Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let There Be War

Because a poem is worth a thousand words
 A poem from Novorossiya (Free Ukraine):
As long as you are not touched by the war....
by: Lyudmila Lozovaya 
As long as you are not touched by the war,
you will sit and be silent...

As if the soul of the country is not sick,
as if you don't care.
You walk out, smile to friends and to buy bread around the corner, 
while they were bombing a kindergarten and a temple,
and someone's parent's house...
As long as you are not touched by the war, do you believe blank news,
Where lies woven by innocent wine, and odes sung to the authorities...
But this is at our house not threw a projectile attack...
And the fear of a terrible serpent under the skin climbed up, hearing the baby cry.
As long as you are not touched by the war, not appreciate...
I don't know what life price,
because pulse beating at your temple. 

As long as you are not touched by the war,
tell their friends - everyone lives, not seven, and one...
not book their Places in Paradise.
Held at gunpoint soldiers countryman and fraternal lunging string...
But don't realize it,
until you've been touched by war...

Lyudmila Lozovaya
Be careful what you allow to happen in your name. And if you want war, let there be war..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Faith in Humanity

I always have faith in humanity, but sometimes, it is good to have that faith reconfirmed: A (Syrian?) refugee in Turkey, asking for asylum of Ecuador via Twitter, gets a response from the President Raffaele Correa himself who forwards it to his chancellery. It looks hopeful, and that, sometimes, is all we need, hope.
This reminds me of the Vietnamese Boat People
Between 1975 and 1976, Canada admitted 5,608 Vietnamese immigrants. In 1979 and 1980, another 50,000 people from Vietnam, refugees who later became known as the “Boat People,” settled in Canada.”
Welcomed to Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, they integrated into Canadian society and now are a vibrant part of our history, with nearly 200,000 people living in communities that never saw Vietnamese people before.
And now his son, Justin Trudeau, elected less than a month ago, has vowed to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees before years end. Our private carrier Air Canada has offered to ferry ALL of them, and homes and places for them to stay have been offered all over this wonderful land of ours.
I will always have faith in the goodness of people. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Now the healing begins~Canada

I wrote an incomplete post
in 2008
It was a love letter to Canada
It ended like this:
There will come a time when the world will need it, and that is why I cherish it. Its vastness. Arrive in Northern Quebec, and you see the Aurora Borealis shimmering in magical light.
What happened since then?
It seems we lost our way
Why, then, do I love this country? Because it's a place of refuge.
Yesterday, something wonderful happened
We now have a government that better reflects the values of its people.
It promises to be inclusive, to keep us out of war, to help those that need it.
It respects our diversity.
The prime minister designate spoke to us directly
and connected in a way his late father
Pierre Elliott Trudeau did.
Every one needs a home. Canada is our home.
More so, it is one of the places that have been blessed.
Because of the fundamental decency of its people
and the vastness of its unspoiled nature.
As I said then, great things will happen here.
But, as I also said when I wrote about Justin Trudeau
last week
It isn't about government.
What I see is a great sea change in the way WE deal with life, and say "we can't continue this way", and if what comes next makes us work harder, that's what's best, for all the right reasons.
Now the healing begins
I hope to see you here one day. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

O Canada

Time for change
We are a better people than this. After almost ten years of rule by Stephen Harper this is what happened to the Canada I love.
First, in 2006 there was the unprecedented intervention of the RCMP by falsely accusing the Liberal Finance Minister of insider trading during an actual election Canada: Report whitewashes federal police’s intervention in 2006 elections This directly affected Harper's win and the RCMP and CSIS would continue to assist him in his campaign to further divide Canada over the years.

In 2008, Harper had Governor General MichaĆ«lle Jean prorogue parliament to escape a vote of non-confidence by a coalition of the other three political parties. He went on to prorogue three more times to avoid facing Parliament, thus disrespecting the institution of democracy.

Many ridings across Canada reported electoral shenanigans by the Conservatives 2011 Canadian federal election voter suppression scandal and now he has made voting much more difficult.

On so many issues he disregarded or flouted rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada. Like his hero George W. Bush he has lied to his own people, and is no respecter of our rights and freedoms.

His emphasis on the oil based industries has created an imbalance in our economy and made us one of the worst polluters in the world, per capita. His Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic trade deals have and will cause the loss of so many of our high quality jobs.
Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons According to this article, Stephen Harper had a crisis of faith which led him to become an Evangelical Christian.  He and his father left the United Church after the 1988 decision to ordain homosexuals. This also is why he belongs to a millennial sect which blindly supports Israel and endangers our foreign policy standing around the world. His office rejects Muslim refugees fleeing war torn countries.
His religious beliefs are his own concern, but how they affect policy is not. End Times Christian Zionists tend to be anti-reason, and want war to bring about their vision of the world.
In the final analysis, he is a bully. He tried so hard to create a climate of fear by demonizing Muslims it turned against him. Canadians looked into the abyss of prejudice and drew back, ashamed.
We are a better people than this. We are fighting to change things. An astonishing 31% more people have cast their votes in advance polling than the last election. 70,000 students have already registered and cast their votes in a pilot project to set up campus polling.
I think of the series of articles I wrote in 2008 about Obama:
I liked him at the time because he represented hope, and change. I knew from my visions a full year ahead he would win the nomination and the election, when Hillary Clinton looked the front runner. I also hoped, but did not expect, he would change the way things were done. I also wrote then:
What I see is a great sea change in the way WE deal with life, and say "we can't continue this way", and if what comes next makes us work harder, that's what's best, for all the right reasons.
I have the same feeling for Justin Trudeau when he was chosen as leader of the Liberal Party. I had this thought of him winning. Maybe it will be in alliance with the NDP. Maybe he'll win a majority. I do not know how it will turn out. As always, I have hope.. But I do know Harper's conservatives have to be stopped, and if people should just vote for the best candidate in their riding for the job, then I wish Justin Trudeau, and all of Canada, well.



Friday, October 09, 2015

Madness Sweeps The World

but it doesn't rule us
The sadness of these unspeakable tragedies is not so much that they happen, but what we do not do to prevent them.
There is a path to the ending of all wars. If you say it is in our nature, I say change your natures. If you don't know how, ask.
Don't stay in the space of fear, and say "there is nothing I can do". There is.
You elect psychotic rulers who reflect your own fears and paranoia.
You profit from war.
This has nothing to do with religion. It just is your lack of spirituality.
You know nothing about spirituality, or healing, or how to create a better world for our children.
Don't say you want to learn, then, don't.
I am going to shake you out of your comfort zone.


Friday, September 25, 2015

A Vast Movement Of Peoples

Not again
From an unpublished manuscript, The Way Of Atlan, London 1976-77: "There will be a vast movement of peoples across the world".

Sometimes, seeing the future is a terrible thing. But there you go. I went through an intense period of time from 1974 - 1977, where I saw all my past lives, and, I saw the future of the world. It was a bleak vision, full of hope for possible change, but also, knowing how people resist change, and therefore, make the future fixed.

The exodus of boat people from Vietnam began the next year in 1978 and continued till the 90's. This is part of human history, the vast movement of peoples from devastated lands to newer places offering, hopefully, a better existence.

It is part of my DNA, people from the planets Aergon and Atlan fleeing destruction, the end of the Lemuria and Atlantis based empires. My father was part of the 2-3 million exodus that accompanied the separation of India and Pakistan, in which nearly a million people died of violence.

Whether they fled in spaceships, or ships, on foot or train and bus, there was an uprooting which is carried within our psyche. And now, once again, as vast numbers flee the destruction of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria. These are the signs I saw, how we continue the patterns of history and our collective karma.

It will continue till we change. I hope we do. I made a commitment to try and help people, but you do not know how difficult the path ahead will be, and, you will need to ask.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Fate Of Humanity

And there before you
Is the knowledge of the world
And visions within unfold
Of past, present and future you
It's been almost 40 years since I started working on my 2nd book, The Way of Atlan, in London, England. I finished the first draft in 1977, then, life came in and told me I had to wait.

I've written millions of words since but now I want to complete and publish it. The challenge I set myself before the weekend was: say something you haven't said before.

The fate of humanity
is to take
the Way of Atlan
to the furthest stars
~Naseer Ahmad