Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Now the healing begins~Canada

I wrote an incomplete post
in 2008
It was a love letter to Canada
It ended like this:
There will come a time when the world will need it, and that is why I cherish it. Its vastness. Arrive in Northern Quebec, and you see the Aurora Borealis shimmering in magical light.
What happened since then?
It seems we lost our way
Why, then, do I love this country? Because it's a place of refuge.
Yesterday, something wonderful happened
We now have a government that better reflects the values of its people.
It promises to be inclusive, to keep us out of war, to help those that need it.
It respects our diversity.
The prime minister designate spoke to us directly
and connected in a way his late father
Pierre Elliott Trudeau did.
Every one needs a home. Canada is our home.
More so, it is one of the places that have been blessed.
Because of the fundamental decency of its people
and the vastness of its unspoiled nature.
As I said then, great things will happen here.
But, as I also said when I wrote about Justin Trudeau
last week
It isn't about government.
What I see is a great sea change in the way WE deal with life, and say "we can't continue this way", and if what comes next makes us work harder, that's what's best, for all the right reasons.
Now the healing begins
I hope to see you here one day. 

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