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Benjamin Creme and Me

From the beginning I have always known that I was connected to people through karma, a shared link or goal, and pure energy. I was connecting, also, with people I would meet or affect one day. People such as the writer Joseph Campbell in Japan, 1955, and Shirley MacLaine, the actress, in 1958.

There is no proof of this, of course, except what I can describe in my various books and let people decide for themselves. What I can say is that I went through an amazing period of Spiritual awareness in the years 1949-2001, years that literally opened me to my direction.

I wish to talk about a man called Benjamin Creme. I first heard of him in 1993 when I was in Los Angeles, a time that I describe elsewhere. There was a newsletter from the Tara Center, describing him and his work, and talking about Maitreya, the Teacher who would be coming to heal the planet. He is the one awaited by all the religions of the world, Jesus, Buddha, Messiah, Mahdi, Krishna.

Oh, he's talking about me!, I said, so of course I was going to check him out. Now you'll have to check him out yourself as well, he's quite easy to find under Maitreya, Share International (his organisation), and under his own name, in any of the search engines. It would also help if you could get a hold of his original books, not the later editions, since he keeps changing the dates.
Creme, an Englishman, describes a sense of connection, of being guided since 1948-49 along a spiritual path by unknown masters till around 1958-59, when he really started to move forward, and then receiving all sorts of spiritual messages.

In 1970 he receives a transmission; the teacher Maitreya has descended from his retreat in the Himalayas, boarded a plane in Pakistan, and flown 'through the clouds' to London. There he lives among the East Indian Community while sending regular telepathic messages to him.

Maitreya's message is simple: He is here to demand justice for the peoples of the world; one day he will reveal himself so all may recognise him. He is one of a series of 'ascended masters' who have descended, in spirit form, into the bodies of mortal men who then go on to become earthly teachers. Such an 'overshadowing' was what was once done to his beloved servant Jesus, but now Maitreya himself is reaching out to the world through Benjamin Creme, and will reveal himself when the time is right. He promises this will happen in 1977.

1977 comes and goes, and Creme says that Maitreya has been recognised by the East Indian community in London. He will continue to transmit through Creme, and appear wherever he is needed. In the meantime he makes regular prophecies about the world situation and even appears, according to Creme, before a large gathering in Nairobi, Kenya. There's even some photos.

Creme's next message from Maitreya is that he will appear before an American Television audience in 1994, and people everywhere will recognise him. 1994 passes by, and the date for Maitreya's appearance becomes open-ended, maybe 1997, or later, whenever the world will be ready for him.

2001: Where is Maitreya?

My dear friend Creme has got it so right, and so wrong. As an empath, the only person who is being overshadowed is Benjamin himself, the messages are through his psychic connection with this teacher, and the photos may or may not be fake, but my relatives in Nairobi certainly never heard of any such event.

Creme's background may explain some of this.As a follower of Alice Bailey's teachings- Lucis Trust, Theosophical Helena Blavatsky connection, he may be saying all this through the prism of his own belief system. Maybe he's right, and I'm wrong. Maybe.

Before I was born in 1950, I was in spirit. I believe that we are surrounded with and communicating with the spirits of those who have passed away and those waiting to be born. So I may have been communicating with Creme. When I was a few months old we moved to London, so the connection became stronger. We moved to Japan after a few years and the connection was not broken, but we grew in our own directions.

In 1970 I boarded a plane in Pakistan and flew to London, then moved on to Canada. Wrote my first book Man From Atlan in 1974, returned to London 1975. Wrote my second book, The Way of Atlan, in 1976-77. It begins like this: " I am he that the world has waited for"

An Indian Guru, seeing me working in a store, says out loud, "there is the Christ". I am recognised by his community. My book circulates in manuscript form. It demands justice for everyone, and ends with a prophetic description of a war that will soon begin in the Middle East, which may eventually destroy the world.

Los Angeles, 1993-1994. I appear on American Television. Many people recognise me. (see ' A Spiritual Journey to the U.S.')

In 1995, I go to see Benjamin Creme at a talk in New York. He keeps staring in my direction. Maybe my imagination? I pass him in the bathroom. He doesn't look around.

Sept. 1999. After my trip to England to bring in the energies of the Grand Cross and the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999, 'Call for a Spiritual (R)evolution', I set up my web site. I send a polite e-mail to Benjamin. I never hear back from him.

This article isn't about Benjamin Creme, or Shirley MacLaine, Joseph Campbell or even me. It's about how we are bound to each other through connections of energy, thought, and emotion, and how we need to look at the power of coincidence in our lives. I have connected with many of you before; perhaps when we meet we will recognise each other.

Where is Maitreya? In your hearts and hopes and dreams, where he has always been.

©- Naseer Ahmad-2001

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