at the time of their country's elections. (Both were born under the Chinese Lunar sign of the Monkey). Yes, there was celebration as they won the preliminary election and leadership respectively, but as I wrote previously, it would be Le Pen's high water mark. And Theresa May has never won a General Election before. No, I do not trust opinion polls commissioned by Britain's predatory media.

I confess, watching Jeremy Corbyn's rise to leadership of the Labour party I had my doubts but felt he would catch up by 2020, when the next election was scheduled to be held. Watching the adoring crowds he attracted, the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members, I was reminded of Bernie Sanders improbable campaign that came so close .. I also saw the dirty tricks played on both of them by their own parties and hysteria by the media they might actually win and damage the established order.

Then, the Scottish referendum, and Brexit. Wake up calls, and the U.K is in a better place than the U.S. to change things around.

But, the astrology. I set the election chart for Midnight London Time as that is the energy for the whole day. Neptune in Pisces 1st House square the Sun in Gemini 4th shows confusion, delusion on the part of some, but deep rooted soul searching. This is a battle for the soul of the country and what it wishes to be.

Saturn on the Galactic Center opposition 4th house Sun reinforces that, which is why I feel it is a sign of victory, after a hard struggle. For Jeremy Corbyn, belonging to the signs of Gemini and the Ox, which are significators of adaptability and perseverance. I'm beginning to understand his strategy too. Theresa May, being a Libra and the sign of the Monkey, may just be going through overconfidence in her own ability right now.

Spiritual Astrology:
The Ancients knew the planets didn't influence us, but were signs or symbols for the spiritual energies that exist inside people and nations, that would wax and wane at certain times along mathematically precise cycles. I sense these energies, whether they pertain to people, or, events.
Theresa May:
Natal Saturn/True Node in Scorpio square Pluto-Venus-Moon (?) in Leo makes May rigid, dogmatic, and unlikeable in public persona, unable to connect with people.
Mars in Pisces opposite Jupiter in Virgo means there will always be opposition to her policies. A successful political leader must either have the will to overcome that or, to adapt. Her weak chart shows she can do neither.
Jupiter, the planet of fortune was transiting her own sign of Libra during her rise to power. It will however be retrograding through this period which is reflected in her declining opinion polls. There is no major planet connecting to her on election day except Neptune opposing her natal Jupiter, which is a significator of delusion and the hubris that affected Hillary Clinton as well. She should not have called for this election, which gave Corbyn a sterling opportunity.
Jeremy Corbyn:
Corbyn's natal Mars/Moon (?) in Taurus square Pluto in Leo does make him rigid in his positions as well. However, when coupled with other factors in his chart it shows as a positive, not negative attraction to voters, that he will not compromise on principles. He will need to work with allies though. That is something he'll be forced to do.
His Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus trine Neptune shows how capable he is at reaching the public. He is loved.  
Transiting Sun will be transiting over his Sun-Venus-Mercury on election day. This, with the trine to Neptune, shows his popularity being at a peak. Mars transiting over his natal Uranus is a warning to watch out for accidents. But it can also be a sign of unexpected victory. T-Pluto in Capricorn trine his natal Mars in Taurus shows voters rallying behind him.
The Election Day Chart:
The 2016-2017 referendums and elections in Europe were expressions of the unstoppable desire in people for change. When faced with unpalatable alternatives, you will get a Trump or a Macron, as I am so tired of saying, I said beforehand.
Saturn will oppose the Sun, so yes, there will be a lot of hard work required. Voters will have to come out in droves, and not stay home. Young people: this is your future, or would you like the old to determine it for you? Saturn will also oppose Mars, so people will have to overcome lingering angers over Brexit and regional imbalances.
Jupiter in Libra trine Sun in Gemini shows joy, optimism. Definitely not significators of a Tory win. Saturn trine Uranus/Venus, the unexpected, and Uranus conjunct Venus, great feelings of love.
I expect Jeremy Corbyn to lead Labour to a victory in the polls. It may well be a minority government, given how the Labour establishment did its very best to sabotage him, thus damaging the party. The win will be a personal victory for him. Given Scottish Labour's ineffectiveness and poor showing in the opinion polls, I expect he will have to compromise with SNP. It is good he's campaigning in Tory heartlands and marginal seats which is an effective strategy.

Yes, he must figure out how to form effective alliances. Yes, he will have to realize that Brexit will not work, and find the best solution. If he renegotiated or cancelled art. 50 he would have more support than he realizes.

But, above all, I am hopeful for the British people. They are more united than they realize.

Edited to add, 15 June 2017: #DUP deal falling thru, Tories preparing for new GE It now appears that Theresa May has been unable to enter into a coalition with the DUP. Tories are being told to prepare for a fall election. I stand by what I wrote before, Jeremy Corbyn will be the next PM.


Buck Fast said...

Hi, I'm new to astrology but I noticed the birth times of May and Corbyn are set to midnight. I assume their birth times are not available. How did you get around this issue in these two cases? I really badly want the Tories stopped!! Many thanks.

Man From Atlan said...

Hi, Buck Fast. Yes, their birth times are not available so the standard is to set for 12:00 PM which still gives a very good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. I set election charts at 0:00 AM as the polling is spread out, but the 0:00 time gives an accurate picture of the energy of the day. I used this to gauge the mood of the people on that day as well as eventual outcome of the election.

Have been doing this many years going back to Obama in 2008 when I knew he'd win (and Hillary Clinton never would be president)but really, these are spiritual visions; astrology is one of many tools I use to understand the psychology of people (and the choices they must make) so try to couch it in such words. Not that is the outcome (though I believe it is) but what you must all do to affect that outcome. Register, get out and vote, and bring your friends and neighbors with you.

I've written many articles here about the U.K., America and the world, and wish you all well.

Buck Fast said...

Thanks for explaining that. I visualise the Tories loosing and Brexit being stopped somehow. :)

kalusayakkarage sunil said...

UK general election on 8 June 2017. Theresa may was born on 1st October 1956.May was born with Jupiter at 17 Virgo in the Sixth House of duty and service and right on cue, a new, free and independent nation wanted a leader. She has moon in Leo in star of Ketu. She became prime minister of U.K. on 13th July 2016.She is now going through the period of Rahu and Antara of Venus. She became PM in the Mahadasha of Rahu which is an agent of Saturn and Mars in her horoscope. Rahu is very good for her. The antara of Venus will go on till 11 Feb 2020 and we will see more news in international media covering her actions and opinions.She is going to become very popular.Mars in her chart is aspecting 5 planets in fiery and earthy signs from an airy sign. Mars is retrograde in her chart and it gives more strength to her decisive abilities. Surely she will make her country proud in time to come. the Saturn-Neptune square making contact to this Mars, by being quite direct and forthright if she is to be taken seriously as a leader and restore confidence in the UK economy (and the political system) going forward.The chart is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, she has Venus in Leo, which certainly explains her love of leopard print kitten heels and sometimes quite attention-grabbing fashion choices, despite her rather modest persona (which, by the way, comes from having three planets in Virgo). Given Venus’ proximity to Pluto, I expect Theresa May, The British Politician Who Could Be The Next Margaret Thatcher.Theresa may will win.( K.Sunil in Sri Lanka.)

Buck Fast said...

It was so close and you were nearly right, he nearly did the unthinkable and won. In a way he has won, he's shown that the left are back in business and May has not mandate for her version of Hard Brexit. Do you think the astrology and visions you had pertained perhaps more to his eventual win as perhaps there may be a vote of no confidence in the minority government in a few months? The DUP/Conservative alliance is extremely dangerous and could kick off violence in Northern Ireland if they're not careful. Certainly John Major avoided such deals to protect the peace process. However, if they are being cautious despite choosing to do this, they'll need to 'soften' Brexit. This would be necessary to appease the DUP and especially Sin Fein who are in a power-share. In fact the Tory/DUP government itself might very well be so precarious it could end up de-railing Brexit altogether if there's another election. So in a way Corbyn not winning now might be a good thing in that it could scupper Brexit and if he enters later, none of Brexit's fallout tarnishes him.

Man From Atlan said...

Hi, K. Sunil and Buck Fast. Yes, Theresa May did squeak through with the largest number of seats but is now a lame duck PM. Given the massive repudiation of her campaign, style, and tone deafness, I just do not see her continuing as party leader.

I'd been saying Jeremy Corbyn would be the next prime minister, but in my heart thought it would be in 2020. The Brexit referendum changed that, and it was May's fatal error to call an election. She should perhaps have remembered the 48% who voted to remain, but, like Hillary Clinton, hubris caused her fall.

Corbyn is now the most popular politician in the U.K. Young people turned out in massive numbers to give Labour a stunning comeback. I also wrote recently if more than 70% of the electorate turned out Labour would get a majority. The Independent reports it was 68.7%. He can only do better next time.

I am sceptical of the Tory/DUP alliance lasting. May will either have to resign or she might face a backbench revolt. There might well be another election soon. Another factor: I was looking at Scotland as well. Those Scots who didn't want independence voted Tory and caused the SNP set back. With new leadership, Scottish Labour should pick up in the next election. Free of the baggage of the past, Corbyn now is free to do many things, and might still, well be the next British prime minister.

Theresa May is the 'old' one, you see :)

Will Evans said...

I hope will all my soul that Corbyn fails for all our sakes!

Will Evans said...

I hope with all my soul that Corbyn fails to be prime minister. And I am not a Tory!

Will Evans said...

The SNP is now in decline!