Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Choice of Discipleship

A disciple went to Egypt with her daughter. I had a vision, before she left, of a bomb being thrown at tourists in Cairo. Some people were killed. I warned her not to go to Cairo, but beyond that, had no fear for her.

A child who visited us last year, and was doing poorly at academics. His parents worried he'd end up in technical school. We had this one talk and somehow I made a connection; he now gets A's.

A woman dying of liver disease: within two days of talking of me she received news of a rare liver transplant. She no longer has any signs of Hepatitis C.

I told someone 20 years ago that she would one day move to the Middle East, and that frightened her, but when she left last week, she was no longer afraid.

In all of my lives, my purpose was to help humanity, and I have done this by healing, and teaching, and helping others learn how to make a difference in the world by reaching others. And many of them also helped me.

I have had many students in many lifetimes. I brought healing and magic, I gave peace. There were many stages of learning, initiations which then lead to the final choice: to become a disciple.

What I present is this:

I teach many lessons, but the greatest lesson is the choice of discipleship.

I suppose most will shut off at this point, but that is fine. When in previous lives I said if you truly wish to enter the kingdom of heaven then give up your wealth, and follow me that was a very difficult choice to make. Now I make it even harder by saying it will be a life long experience of learning, and, before you can even begin to learn, you will have to give up your ego, and have faith, in me, in God; that is a much more difficult choice to make.

So I understand when it isn't easy, since the only proof I offer is what I have already said here. But nevertheless, that will be the greatest lesson of all, not just the choice, but what comes after.

I wish you peace, love, and joy.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear Naseer, what a lovely article and the statue is gorgeous! The step to descipleship was an extremely difficult one, I'm not even sure how I did it in the end except that I trusted my feelings above all else, and now I've learned to trust you, God, above all else. Thanks for everything, in this life, in past lives, and I pray in as many future lives as possible:) Lots of love always, Chaieomie