Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Who Is This Man?

The Black Sea, November 2010

Spirituality is always a struggle between the need to sustain the body and, to nurture the spirit.

And yes, that is quite a journey.

My website, Man From Atlan is now up. You can click http://www.manfromatlan.com/ to get there.

It's a teaching web site. Available to all. I have always offered healing and teaching to anyone who asked, and now I see a whole planet in need of healing. But now, for the first time, I'm the one asking: Will you join me?

The people of Atlan who came to Earth thousands of years ago did so because of a prophecy. And because of that prophecy which pointed to this particular point in time, I have incarnated over and over again, through many lifetimes, with struggle, but also, with love.

So here I am again. From 1966, to start my work when I was 16. Now I'm 61, and it's like I'm starting again.

I was in England in 1977 when I saw the events that would come to this planet, and returned in 1999 to see, yet again, that vision.

It was a burden too heavy to carry. As I said, "sometimes, seeing the future can be a terrible thing", but, now I've shared that vision with you, what will you do about it?

So if you care about the world you leave for future generations; if you want to make a difference, let me know.

If, after you check this out and feel you want to support this work, in a small or large way, please contact me at naseer@manfromatlan.com

Sometimes, the only thing to do is make a leap of faith, and plunge in.

Thank you.

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