Sunday, January 06, 2013

If You Knew

What if?

What if, you knew that God walked on Earth in human form, meeting, helping people in multitudes, changing the environment wherever he went (even if only temporarily), being a catalyst for change?

How would you react, if that were true? Would you be afraid, or would you want to meet that person? Would you project all your hopes and wishes onto that being, but expect him to meet your expectations? Or would you realize that if that were true, you would be forced to change? Because when people meet me, what they feel is peace, but also, conflict. And that conflict, has to do with their purpose in life, and how they meet it. That conflict is, can you continue your life as you have been?

Why do I tell people all this? All it does is create er, reactions :) I could be a quiet healer, like the lady in Resurrection who found out in the end that people weren't ready, and she needed to go away and be by herself.

Or I could be a guru or regular healer and create a huge following. Sorry, but I've known of that possibility for more than 40 years, and I choose not to follow that, because that is not who I am

And by telling you this, I give you the freedom of choice.

I know who I am, and what my purpose is, and try only to help you find yours.

But, having told you, can you continue your life as you have?

If you knew your future, and the direction of your life, would you change?

If you knew you'd develop cancer, would you try to prevent that?

If you knew your child might develop autism, would you try to change that karma?

If you knew that your governments actions would come back to you,

Or that your belief systems, philosophies or religions might one day not be enough,

Or that your ego would one day get in your own way,

Would you try to change your self?

If you knew what I knew,

Would you change?

It's not enough to say you do not know what your future is, or how to change. I speak to each of you across many dimensions of time and space, and now you know who I am, and you know what you have to do. If there is doubt, figure it out. There's a point at which faith, and knowing, intersect.