Monday, July 18, 2016

Suicide Is Painless

That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please
One of my students had someone at work commit suicide recently. She didn't know when it happened, but fell and threw her hip that weekend. (Thus shifting internal organs I had to move back, but that's a story for my book how we internalize trauma).

When she went to her office on the Monday, still not knowing, she and her co-workers felt an unnatural cold that really scared them.
So I not only had to help the physical pain and increase hip mobility, but ended up balancing organs, I also had to, heal the unquiet spirit within her, and, show how to exorcize her office.
A Muslim mystic (Amil) in Karachi once told me how when a person commits suicide they relive the pain of that suicide a hundred thousand times in the state called Barzakh, the in between stage after death. Oh I said, Tibetan Buddhists call it "Bardo", and what you call punishment in the afterlife can well be karma in that life or the next. Anyhow. They also do the say a prayer a hundred thousand times and you can summon a djinn. Ahem.
Respect for all beliefs but when you kill yourself there's a rip in the continuum that affects you, your spirit, and those who are close to you. You don't get punished, but, have already punished yourself. And your karma, shifts.
In that stage of where the spirit goes, there's the white light, and the darkness. You see where you went and where you will go. You always have the choice to come back, whenever you wish. Most do not get the choice where they end up in the next life. They know, but always choose to come back. Then they forget.
But you ARE bound to the past. You are bound to the traditions, culture, religion, and parents YOU choose. You can change it, or you can't.  You can let it go, difficult as it might be. Or not.

Try to understand your karma.

Yes, there's a wave of hopelessness taking over the planet, but it need not be that way. Trust and have faith.
If you're considering suicide, even dwelling on it, don't.
And try to get off the drugs (or meds), please?
Suicide, like life, ISN'T painless.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bunnies and Fertility

Now the baby hare came back
Someone's pet rabbit in the UK died two years ago; a wild hare showed up in our back yard after that. Hare Krishna, Hare Rama 
Someone's cat got run over (I discovered the body) and within days "Lucky" the stray cat showed up for her Cats we have loved
Someone's pet rabbit passed away today. But, we've seen our hare around all year and in the past few days, a baby hare came to our magical garden. (We keep it full of weeds and wild flowers to feed and welcome nature, not repel it).
The last time, I wrote "Speaking of hares, they represent fertility, and someone we care for just told us she's expecting again, that from a previous story of how spirits go where they are needed and have the chance to do good. Plus another friend's daughter in the U.K. is also expecting".
Speaking of, another person I know has uterine cancer and all one can do is pray for her, because some are unaware of root causes and or/treatment. 
And another person, affected by someone's suicide (my next story) fell and threw her hips out of alignment. When I treated her today, she felt her uterus shift, and her ovaries drop, then lift.  

But this blog isn't about them, or hares, or fertility, though oddly enough, I AM finishing my series on vaccinations, which do indeed cause fertility problems, by their nature but also, design. and I already wrote about Bees And The Fertility Crisis

No, it's about the imbalances within the earth, and within you. And, spirit. Spirit lives on.

In mythology, Krishna and Rama are avatars of God. And what else is mythology but a retelling of the spiritual or religious experience? And hares/rabbits are in the native tradition messages telling us to get away, to seek refuge from negative energies.
Seek refuge in God.

Hare Krishna,
Rama Rama, 
Hare Krishna,

Hare Rama.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

War, The Ultimate Beast

Nice, France, July 14, 2016
Bastille Day. The soul sickens. RIP. 

Monday, July 04, 2016

What's Up With Saudi Arabia?

Sad Day
I've been holding on to this piece for so long. Today's suicide bombing attack near the Prophet's mosque Medina Bomb Blast and others in Saudi Arabia were like, as one person said, "the end of days". Yet, as I tried to point out cause and effect, it seemed like once again, people don't exactly want to know.

This thought started last year. I see signs in the oddest ways, but their message is clear. First, the Mecca Crane Collapse of Sept. 11, 2015 in which a crane collapsed in high winds and damaged the Grand Mosque. 111 people were killed, 394 injured.

Then the Hajj Bridge Disaster of September 24, 2015. A stampede caused by the closure of two access roads
“People were packed so tightly that they could not breathe and started tumbling over each other, and many became trapped underfoot,” Shah says. Saudi officials denied reports that the stampede was linked to the closure of two roads near the bridge for a prince and his 350-person convoy, but protesters say leaving them open would have prevented the crush."
2411 people were killed. The Saudi kingdom lied about the extent of the disaster, prevented proper Islamic burial of the bodies, and covered up their princeling's role in causing it. They are absolute monarchs in a world no longer tolerant of despots, and worse, they are pious frauds hiding behind the 'purity' of their faith. There's much more I can say about my vision, but for now, there are great world changes coming, and the collapse of Saudi Arabia is part of it.

What's happening with Saudi Arabia? From my earliest memories, w/Saudi students at University (mostly of Marxist persuasion, LOL) to remembered past lives, I have no ill feelings towards Arabs, or even, Islam.

Even when they planned to demolish many Islamic heritage sites they claimed it was to accommodate increased numbers for Hajj and Umrah Saudi Arabia plans $6bln makeover for second holiest site in Islam but really, it was because their strict interpretation of Islam wanted to raze the prophet and his wife's grave and move it to an unmarked location. Just as they destroyed many Muslim saints tombs in the 18th century Emirate of Diriyah So, lies then, just as they claimed today's blast in a security compound parking lot was "a planned military exercise" and a "propane tank blast".

There have been many betrayals of the Arabs, from Hussein Bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca by the British after WWI when they went back on promises to protect the Arab territories to the secret Letter From President Roosevelt to King Ibn Saud, April 5, 1945

(FDR) gave two undertakings to Ibn Saud; first that he would do nothing to assist the Jews against the Arabs in Palestine and, secondly, that he would never do anything to harm the Arab people. He promised that the United States Government would not make any changes to its policy on Palestine without prior consultation with both the Arabs and the Jews.
the Saudis promised, in return for those two promises, to provide access to America for its oil reserves. They would also, suppress Arab nationalism.

American promises were not kept, of course, and if King Saud's son, Faisal who saw first hand the breaking of those promises in 1948 should impose an oil embargo, he would conveniently be assassinated (1975).

The Saudi kingdom, now rightly afraid of being overthrown by their subjects, scared of calls for democracy, lashes out, funding ISIS/Daesh/Al-Qaida Jihadis around the world, begging for help against Iran.

It is a barbaric country, where 16 year old dissident Ali-Mohammed al-Nimr gets condemned to death by crucifixion and beheading. For what? Taking part in pro-democracy protests?

It is a barbaric country, funding, along with Turkey and Qatar, thousands of Jihadis in Syria who commit the worst atrocities, as they did in Iraq and around the world. They did that in Afghanistan, they did that in Pakistan, and the chickens have come home to roost, indeed. I didn't say that, Malcolm X did..

It is a barbaric country, having starved, blockaded and bombarded Yemen almost 500 days for daring to get rid of their stooge leaders. The Imperial Human Sacrifice in Yemen is horrendous.

But it isn't just the Saudis. Those who enabled and sold them arms, them, the British, Americans, French? You, too, are responsible so don't whinge that it comes home to you.

On March 13, a New York Times front page article went into some detail about American support for the war. The story, titled “Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles U.S. in Yemen,” stated that the U.S. provided the assailants of Yemen, “with intelligence, airborne fuel tankers and thousands of advanced munitions…” This was already reported elsewhere earlier in the war, and the American role is probably far greater than that. But what was remarkable was the story’s exposure of the rather cynical reasoning for this support. During the high level deliberations over whether to intervene (emphasis added throughout all subsequent quotes):
“…there was little real debate. Among other reasons, the White House needed to placate the Saudis as the administration completed a nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s archenemy. That fact alone eclipsed concerns among many of the president’s advisers that the Saudi-led offensive would be long, bloody and indecisive.
Mr. Obama soon gave his approval for the Pentagon to support the impending military campaign.”
The Times further reported that:
“…Mr. Kerry was the most forceful advocate in arguing that the United States had an obligation to help the Saudis at a time when the Iran talks had left the kingdom questioning America’s priorities in the region.”
“Mr. Obama’s aides believed that the Saudis saw a military campaign in Yemen as a tough message to Iran.
“Their main objective was to give Iran a bloody nose,” said Philip H. Gordon, a top White House official at the time and now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.”
So there you have it. The U.S. enabled the Yemen war as a reassuring gesture for the Saudis and a “tough message” for the Iranians. Thousands killed and hundreds of thousands of children being starved, all to send various signals to allies and adversaries: war as a geopolitical messaging app.
The West will change or it will not. Islam may change or it may not. Near both sacred mosques during Hajj, then the last days of the holiest month? You can listen to the message. Or, not.

But Saudi Arabia? The kingdom will be gone within 20 years.

Friday, July 01, 2016

The Corruption Of The American Political Process

A curse on all their houses
In recent news, a "Jane Doe" complaint of rape and criminal sexual acts was filed June 20, 2016 in United States District Court Southern New York against US presidential candidate Donald Trump and billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein. In the complaint viewed here Jane Doe v. Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein  it is alleged she was raped by Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein while still a minor at age 13.

This is going to be brief, and, angry. Any allegation of rape of a minor is by its very nature shocking, and when you read the complaint..

"Plaintiff was subject to acts of rape, sexual misconduct, criminal sexual acts, sexual abuse, forcible touching, assault, battery, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress, duress, false imprisonment, and threats of death and/or serious bodily injury by the Defendants that took place at several parties during the summer months of 1994."

These allegations have not been proven in court. My comments are not to prejudice the proceedings, but, to educate.

What saddens me is the underlying corruption of the political process. One might think the timing of the complaint, in what already is the dirtiest American election in modern times, to be either coincidental, or, calculated. It also shines a light on some very dark places.

Jeffery Epstein is after all, The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from underage girls and served over a year in prison for that after he and his lawyers entered a plea bargain, but details of his many parties with young women with the likes of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and lawyers Alan Dershowitz hit the news, with allegations against Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz later surfacing. The complaint against Dershowitz was withdrawn, but it is not known whether he settled to make it go away, see Did Dershowitz Pay Big Bucks to Settle Sex Case? April 11, 2016 "Dershowitz's opponents say they're willing to waive confidentiality. Is he?"

What is also known is that Epstein's friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is the daughter of British press tycoon the late Robert Maxwell  who dies under mysterious circumstances. It is alleged he worked for Israeli intelligence Mossad and entrapped and blackmailed many notables in public life, and now, his daughter was accused of acting as Epstein's madam in procuring young women as sex slaves for him and his guests. Yet she escaped prosecution under the very lenient plea deal arranged for her and others which enraged the law enforcement personnel who investigated the case.

It doesn't matter. Politicians are corrupted every day, and, also, once in a while, placed in er, blackmail able situations.

So I don't know if Donald Trump is guilty or not. I assume out of fairness he is not, and maybe, it's a political ploy to get him by the venal Clintons. Of course, given Bill Clinton's past history, it is more believable he, partaked of the forbidden fruit that was dangled in front of him.

What matters is that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are fit for public office, for reasons listed elsewhere. They are essentially, corrupt, running for office in a corrupted process; already compromised and easily blackmailable by those who care not for the poor and oppressed.

It is now up to the American people. What can you do?


Friday, June 24, 2016

After Brexit, what?

The British people have spoken
And now, what's next?

First, it was so good to see actual paper ballots being counted and the people's voice being heard, unlike the shenanigans in the U.S. as the Democratic Party openly commits electoral fraud and disqualifies so many voters at the primary level.

Second, yes, voters have made their choice clear and I respect that. I  also believe their vote, made perhaps out of fear and anger, was the right one. The Leave politicians, forget their xenophobic fear mongering, lied to them about the economic consequences of that decision, so yes, unfortunately, I expect serious fall out.
  1. As the pound continues to fall the Bank of England may raise interest rates, causing hardship to working families.
  2. Imports will cost more. And since the price of oil is set in dollars, gas and heating costs will rise.
  3. The European market will be closed to British goods and capital flight will cause many European companies to move out. Americans will come in and buy your assets on the cheap.
  4. Young people will no longer be able to work or study in Europe. Unemployment will rise. Your properties there and in the UK will lose value, your trips abroad more expensive.
  5. You still have to pay EU fees and an exit fine. No 'savings' to save the NHS, that and the social safety net will be dismantled under the process begun under the Tories and New Labour.
Why, then, do I believe it's the right choice?

I'm a spiritual person. I believe there are consequences to actions. Half a lifetime warning people and nations exactly what karma means and how, it's a law more inexorable than gravity :) so there you go.

If you look at my dozens of posts on Europe and the U.K. on this blog you'll see.

This is what war, invasions of other countries, and unfettered greed does to you, and if you don't like the consequences, sorry.

You don't even like solutions that take you outside your comfort level, so what can I say?

Since I believe in freedom of choice, I accept people's decisions. But then, hopefully, as you realize your mistake, hopefully you move to the right place to be, which is spiritual, not material.

And now, the U.S. Maybe you, too, need to learn the hard way. Perhaps it needs to get worse before you get shaken out your lethargy, in which case it's a good thing.

Whither Goest Thou, America? And if you can't decide, then maybe, you need a President Trump though honestly, President Hillary will be worse.

Who will be the next president of the U.S.?

I dunno. You decide.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bees And The Fertility Crisis

And when they're gone, what about us?

Bees, or apis mellifari have been under environmental attack for some time, and for a while it looked like massive colony collapses across North America would lead to the endangerment of 60% of our food crops that require bee pollination.
The neonicotinoid family of pesticides manufactured by Bayer/Syngenta and widely used in agriculture appears to be the major cause of this environmental disaster. Europe, Russia, China and Japan and Europe have banned or restricted its use.
"$3 million dollar grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has led the team of researchers at Monsanto to develop alternative strategies to “survive” an eventual honey bee Colony collapse disorder (CCD), a phenomenon that has been increasing in the past decade and that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear, a situation that could “dramatically impact the world’s food supply”, admit experts."
“Latest studies have found a link between neonicotinoid pesticides that are vastly used in GE corn crops. (Note: in other major farms crops too) As GE farming has become an essential part of agriculture in today’s modern world, we had to develop ways to promote both the continuity of GE farming and the survival of the honey bees, a fascinating challenge” admits John Leere, head biochemist of the project.
Studies also show the massive use of herbicides may have an effect on native flowering pollinator plants bees require to survive.
This brings to the fertility crisis affecting the planet. In ancient times, bees represented fertility, and prosperity. Now you see a huge decline in fertility rates (and in personal wealth). A 2015 study found "There is a global decline in the number of children born to each woman; each woman has half as many children as her counterpart did in 1972. In Canada (2006 data) there were about 1.5 births per woman; 2.1 would be required to maintain the population".

I saw this in vision: the great karma we would be bearing through our children, and, how so many would, no matter how much they wished, be unable to conceive.

I wrote and taught, and helped many overcome these difficulties, From The Street of Babies to Baby Point Rd. but till the fault in us is resolved, there will continue to be fewer children born, and more, with birth defects.

Environmental pioneer Rachel Carson (1907-1964) in her book Silent Spring observed the effect of  widespread pesticide use on other species but warned it could also cause fertility problems and birth defects in humans as well. She also noted that many species affected by pesticides were at higher risk for cancer.
It has now been proven that environmental pollution and chemicals including cosmetics and germicides affect fertility. Birth defects, learning disorders, gene manipulation all follow pesticide and herbicide spraying.

We can heal the planet, but also, we must heal our selves. There are deep karmic issues we engender through our children.

I leave you with this thought. When we moved into our home, there were no bees in our garden.

Then, with healing, the bees returned.

Miracles are possible.