Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Costa Concordia Tragedy

I hate mentioning these never-ending tragedies

Yet they happen often, they happen for a reason, and, they offer a message to all of us.

Just look at the coincidences. Over the last year I've been focused on Italy, for its political and financial difficulties, for a murder case that had a unique spiritual component, and because so much of it is a reflection of what's happening world wide.

So I see my task as being to warn people, and sometimes, sadly, the Universe has to send reminders. Now I don't expect to convince the rationally inclined, so, just look at the coincidences.

First, I wrote about the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy, 3 major articles in 2011 focusing on the individuals involved. This was unusual, but at least I knew this had to do with spirits and spirituality, and connected with my field of mental illness and psychology. Then, I wrote another article in November Quo Vadis, which asked, where is Italy going? then another in December, Satan~ism which begins with the trial of a refugee boat captain and his crew in Italy; they had killed many passengers by throwing them overboard in a voodoo ceremony at sea.

So, Why Italy? True, I was drawn to it by a particular case. I knew there were going to be spectacular changes in Europe which showed the breakdown of the old order (see The Rape Of Europa but ultimately, I was drawn to a point in the future I saw coming.

I hold at least four meditations a year. They all have a specific focus on trends that are coming into play, but, they also are earth healing exercises. And the sad thing is, as I said so many years ago, that if earth changes and disasters are needed to wake people up, then let it happen. They are messages for people, and if they do not listen, so be it. The floods in England, the earthquake in Haiti, the Fukushima disaster, were all preceded by my meditations, and written about here.

They're not even punishments. Why blame poor people in Haiti or Iraq for the disasters that befall them? No, the message is for all of us, on this planet. If something happens to the least of us, then it is up to every one on this planet to learn from it, and prevent future disasters. The earth is not in balance, and it is up to us to bring it back into balance.

And if your rational mind only tells you there's nothing we can do, then so be it. Just please don't say "I prayed to move a mountain, but it didn't move". That's an untrue argument. We are all healers and magicians, but someone has to show you how.

We had very little snow this year, only rain, which isn't good for the crops in the summer. There's a lot of imbalance there. But shortly after my December 16 meditation, we had a lovely snowfall. Then just before my next meditation in January, the one billion dollar mega cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground off an island in Italy. The captain of the ship was careless, though it appears the cruise line, Carnival, is equally culpable. Still, here's the thing:
  • It could have been much worse. Even though 32 died, 4200 were saved.
  • It happened on my birthday.
I had written about "two Italies" in Quo Vadis and said that people would have to make choices between what type of country they wanted for themselves. This was pooh poohed by sceptics, but after the disaster Italian newspapers started writing about two Italies.

I said I was supposed to be in Europe and the U.S. That still hasn't happened.

And, I wrote about a magical trip back from Japan in 1957, where I had spent a whole month on an Italian designed and crewed ship, the M.V. Asia. The Costa Concordia was also an Italian built and crewed ship.

Yet, there was a friend who'd recently been told her friend was dying, and she was in a deep dark space. Then, the day after my meditation, the snow fell again all over Ontario, and as the big snowflakes descended on her garden, she looked out and felt God's peace.

As we go into the Year of the Dragon, we will all need to feel God's Peace.

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