Monday, September 29, 2008

Battle in the Heavens

The Angels are fighting the Demons in Heaven. It ain't a pretty sight.

As above, so below
~Hermes (Thoth) Trismegistus

A wise person once told me that Heaven and Hell existed here on Earth; I agree. I also believe they exist on another plane, the Spiritual, which is two dimensions removed from the present material one (The Ego-soul is the one, once removed, from here)

Some say that concepts like God, the Devil, Angels, Heaven and Hell are psychological or religious constructs that enable us to make sense of Universe we inhabit. To the extent that we create certain realities, accompanied by all sorts of illnesses, psychological motivations and supernatural phenomena, that is true, and I really enjoy studying all that. But there is a world simply beyond human understanding, which humanity never will grasp until it lets go of the structures created by Man.

This is what I wrote on my original Man From Atlan website in 1999:

"Our leaders are corrupted by the lure of power and wealth, and unseen forces enslave us all. The planet is dying. Our relationships are empty, and our illnesses are a symptom of the emotional pain we carry inside ourselves. Generations of our children have been lost.

We have the means and the ability to end war, disease and poverty but are only able to stay in a position of Fear and Survival and say the eternal lie, "there's nothing we can do." We could be one planet, one race of humanity, one universal religion of truth, we choose not to".

And it has only become worse. Why can't we change? Be aware of this, that there is an internal battle, but also, an external one, and the two are reflected in each other. Understand this, and you will gain mastery over your emotions and self-destructive pain.

Religion states the battle as that between good and evil, darkness and light, and creates a lesser human-based version of God, Satan or Heaven and Hell to channel human energy, but also to contain it; and inevitably, to suppress too much free thinking. Ultimately, Religion is incomplete, but so, too, is Man, and the resulting imbalance leads to the taking over of this world by demonic forces.
This is not to say I see them as intrinsically evil. They serve God's purpose.
I also don't wish to meander with an encyclopedic delineation of Heavenly and Below hierarchies though it was interesting that recently this discussion emerged on another blog, with the nature of vampires, succubi and angels and their sexual characteristics (oh my!)
But: there is an imbalance, and it exists on this plane, and in the Heavens. It exists within you. It may manifest in your health, relationships or your fortune. When you see injustice and can't or won't do anything, then you're paying the price too.
And: every once in a while a whole new crop of Demons show up and Angels have to fight to restore balance. The battle in the heavens waxed and waned in the 80's and 90's then flared up again.
Recently someone mentioned that
  1. God was angry with the world
  2. Thoth had power to control these destructive forces
  3. Angels were fighting to create balance

and I need to say, that God isn't angry, but the world will be brought into balance, and certain forces have been unleashed, and angels, spirits, demons and djinns all fight to create balance. Both within, and outside of yourself.

And I laughed because I wrote about Thoth in my book Man From Atlan (Full text found here: ) and I am going to watch a movie called Gabriel, which says that in every age, when the world goes into imbalance, an angel will reincarnate to sort things through. You may want to read up on Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism as well, and see where Angels, Demons, Spirits and Djinn exist within your own soul.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am haunted by the dead still~
On this day
Seven years ago
19 magical Arabs
Hijacked 4 airplanes
Crashed 2 into
Tall WTC towers
Others, the Pentagon
And Pennsylvanian field
None were stopped
Jets didn't fly
Or flew elsewhere
The world watched
Firefighters and Policemen
Janitors Architects Chieftain,
Jews Muslims Christian
Flew unto heaven
As the politicians
Who'd planned this
Claimed that they'd
Higher moral ground
Revenge flew swiftly
Millions murdered bloodily
And parents cried
As children died
And Spirits fight,
As we must:
Till we die,
The Big Lie.

~ Naseer Ahmad

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Journeys with Spirit

I have long wondered about the journey a spirit makes when it leaves the body and moves on to the higher realm, and other dimensions. I also ask when and how we can reach the state of grace oft promised and written about by all the religions. The Divine Light, when seen or felt, by one person, or an entire people.

Recently a friend's mother passed away. He said "no one really knows what happens to us when we die". I wished I could show him the certainty that even my children have, that spirits pass on to another life, and the journey in between lives is as fascinating, and beautiful, as the one we go through in life.

I look at you, and see three bodies. The Physical, which exists in the material world. The Soul, which is the sum total of all your experiences in this, and all previous and potential future lives, and exists in the realm of emotion. The Spirit, our inner self which exists beyond all that and yet, bound to the other bodies. I see the energies and entities that attach to those bodies and prevent us from making that spiritual journey. And the greatest longing, whether recognised or not, is the Journey to God.

So I see how you all have spirits that long to go beyond to reach the Divine Light. That the spirits of the living, and those that have passed on, and those waiting to be born, all come for Healing..

I teach this: How to heal your selves, how to heal others. The chakras are a map of our spiritual journey from Creation to our return to God. From Nothingness to Nothingness, actually. Not the White Light or Blissful Eternal Joy, but, the nothingness of the Void. In aiming for bliss, we shortchange ourselves. We aim for spiritual enlightenment without understanding karma, when really, we must all go through the process of birth and rebirth.

When we meditate, the spirit leaves the body, but not far. When we have a 'spiritual' event, that quite often is a kundalini zap masquerading as such, with all due respect to what is after all a deeply personal experience. But, an event that changes your life, which always remains with you, where for a moment you are no longer in your body but truly out of it, that is a spiritual experience. That is the starting point of the journey, and not the end. The end is when we become one with God, and that is a journey that every soul, every spirit, every body makes. In the end, we all return to God, and I would like to show you the Way.

First, we need to ask where spirits dwell. When my brother died I suppressed my grief and it was only when I learned to contact his spirit that I could finally let go. First with a Ouija board, then, realising one didn't need them: the ability exists within all of us. Some, when they realise this gift, run into the brick wall of their own fear of letting go. Some are drawn by the seduction of these powers and drift into mania. I leaped into that swift river, which takes you know not where, and knew this was home.

So, when we die we pass on into spirit, and one only needs to learn how to communicate with them. I have had many spirit friends. They exist on another plane altogether and we need to understand their experience if we are to evolve ourselves. They come to a place where they see all their past lives, the choices and karma. They choose when to be born again, and to whom. They chose the circumstances of their new lives, they are born.. and then they forget all they have learned, and start over again.

The people of Atlan had the spiritual ability to remember past lives. It was a spiritual training that began in childhood, and went on for the rest of their life. I don't tell people who they were in a previous life, but if, in the process of learning about Spirit they remembered, that would be good. The ability must be learned again, yes, but first there must be many tests before you can safely make this journey, for the journey is the exact same journey we make when we die.

So I had many spirit friends, who came for healing, but in the process they taught me much. The occultist and magician "Cheiro" suggested I study Palmistry which led to Astrology which led to Psychism. So I first had a childhood where I saw spirits, before I developed my Psychism. This is the reverse of what usually happpens, since Psychism, which is a form of emotional sensitivity, usually develops first. There was Mary, the mother of Jesus. I knew her as Aeflan, a student of mine in one life, my mother and teacher in another.. The writers George Elliot and George Sand encouraged me to write. Andron of Atlan, and many more friends from other lives came to see me...

Spirits cannot tell you the future, because that would take away your own power, and free will. We can chose whther to listen or not. Yet how many times did I hear a dear friend tell me, wait a moment, take the road less travelled, make a leap of faith. And I would do that, and learn from whatever happened, and grow.

There are many obstacles to our journeys with spirit, but when we face our fears, they are gone. There are many stages to the journey. The first step is Knowledge, where we see the choices we have made and the choices we must make. The next step is to see how much we really are loved by God, and are surrounded by that love. And the last step is to surrender, and become one with God. These are steps taken, outside of religion which only emphasises punishment, into the peace which the true understanding of God brings to you. These are stages that occur whether the spiritual journey is taken when you die, or while you are alive. These are the stages that lead to grace within our selves.

The Divine Light exists within each of you.