Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let There Be War

Because a poem is worth a thousand words
 A poem from Novorossiya (Free Ukraine):
As long as you are not touched by the war....
by: Lyudmila Lozovaya 
As long as you are not touched by the war,
you will sit and be silent...

As if the soul of the country is not sick,
as if you don't care.
You walk out, smile to friends and to buy bread around the corner, 
while they were bombing a kindergarten and a temple,
and someone's parent's house...
As long as you are not touched by the war, do you believe blank news,
Where lies woven by innocent wine, and odes sung to the authorities...
But this is at our house not threw a projectile attack...
And the fear of a terrible serpent under the skin climbed up, hearing the baby cry.
As long as you are not touched by the war, not appreciate...
I don't know what life price,
because pulse beating at your temple. 

As long as you are not touched by the war,
tell their friends - everyone lives, not seven, and one...
not book their Places in Paradise.
Held at gunpoint soldiers countryman and fraternal lunging string...
But don't realize it,
until you've been touched by war...

Lyudmila Lozovaya
Be careful what you allow to happen in your name. And if you want war, let there be war..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Faith in Humanity

I always have faith in humanity, but sometimes, it is good to have that faith reconfirmed: A (Syrian?) refugee in Turkey, asking for asylum of Ecuador via Twitter, gets a response from the President Raffaele Correa himself who forwards it to his chancellery. It looks hopeful, and that, sometimes, is all we need, hope.
This reminds me of the Vietnamese Boat People
Between 1975 and 1976, Canada admitted 5,608 Vietnamese immigrants. In 1979 and 1980, another 50,000 people from Vietnam, refugees who later became known as the “Boat People,” settled in Canada.”
Welcomed to Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, they integrated into Canadian society and now are a vibrant part of our history, with nearly 200,000 people living in communities that never saw Vietnamese people before.
And now his son, Justin Trudeau, elected less than a month ago, has vowed to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees before years end. Our private carrier Air Canada has offered to ferry ALL of them, and homes and places for them to stay have been offered all over this wonderful land of ours.
I will always have faith in the goodness of people.