Friday, May 16, 2014

Humanity, Resurrected

Miracles ahead
April was indeed the roughest month, for people and around the globe. For May though, and for some, I see hope ahead.

You really don't see how much hard work that requires, do you? (I just entered 'publish' when I meant 'save', LOL) Must be the Twitter influence, I was going to leave as is :)

I know my outlook is often bleak, and . I wish it were not so, but that's how it is. Clarity always comes at a price, and obstacles are obstacles.

But someone asked for help, and I offered. I hope it did help. And another, whom I came across recently, is now walking. Perhaps, humanity needs to learn to walk before it can run.

There's a thing about miracles.

Miracles come
not because
we demand
nor deserve
it is
random and
it is
We exist
from miracle
to miracle
Life, Death
Peace, Joy,
And Love.
I see hope for humanity.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Every thing happens for a reason
April is the longest month.

Interesting to see what I wrote about in the last two blogs come about.

"By next month, the crisis will have gotten worse, not just in politics but in people's lives, as two planets of the unexpected, AND a solar eclipse by the end of April, remind us how much we need to change, but do not."

More killings in Ukraine over Easter, and just before that, a Korean ferry sinks near Jeju Island, with 300 missing, or dead, most of them children.

And many friends I know were in crisis, in hospital or worrying about their future, in deep emotional pain for a variety of reasons.

Why do bad things happen to us? Is all this because it is part of our path, or, is it because where we cannot change, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Does this imply we can change things?

I will point out what I said a long time ago. I bring change. Wherever I go, and whoever I talk to, there will be change. But the greatest change is the one you attract to yourself, because of your own lack of spiritual balance. Which must, which does, include the physical and the material. And, our emotional balance. Which is here, represented by water.

Tomorrow, April 23, will be a very difficult day, as a Jupiter Mars Pluto Uranus Grand Cross becomes exact at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs, affecting people and countries ruled by Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. (The US, which I have had my eye on for some time, is ruled by Cancer. Some say the Russian Federation is ruled by Capricorn)

This aspect was felt for more than a month now, and will be felt, with waning aspects in the month to come. There will be great changes all over, and how and when it affects you, depends on the choices you make.

One way to discern  the future, is to read the signs. To what extent are you trapped by emotions and feelings of ego? Hurt and being hurt, running away from and searching for relationships? On a broader scale, why are we still trapped in a cycle of war? One book I read, Slaughterhouse 5, or the Children's Crusade by Kurt Vonnegut, awakened old feelings of hating war. Now, all I do is care about every person killed by drone warfare and our addiction to killing, the demonic failings of our murderous impulses.

Jeju island is, coincidentally, where a new controversial naval base is being built on what used to be a holiday resort, which now will have arms pointed at China, just as NATO wanted to have bases in Ukraine pointing at Russia. This is where I say karma is too easily misunderstood, but yes, children are being killed everywhere, are they not? In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and everywhere? You just can not change, can you? And bad things will happen to good people.

Easter is about resurrection. Not about 'hope'. The more people hope, the more they sit, waiting for something to happen.

Resurrection is about what can happen, not what will. There has to be a spiritual awakening. You have to follow the right path. You have to change, no matter how difficult that process can be.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Teach The Children

More Joy In This, Than Any Where Else
Thoughts: Things are being shaken up. Me, too :) 
I didn't have a teacher, except what I learned myself, and from past lives. But I learned from the people I met, and things along the journey.
I spent a lot of time on Twitter recently, so if my writing's a bit sparse, you know why :)
But I wrote a lot of Twitter poetry.
Many of my friends are in hospital and thoughts are with them.
Events leading up to the Grand Cross this month have shaken us all. More to come.
Fascist revolution in Ukraine. Russia will assert itself.
Flight MH #370, lost in the ocean. As is the truth.

But the flight boxes may resurface.
My daughter saw that in a vision a year ago. Oriental faces, Indian Ocean.

Then a lot of spirits showed up.
The earthquake in Chile, 8.2. Smaller ones in L.A., places close to me.
Discovery of a new planet that helps me put together my astrological sign ruler ships theory.
It is the missing ruler of Libra. We will focus on Justice and Balance.
It is the time when a planet is discovered that establishes humanity's change.
I told a lesbian the person she was looking for was a man :)
Peaches Geldof, Bob Geldof's daughter, discovered dead. Sad.
The year I saved the cat "Ginger" in the UK,  a follower met and chatted with Bob Geldof.
She didn't talk about healing. Some things are meant to be, but, he, is a Libra.
Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, going through life shattering change now.
The U.S., a Cancer country, great changes now, but without justice, who knows?
Without spirituality, who knows. Spare me the New Age nonsense.
Pluto in Capricorn drives me to say truth.
Normally I just observe.
My children are dancing between dimensions.
Things, them, appearing and disappearing every where.

So much psychic shit happening.
My daughter met someone at school who has an illness.
His own healing ability has kept him alive.
She finds conventionally prettiness shallow.
People are being drawn to her for healing.
Yes, I will teach children, that is my joy.
Comas. Michael Schumacher, in a coma.

Being in a coma, you're stuck in this maze you cannot leave, stuck.
I've helped so many recover.
But there are some who were not meant to be, no matter how much I know I can help.
Humanity, in a coma.
Why am I drawn there?
Why am I drawn to help children and young people?
Because they can change, and they can change the world.
The rest, will be up to them.

ETA: Right after I wrote this, a 16 yr. old sophomore high school student in PA stabbed twenty students, many seriously injured.

This is what I was picking up: Uranus square Pluto, more shocks to the system.

These kids are so out of balance. Their parents don't, or know how to talk to them.

I am glad I taught my children.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adventures In Healing

I don't heal, I help
We just had another major snow storm; two buildings blew up in NYC; a Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 has gone down and debris has now been found close to its flight path. It looks like almost 300 people have died, RIP. I look at the number of people I have got involved with over the years, trying to help, and ask, why do people make the same mistakes, over and over? And yet, when I help people, life is felt so keenly, the adventure never stronger than at any time else. And yes, I make people nervous, because healing, and getting better, is never an easy path.
It has been a rough winter, and this is just one sign of the many imbalances in society. Russia has finally got fed up with the psychopathic behavior of the US and its EU allies, and established an autonomous republic in Crimea. By next month, the crisis will have gotten worse, not just in politics but in people's lives, as two planets of the unexpected, AND a solar eclipse by the end of April, remind us how much we need to change, but do not. Again, so be it.

We had a huge storm in February. I got the urge to go to a store some distance away, which didn't make sense, given the conditions. As I trudged back to the subway I came across an old woman, collapsed in the snow. I helped her get up, (she refused to let me call an ambulance) walked with her shopping bags to the subway, and had to stop as she clearly was unable to move more than a few meters without pausing to get her strength.

She wanted to let me go on, but I insisted on staying with her to her train, and destination. In the car, I offered healing; and held her hands, placed mine on various parts of body, mostly feeling the peace wash all over us. The crowded car watched us; a pin drop silence.

She told me she'd been to all the specialists and even alternative practitioners, but no one could find out what was wrong, they told her that her heart and circulation was just fine. Still, she had no strength, and could barely move. Also unable to gain weight. She'd tried vegetarianism, didn't suit her.

When you hold a person's hands, you pick up their vibrations and energies. I felt her problem was neuropathic in origin, as well as auto immune. The muscle control and strength just wasn't there. By the time we got to her station, she was fine. Strong enough to take up her bags and leave. She said she hadn't felt this way in decades (she's almost 80)

This is why I turned away from conventional medicine. It doesn't have the answers to the riddle of illness, which I believe always has physical, emotional and spiritual causes. Therefore, to expand the boundaries of medicine, I take up healing.

Gave her my card, in case she wanted to follow up. When she read it, said she'd called a month before, didn't follow up, but, that day felt compelled to go to the same health food store I was going to. Coincidence? Both of us were meant to meet.

When I told my wife about her, she asked her name, and said, oh my goodness, I know her, we've met many times at the store. Another coincidence.

She followed up with two more visits for healing, and now has regained her strength. When she met my wife, she told her how much better she is.

Funny, that. There are some people I never will be able to help, and a few, that no matter what, we are meant to meet.

Aside from my spiritual background and claims, the fact still is I wish to share this knowledge with others, that I do not heal people, but, I help them to help themselves. This the true adventure of healing, that one does not know the outcome of what will happen to this planet or its people, but, by having faith, and no fear, they can be helped.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Just friends, acting together
I've traveled so many places, yet it seems like there are places, people I still need to go to. Places that need healing, people. Hawaii, maybe. Japan, definitely. And one day, Africa, then back to Pakistan. Who knows if it ever will be America? That's the conundrum, since what I prophesied and started a long time ago (See A Spiritual Journey To The U.S.) is already happening, so do I really need to go? The UK, where I had so many ties, now flooding madly. Yes, I feel the pull, but maybe, now, it is people who have to come to me, not the other way around.
As we begin a new year, I know the theme for 2014 will be the establishment of spiritual community. All the signs are there, this will be a beginning of something very special, but also, very difficult for those who cannot change.
I remember all the people I have met. They were, those met briefly, those who connected only through spirit, and through the Internet. And, those I taught and did healings for in person, in the thousands.
One constant: every person I met, had some major event take place in their life afterwards, some coincidence, some crisis. They all reported change, many said they "felt peaceful", a change that lasted.

How many communities have I been a part of worldwide, started, then moved on? The Psychic community of Toronto, the Spiritual, the Healing? So many people have passed on, murder, suicide, cancer, burned out, as they try to change what cannot be changed. Not until people change themselves, accept and have faith. Yet people resist change. What can I say? You'll be forced to anyway, as your surroundings change, you must accept, or die. In ignorance.

I remember the good things, let go the bad. What you cannot change, or help, you let go of. The young Jewish lady who mouthed "I love you" at me from a distance when she thought I wasn't looking, and I walked back and said "I can read you, you know" to her embarrassment, but it was a sweet moment, remembered now 42 years later.

Amanda Knox's situation is now almost over, and I actually am more concerned for her well being (as well as that of her co-defendant, Raffaele Sollecito) than I am for the outcome; what will be, will be. There was a community of people that I helped, those who fought for justice, and in the process I helped the case, and many people (on both sides, truth be told) but my real promise was to the spirit of Meredith Kercher, and I have pretty much done what I said I would do. I have no attachment to this case, ready to move on.

But it is this planet that needs healing, not just people and spirits. To that end you need community. Check out my new website, Atlan Healing Centres and updates as they come through next month. The information here is freely given and shared, there will be no "donations", ever. But to bring about change, this is what you need, a critical mass. I am forming a community of healers, and anyone that asks for help, I will help. Why are you here?


Saturday, November 09, 2013

God Doesn't Care

Or give a damn either :)
On Sept 30, a tornado touched down in the Seattle area. Very unusual weather for that time of the year, remarkable for many things. But mostly, it touches upon the questions I have been asking for some time now. Why do people resist change? Why do they keep making the same mistakes over and over again, when it is wrong for them, and leads to suffering?
I have been following the case of the Murder Of Meredith Kercher for some time now. Each killing, each murder by people or through war creates this hole in our collective consciousness which is very sad to observe, from my position of wanting to help humanity, so yes, this particular case became important to me for a while. Not to affect its outcome in any way, but to observe. I still send reminders to people once in a while though :)
On Sept. 30, Amanda Knox's appeal against her conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher began in Florence, Italy. She is awaiting the results of her appeal in her home town of Seattle. Was the tornado a message for her? Does that even matter for people who are so stuck in karma they might not ever listen? There was a funny message for me for sure, the tornado blew the roof off a garage door manufacturer in the US, and I'm waiting for a replacement garage door from the US. Time for me to move on :)

Yesterday, November 08, a super typhoon hit the Philippines, carrying the strongest winds recorded in a very long time, 200 + mph. I spared a thought for an old disciple of mine from the Philippines, Jennifer, who had a very hard time of it changing, and in the end, repeated her mistakes. She was in such a wonderful position to realize her dreams, then backed off to a place where she was comfortable.

The last two weeks have been very interesting for me. My landlord was upset because I refused to let him get away with something, so he threatened to evict me and my family. I told him to go ahead and do what he liked, this isn't the first time of threats and bluster, but, really, I feel sorry for him, he looks ill.

Then I had to go and bail out a friend in court. A whole series of events ensued, and if I hadn't intervened, he would still be under arrest awaiting trial. But the problem arose from his not taking my advice in the first place. When a relationship is over, it's over. Why keep holding on, why do people keep making the same mistakes?

I ran into a fellow healer the other day. He started as a student, didn't continue the training, that was fine. In the first week of training, the Supreme Court passed a ruling that saved him over a million dollars. When it became clear he had reached the limits of his learning with me, I left, since I had no more reason to be there.

Then he got into an er, space where he got married and sunk more than a million dollars into a house he could not sell. It was nice to see him, but also a lesson for others. Another man, the Iranian I went all the way to Tehran to help him and his family, is $5 million in debt because he, too was stuck in a place where he couldn't accept my advice. So, when something is over, move on. It's up to people to get away from their comfort zones, let go of their ego.

Walking home the other night, I came across a skunk on the sidewalk. We said hi to each other, I went home. The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, has this to say about Skunk Medicine: Respect, but also, boundaries. Respect your self, respect the other, expect respect from others. And if threatened, know how to repel. Otherwise, be nonchalant. If people do not change, then that is life and the human condition, and it is up to them.

But: God does care. That is why you are given knowledge, and wisdom, if only you knew how to use it.

And now, the archangels are dancing in our home, and one of them, Michael, runs in our back yard as a red squirrel, even though their natural habitat is in Europe and Siberia.

Yesterday, a hawk flew over Chloe, then  three more danced over her head, and one landed in a tree, and, ripping a small bird, calmly ate dinner.

This is a message from spirit; it is up to you to follow.  God does care, but first, you must do the right thing.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Edward Joseph Snowden, Full Of Grace

Tuesday's child is full of grace

Edward Joseph Snowden, born Tuesday, June 21, 1983 in the US, is indeed, full of grace. Not since Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers has there been such a widespread impact on people's knowledge of the extent of governmental lies, and how little they trust us little people.  This former National Security Agency whistle blower and analyst did not tell us much we who have been following the illegal wiretapping of our private information since the late 70's do not already know, but his impact on the world has been earth shattering. Edward Snowden, like Pfc Bradley Manning, like Daniel Ellsberg, and so many others like him, is a true American Hero.

Why is it that the best of us sit in exile, and the worst of us go their merry, oblivious way? This is not the America I naively used to love, until I grew up. It is a funny sort of world, that a president who was for whistle blowers is now against them, and a secretary of state who was against war is now for it, as he 'makes the case for war against Syria'. Yet, amazingly, people are pushing back, and it is a time that has taken long in coming.

The coming changes to the United States have been building slowly, but it was only after the events of 9/11 that I said then, the United States had changed..forever. This is an America that treats its citizens as enemy, and punishes those who seek to expose its lies. This is an America that assassinates presidents, civil rights leaders, journalists and activists. Award winning journalist Michael Hastings, who was reporting on the War Machine, died in a suspicious accident. Witnesses to the Boston Marathon atrocity in fake police shoot outs. Open Internet activist Aaron Swartz driven to suicide. E-mail businesses closed down rather than submit to illegal searches of their members accounts. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Pfc.Bradley Manning, who leaked evidence of war crimes in Iraq, getting a sentence of 30 yrs imprisonment. And now Edward Snowden, in temporary exile in Moscow as he can't even fly safely to Ecuador.

I never met met him, (got a personal thank you tweet once) but all reports indicate Snowden is motivated by patriotism, of a libertarian Ron Paul kind, and I applaud him for that. As to his character and motivations, Astrology always gives an answer...

From his chart above, I note first, that his birthday is June 21, which just so happens to be the birthday of my younger brother who died of leukemia just before his 10th birthday. It was his death that set my path as a healer and teacher. Then there is Snowden's Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio, exactly the same degree as mine, a remarkable coincidence. (We share the same delight in finding secrets,  and revealing them :)

His Gemini ascendant shows a person motivated by idealism and honesty. Sadly, such people often pay a personal price. His Mercury in the 12th points to exile away from his home, but still, being close to his ascendant, shows brilliance in his field of computer engineering and architecture. (The Moon in Scorpio shows his work in intelligence, and coincidentally again, I almost ended up with the Pakistani ISI if my path had not brought me here)

Sun, Mars, Moon's node conjunct in the 1st house opposite Neptune in the 7th show the conflict between personal character and the need to keep secrets for 'the greater good'. May make lasting relationships difficult, so a little sadness there.

Venus in the 3rd trine Uranus-Jupiter conjunct in the 6th denotes a live in public service, that he is personable and well liked by many, even if some find him too honest, too much. As I  might say, so? These two planets in the 6th opposite Mercury in the 12th house show a concern for his nervous system. Try to release stress, bro. Yes, the world is full of shits. Don't let them drag you down ;)

Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 5th trine Sun-Mars-Node in the 1st show his personal physical courage and that he is compelled to push against power structures, makes decisions based on what he thinks is best, a risk taker at times. (A good thing, that he dislikes cowardice in the face of moral outrages)

And lastly, on a personal note. A prayer for Edward Snowden, that there be a solution for his plight. We each of us have a place, and each of us must either act with courage, or take the path of excessive timidity.

I see signs, every where. Americans are now waking up. They question the endless wars, the so called Patriot Act, they try to cut funding for the attack on Syria, they demand that Congress vote on it, they support Snowden and Manning and those who speak up. They, too, are speaking up.

It will be a long struggle. Years of it till humanity wakes up. One day, we will all find God.