Saturday, November 29, 2014

Message From A Dove

Message from a spirit guide

My aunt 's sister passed away recently. She'd been suffering for many years. Had her in my special prayers all this time. Thought of her last week then got the news. Always remembered for her lovely smile.

This morning, Saturday November 29, got a very special message. I was washing dishes when a mourning dove thumped into the kitchen window in front of me, then flew off.

From my Pocket Guide To Spirit Animals-Understanding Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides ~Dr. Steven Farmer: 


Express your love to as many people as possible in words and in deeds, even in small yet significant ways.

The soul of someone who has recently passed is making a smooth, peaceful, and joyous transition.

This is a powerful time of prophecy and clear vision, and now more than ever you're able to glimpse the future.

You're experiencing a spiritual renewal that's the result of a period of intense self-examination and challenges.

This is a good time to stay at home and enjoy your domestic side.

It's important to nurture yourself with loving care.

To my aunt and cousins; our condolences.

But it is still a message for all of you.