Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Just friends, acting together
I've traveled so many places, yet it seems like there are places, people I still need to go to. Places that need healing, people. Hawaii, maybe. Japan, definitely. And one day, Africa, then back to Pakistan. Who knows if it ever will be America? That's the conundrum, since what I prophesied and started a long time ago (See A Spiritual Journey To The U.S.) is already happening, so do I really need to go? The UK, where I had so many ties, now flooding madly. Yes, I feel the pull, but maybe, now, it is people who have to come to me, not the other way around.
As we begin a new year, I know the theme for 2014 will be the establishment of spiritual community. All the signs are there, this will be a beginning of something very special, but also, very difficult for those who cannot change.
I remember all the people I have met. They were, those met briefly, those who connected only through spirit, and through the Internet. And, those I taught and did healings for in person, in the thousands.
One constant: every person I met, had some major event take place in their life afterwards, some coincidence, some crisis. They all reported change, many said they "felt peaceful", a change that lasted.

How many communities have I been a part of worldwide, started, then moved on? The Psychic community of Toronto, the Spiritual, the Healing? So many people have passed on, murder, suicide, cancer, burned out, as they try to change what cannot be changed. Not until people change themselves, accept and have faith. Yet people resist change. What can I say? You'll be forced to anyway, as your surroundings change, you must accept, or die. In ignorance.

I remember the good things, let go the bad. What you cannot change, or help, you let go of. The young Jewish lady who mouthed "I love you" at me from a distance when she thought I wasn't looking, and I walked back and said "I can read you, you know" to her embarrassment, but it was a sweet moment, remembered now 42 years later.

Amanda Knox's situation is now almost over, and I actually am more concerned for her well being (as well as that of her co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito) than I am for the outcome; what will be, will be. There was a community of people that I helped, those who fought for justice, and in the process I helped the case, and many people (on both sides, truth be told) but my real promise was to the spirit of Meredith Kercher, and I have pretty much done what I said I would do. I have no attachment to this case, ready to move on.

But it is this planet that needs healing, not just people and spirits. To that end you need community. Check out my new website, Atlan Healing Centres and updates as they come through next month. The information here is freely given and shared, there will be no "donations", ever. But to bring about change, this is what you need, a critical mass. I am forming a community of healers, and anyone that asks for help, I will help. Why are you here?

Edit September 07, 2017:
Atlan Healing Centres site closed now as I focus on a new project. Will continue to post here and on Twitter https://twitter.com/manfromatlan (65.7k tweets, and more to come), LOL.



Kathleen Kempker said...

I am happy to be the first posting.
We cannot save the world...each human must find their center, that may be the only way. We agree on that Ergon. Now, maybe folks need some tools to implement the changes they speak of.
My sad question is...how many want to do their part?

Kathleen Kempker said...
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Man From Atlan said...

Of course we can save the small part of the world we occupy,Kathleen, and then when we are gone, our legacy lives on.

Yes, we are responsible for what we do, but also, what we do for others.

Lots of people out there, and this is how we meet them, then, bind them together in a new, spiritual community.

Kathleen Kempker said...

Okay, I'm in. smile