Friday, November 28, 2008

Atlan Healing Centres

Atlan Healing Centres isn't a chain of clinics or temples. 
It's a group of people around the world~
Many years ago, I wrote:
"You have been on a healing journey since the beginning of Time.
You seek completion, balance and peace.
You ask for help in letting go of karma and realizing your purpose in life.
Thousands of years ago the Teacher of Atlan came to Earth to help incarnate the energies that would heal this planet.
Naseer Ahmad is a physician, healer and spiritual teacher.
He has taught many people to become healers, teachers and magicians. Will you join him?"
Within six months, America may be at war. I hope not. The economy will have to recover. I hope so. The years 2009-2012 will bring great events into play, and the things that have to happen, will.
I'd like to talk about the many wonderful people I've come in contact with, and the difference they'll make in the time to come. My goal has always been to inspire people to reach their highest potential, and I have helped, in many ways. The fact is, we are blocked from learning to connect with others, and ourselves.
Using the healing I've written about here, I have taught thousands of people the technique (actually it's an energy) called Spiritual Healing in The Way of Atlan. Using healing, I have influenced many more, all around the world. Some people have found my lessons too hard to bear, but the love I have will always be there for them.
I made a prophecy many years ago:
Things would get much worse; (difficult for humans who're hard-wired to be optimistic) and, there would be a great need for healers.
So I went to the United States.
Travelled through Europe and Asia.
Where ever I went there was great upheaval, but also, great healing.
Teaching the Way of Atlan to thousands, and ultimately through them and my website, many more (It really was popular)
No, it isn't new age. It's the old ways, forgotten and returning now to Earth.
A combination of shamanism and sky/sun god monotheism/polytheism but from before the new religions arrived.
A flowing into the river of energy that flows through the heavens.
The people who, connected with each other, brought and will bring great change into the world. If I said president-elect Obama was one of them, would you believe me? He's an Atlanian, even if he doesn't remember, but I have hope for him to do the right things; but it must come from his free will.
But yes there is much resistance to change. But I have planted the seeds, and unknown healers walk among you, all connected to each other by a grid of energy, and don't expect them to solve all the problems of the world, but if a stranger says to you: follow me, then do so.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yearning For Connection

The yearning for connection exists inside us all

I know this inventor, a very logical person. He makes geological devices that can locate oil and gold, his ancient Jaguar gets 30 miles to the gallon.

He asked me what my 'religion' was. I said, "it's about finding our connection with God". He understood immediately.

Yes, we search for connection, not only with God, but also through lovers, children, family, friends, groups. In these eventful times, learning how to connect with others will help us all.

Finding God is easy. He always existed, inside and outside ourselves, and once you find that person, that force, you will never be alone. Just don't demand miracles, or proof.

We yearn for completion with and through our loved ones, but also, that connection with another being to share our lives with. Much healing has to take place first and afterwards, but it's possible to truly find love, and to experience the joy of being connected with that person, in all the ups and downs, forever.

Some people are dog persons or cat persons. I am a child person. Because I see that sheer joy and unsullied hope, optimism for the future, their fearlessness, in them, the potential: I love them very much. And, I try to be like them.

We first learn about connections through family, and hopefully, in what we provide as a learning space about relationships, for siblings, for parents, and between each other, we can create strong future families, that amazing unit of inter-connectedness. Regardless of whatever our own families were like.

Our friends are a reflection of us yet also separate beings, and the intellectual, emotional, and physical comradeship, interaction and support is also, about connection. They come and they go, and as long as we don't cross certain boundaries, then we won't be disappointed or hurt.

You have to learn how to connect with yourself. Your connection with your physical emotional and spiritual bodies are so tattered that it is no wonder you may have issues with health, relationships or God. Healing that helps you to integrate with yourself, and then and only then can you love yourself, by feeling connected instead of disconnected. Do you ever feel, gee, I LOVE myself?

And lastly, there is this amazing group of healers all over the planet, who I will introduce in a subsequent post.

Monday, November 10, 2008

UFO's, Aliens, and Psychic Technologies

The people of Atlan and Aergon are with us still~

There were the earlier people who flew through the stars to come here. There were those who died in the war and incarnated here on Earth. And there are those who went into a deep sleep as the Dimensional Shift took place, and woke up again here on Earth. These last voyagers, 250,000 or so who'd survived the War between Atlan and Aergon, are the ones who now feel most out of place~

I understand that many people may find the whole body of ideas proposed here in these pages to be just a little.. way out there. I propose they read what I have to say as fiction, and for a writer like me, that will be enough, that people read. Maybe they'll change some of their ideas, maybe not. I'm reaching the one person to whom this will mean the world, maybe I'll reach the whole world, one person at a time. I dunno.

In my practice I've always been intrigued by the hidden memories that lead to illness, the archetypes of Astrology and Numbers that help us understand our human strengths, foibles, and personality, the psychic sense that is disguised as emotional sensitivity, the past life experiences we repeat over and over again.

I have met many exceptional people in my life. You are all exceptional, in God's eyes, but some of you are also, aliens, exceptional in what you do and the difference you have made or will make in people's lives. You are incomplete, waiting to be reborn. You may belong to distinct psychological mental types based on whether you are an Atlanian, Aergonian, Atlantean or Lemurian. Or just contain the gene stock. A way of thinking. Being called to greatness. A psychological dislocation.
Atlanians from the planet Atlan are usually tall, thin, with great spirit, charisma and presence.
Aergonians from Aergon are usually shorter, but muscular and possessing great powers within themselves.
Atlanteans are the descendants of the Atlanians, come from Atlantis, love machinery and science. Cerebral. Their empire was in the Atlantic, then central Asia.

Lemurians are referred to in the Vedas as the darker skinned native peoples of the empires the Aryans came into conflict with. Based in the Pacific, they were the shamans who carved and shaped energy.
Their lives form our myths, legends and history. Bach, Michelangelo, Paramahansa Yogananda, Muhammad, Joan of Arc, Jesus, Einstein, Mary the mother and Mary the wife of Jesus, Che Guevara, Deganawida, Thoth, Athena, Pythagoras, Genghis Khan, all were these beings who came amongst us to change our direction.

Here is their message:
We walk amongst you every day. We, the people who came to Earth eons ago and are born again and again. Our technology is buried deep within our memories, our philosophy governs our very lives, our actions follow the imperatives of our forgotten past.

A light goes off in your head, and you discover the cure for cancer. You see a loved one you had loved centuries ago in the smile of a child. You remember who you were, and your path in life. A piece of music reminds you of a voyage amongst the stars. A voice speaks to you from within a darkened cave.

Yet the pain of knowing, but not knowing: you may have done good, or evil. You do not belong on this plane. You come from somewhere far away, and this is not your home.

My early childhood memories were of flying through the Void in a spaceship, and we are visited by them still, but not in the manner you see in movies, flying saucers and little green aliens inserting probes up our orifices. They fly to us not through space but the space between spaces. They speak to us from within our minds.

So you may or may not be an alien. What is really important is that you know who you are, and what your karma is from previous lives, and what you must learn now. Your memories may take you back to Atlantis or Lemuria, or you carry a void within yourself as you spend your life trying to discover the great mysteries. Earlier, I described the great library where all the knowledge of the world was stored. Let me tell you this: the solutions to all the problems of the world lie within us. The environment, poverty, and health can be resolved. It has been done before, it can be done again. We can live fuller lives. We, and not space aliens, can do all this.

But "aliens" do exist. They do come over sometimes, but not like the fake sightings we see in the papers. (Secret government technology) Nor in the 'messages' of peace and love generated by our own wishful thinking, not realising that promises of the imminent breaking out of peace and love everywhere only serve to distract us from the real problems and imminent danger we face right now. And our greatest danger is not from 'outsiders' of whatever' shape, it comes from our own hopelessness and sheer time-wasting dramas.

It really is time to wake up. The people all over the world who will discover they are mages, musicians, and poets, inventors and leaders. Once, you were aliens. Now, this is your planet, and whatever you do to help change it will be as once was your path, and is again. You had the knowledge, you can receive it again. You lead, or followed once. You can do so again.

Joan of Arc heard a voice and the power to lead a whole nation came from within her. A nurse who went back to Afghanistan; a teacher who makes a difference to a child. Each of you has greatness within you. Find who you are.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Now What?

This is a time for greatness

In a historic moment for the world, Barack Husein Obama II has won the Presidential election of the United States. I am pleased for many reasons, but as I stated in my article of March 08:

"Barack's the one"

"there's one reason above all I'm talking about Barack today. One, that he's a good man, and two, he has the potential to be the greatest President that ever lived" and I am so pleased for the people of the U.S., and for the rest of the world.

I had a vision a full year ago, and, when every one thought Hillary Clinton would win, knew he would be the Democratic candidate. I said as much, on a political website. Astrology helped confirm that to me, and also that it would not be the day for John McCain (bad time for Virgos) but didn't want to raise hopes. Whatever I might believe, I would say that it would depend on the effort of people. It simply is unfair to put all our expectations on one person when in the end we all had to make the effort, not just him.

And in the years ahead, and they will not be easy, he must do his share, as we must do ours. But if he inspires us to be better people, then that will be enough. Yes, he has to end the wars abroad. He can cure the economy, if he allows compassion to take over from greed. He has to bring peace to the Middle East. He has to help heal America, and the World. But that isn't his job alone, it's ours.

It is so karmic, a racially mixed black man born of a Muslim father, to come to this place at this time in History. At a time of such division, this is a good sign. The future is so fraught with danger I will only say this: unless you make peace with the Muslim world, there will only continue to be war. And there is a lot more I can say, and I will later, but this is his day, so I am going to just give you a story about his essential humanity:

Old friends recall Obama's college years

"Obama spent the six years between 1979 and 1985 in Los Angeles at Occidental College and then in New York at Columbia University and in the workplace. His memoir, "Dreams From My Father," talks about this time but not in great detail; Siddiqi, for example, is identified only as "Sadik" — "a short, well-built Pakistani" who smoked marijuana, snorted cocaine and liked to party.

Obama's campaign wouldn't identify "Sadik," but The Associated Press located him in Seattle, where he raises money for a community theater. Together, the recollections of Siddiqi and other friends and acquaintances from Obama's college years paint a portrait of the candidate as a young man. They remember a good student with a sharp mind and unshakable integrity, a young man who already had a passion for the underprivileged.

Some described the young Obama's personality as confident to the point of arrogance, a criticism that would emerge decades later, during the campaign. Not everyone who knew Obama in those years is eager to talk. Some explained that they feared inadvertently hurting Obama's campaign.

Among his friends were Siddiqi and two other Pakistanis, all of them from Karachi; several of those interviewed said the Pakistanis were reluctant to talk for fear of stoking rumors that Obama is a Muslim.

"Obama, in the eyes of some right-wingers, is basically Muslim until proved innocent," says Margot Mifflin, a friend from Occidental who is now a journalism professor at New York's Lehman College. "It's partly the Muslim factor by association and partly the fear of something being twisted."

And when his friend was in the process of recovery from drug addiction, Obama gave him a job reference.

"Obama attended Occidental College (September 1979 - June 1981) a small liberal arts college in Los Angeles, California where he continued his cocaine use and played basketball. (He had stopped by the time he got to Columbia) Most of his close friends and roommates were Pakistani Muslims.

At Occidental, Obama became involved in the anti-apartheid movement and divestment in white South Africa. He transferred to Columbia University in his junior year, August 1981.

In 1981 between Occidental and Columbia, Obama and his Pakistani roommate traveled to Asia. They first visited Obama’s mother and sister in Indonesia. From there Obama and his companion traveled to Karachi, Pakistan and stayed with a friend’s family for three weeks."

My cousin was one of his Pakistani friends, and roomed beside him in college. They kept in touch through all the years, and it is through his recollections that I am able to share this story with you.