Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Body, Heals Itself

The Buddha Wondered

He saw a man who was ill

And he saw one who was dying

And he asked what was the cause of human suffering

But here we are, still asking that question, and we ask that question not only for ourselves, but for humanity.

The answer is this: The cause of our suffering is our karma, and the choices we all have made, in this and other lives. It comes from ego and fear of letting go. It comes from the emotions and memories we have in this and other lifetimes. And I can't tell you how to heal that, without first saying: The Body, Heals Itself.

You look at this battered, polluted war ridden earth, and ask how can we help the planet get better? And I answer, the earth heals itself.

And the battered state of our relationships with ourselves and others? We can heal those relationships, and bring harmony into our lives.

The lack of connection with spirit and nature, and inner peace? God gave us a gift, and, we can know God.

So I don't teach spirituality and healing, but, that we heal ourselves.

Alone? A person walks into our lives.

Lost in a desert? A rain storm comes up that revives you, and you are found.

Bleeding to death on an empty highway? Suffered a stroke? Healing comes from thousands of miles away.

So we exist not just on this plane but across all the dimensions, and you may not be aware of it. Yet healing comes, unexpectedly, from others, but also, from your self.

If this were the last two years of your life, how would you spend that? Are you going to moon over the past, or will you do the things you always wanted to do? Don't say you can't, because. The Body, Heals Itself.

This is the last two years for this planet. How it ends will be up in the air. We may end up in another dimension. We may die, and even that death will be a healing journey. We may just continue to plod along, but nothing will be the same, even if the suffering goes on. I know that I will do what I always wanted to do, and bring peace and healing and knowledge to people (I'm off on another trip soon) and I hope that you, too, will do what you were always supposed to do.

But don't say you can't. This was my first discovery, as I saw spirit passing through the dimensions and discovering gifts within myself, and, others.

The Body, Heals Itself