Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Anger of Women

I was reminded, several times over the course of last week, of the anger of women. (Not directed at me, thankfully :)

Much of the illness of the world comes from the divided nature of God. God is both complete, in the sense of the being that created and started the whole process, and incomplete, as expressed through the male and female energies, which leads to conflict with each other. Literally, there is a separation between the male and female, which can be resolved only through balance and reintegration.

The religions of the world at their core have not resolved, but in fact, created further divisions between the sexes. There is a discrepancy between what is professed to be an enlightened form of care for women, for example, and their actual treatment in all the religions.

My mother is a very intelligent human being. Back in the 50’s, when her parents received complaints from the Muslim community in London that she wasn’t wearing the Niqab, the full length garment, (in fact she was asked to model some traditional Pakistani dresses for magazine covers) they threatened to disown her. My father supported her, so she was fairly liberal in her interpretation of Islam, but later in life, feeling guilt about her parents, became more orthodox, and today she wears the Niqab.

As a child, I felt there was something very wrong about this, and that it was a form of suppression. That this bright young woman who brought out my love for reading and knowledge from a very early age should have to follow the rules of an incomprehensible deity, offended me greatly. Please understand that my feelings towards Islam, and other religions, stem from my own beliefs, and not this event, but still, it confirmed to me the treatment of women in religion is archaic, patronizing, and, wrong.

When I started healing I asked myself why the chakras supposedly started at the base of the spine when I could see them beginning at the feet; why energy was supposed to be raised upwards when it made sense for energy to flow in both directions. This was, as it turned out, because the feet represented our connection with the feminine, with mother earth, and we had been indoctrinated into raising our energies upwards, and praying skywards, (Heavenly Father) and not downwards, which led to all sorts of imbalances within ourselves.

I also felt the spirit of the woman who had been my mother in many lifetimes, Eflan of Atlan, and Mary the mother of Jesus. That I had been her teacher in many lifetimes and she had been mine needed to be acknowledged. That the Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus had female disciples was a Given, to me. That Miriam, the sister of Moses was supposedly punished for stating that she was a prophetess and therefore equally deserving of communicating with God seemed a reflection of religion, not God. That Mary Magdalene should be attacked by Peter out of jealousy for her close relationship with Jesus was another example of how the role of women in religion came to later be suppressed by men.

There are a group of women who belonged to the same tradition as Mary the mother and Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus. They were the oracles of Delphi, the witches of Europe, the ecstatic followers of Krishna. They practiced magic, and some misused that power. They were, through their sexual practices, because of their anger, more likely to be possessed by entities and demons, and this was a pattern they were to bring into this and many other lifetimes.

They had a deep karma with their children, and their marriages were problematic. Today they tend towards anger and frustration, and fear to tap into their power, because of their past history. Because of the pain they carry inside themselves, it is not always easy to help, but nevertheless, I have been blessed by the friendship of many women. I teach them to heal themselves, and become one with God. I teach them to once again, heal men.

The earth represents our ability to nurture ourselves. Due to our imbalance the earth no longer can support us, and many have health and material issues. Few are capable of maintaining healthy marriages or relationships with children. Both men and women will have to resolve this, and only then can we truly become spiritual beings. The answer will be, through Love and Compassion. And becoming One with God.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter-The Price of Faith

In recent years there has been a concerted effort to 'prove' that Jesus never existed. That's an argument best left to the theologians and historians. I'd like to tell you the story of Easter, and let you believe, or not. The only miracle that is real is the one inside you.

You'll need to read my earlier posts "Battle for the Soul of the Jewish People"

and "Mary Magdalene and the 12 Miriams"
to get the background, but, as I write on this Easter Sunday, here's my message to all of you.

Jesus died on the Cross.
He was resurrected through the efforts of his female disciples, and rose on the third day.
This is a test of faith.

The mystic traditions, first passed in oral form, then into writing, have all been altered through time and divided into a hundred different segments.

But the greatest truths of all are that
God incarnates in human form to teach humanity,
and takes on human suffering out of infinite compassion,
and teaches us how to overcome death.

The human ego is afraid that when it dies it exists no more, loved ones are left behind, and the great nothingness that awaits us is the end with nothing more in sight.

If I showed that death can be overcome, and miracles take place every day, all it takes on your part is to have faith.

I tell this to all my students and disciples. There will come a time when your faith is tested, and you will have doubts. Make the Leap of Faith, even when you don't know if your choice is the right one or not.

Easter isn't a 'Christian' thing, but a test for everyone. One that you and your people will have to take, over and over again, till you get it right.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Nawrooz to the People of Iran

Last year I visited Iran as the guest of an Iranian family. We celebrated Nawrooz, the Persian New Year, in Tehran, and as always, many significant things happened..

Today, on the anniversary of that visit, I'd like to once again, wish the Iranian people a Happy Nawrooz, and tell the full story of my visit, and why I went there.
In 2004 and 2006 two anti-Iranian articles appeared in my favourite magazine "The Mountain Astrologer". Claiming that Iran was "sponsoring terrorism" and "defiantly pursuing nuclear weapons" they also stated that "Islamic regimes were aggressively challenging the Christian West". They then forecast that the "War on Islamic Terror would continue till 2031", and that "if an all-out war with Iran were to take place it would be in September 2009". It was sad to see the writers, both of whom were Jewish, clearly misusing Astrology to make predictions based on their personal biases. Still, I looked at the Iran/Israel horoscopes, and decided to visit Iran.

First, I saw the possibility of war in early 2007. And, there'd be an earthquake while we were there. I wouldn't predict the outcome, just that it was important I go. This had nothing to do with Astrology, but, a leap of faith, no matter how difficult.

We arrived in early March. Looking at the mountain range on the outskirts of Tehran I saw how an earthquake could devastate the city. And the heaviness of the karma over the city was unlike any I had seen. Tehran is a city of spirits; over a million died in the Iran-Iraq war. I visited the huge war cemetery. During Nawrooz, it's customary for grieving relatives to wash graves, decorate them with flowers and pass out sweets to strangers to pray for their loved ones. Most of the gravestones were of youths between 18-20 years old. And some still want to bomb them? I think not.

I healed the earth around Tehran. I set up a free clinic and saw more than 200 Iranians from all walks. I held healing meditations. There was an earthquake, but it was comparatively mild. British sailors who'd crossed into Iranian waters and were captured while we were there; the Americans wanted to attack immediately but the British insisted on diplomacy and the sailors were released. I watched VOA on satellite TV as Iranian expatriates based in London and Washington wondered why the US hadn't bombed yet.

The Iranian spirit is represented by the Phoenix. They will survive, and any attack will harm the attacker more than the Iranians. The only reason the mullahs survive is the threat of the external enemy. This justifies the military spending which the Americans hope will lead to the collapse of Iranian society as Reagan supposedly caused the collapse of Russian society. Most Iranians aren't any any more fond of the expatriates than they are of the mullahs. Inflation's a big problem here but somehow people survive. The presence of Islam isn't even as monolithic as people think. I was welcomed, in spite of my unorthodox views. There's a lot of interest in Zoroastrianism and New Age, with people even visiting ashrams in India. These are a kind, gentle people, and what you read about them, simply isn't truth.

This is Iran, from where the Vedas came to India. Where the first recorded declaration of human rights was written hundreds of years before the Greeks. a centre of enlightenment where Hafez, Rumi and Firdowsi wrote their poems, and Sufiism flowered. Note who's calling for war, and which countries. Those who want to destroy it are the true barbarians.

That there might be a war is possible. In fact, as early as August of 2008. I sought to help, and I did, but there is, as always, only so much one can do, and the rest is up to karma, which depends on people's actions, in Iran as well as America.

That I believe religion is archaic and cannot provide solutions any more to an evolving humanity, I've said before. I'm not going to pick on any one religion when all, as practised now, have their faults. I also have said I respect Islam because it inspires people towards social justice and an undying resistance to tyranny. That it merits change is something I will address soon, when the time is right, but the discussion, about the original intentions of the prophets, is for the right time, not now.

The Iranian people wait for the return of the hidden Imam, Imam Zama. For that alone, I love them. But there is more to them, and the painting I above captures what I saw there.
Beauty, and Spirituality.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Conspirological State of Mind

RFK Jr. assassination: a conspiracy

Where were you when U.S. President Kennedy was assassinated? I call it the Kennedy moment, when so many people started to believe in conspiracies. I was in school at the time, and had the sense, even then, and with all the major historical events that took place after that, of being lied to. If the purported government 'investigations' weren't so laughably full of untruths, the way a parent can tell when their children are lying, then perhaps people would still believe in the benevolence of government.

By the time Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon were killed, it became almost automatic, with people looking for the conspiracy behind events, while the media, politicians and assorted psychologists sought to tell us that there was a new sort of mental illness making the rounds, based on people trying to understand human tragedy by 'blaming it on someone'.

Still, the scepticism grew, with more and people believing that the elites killed those who stood in their way, governments were hopelessly corrupt, and the media was paid to lie. On the other hand you had the lumpen proletariat, the hopelessly hypnotised, whose opinions needed to be moulded in order to retain control of society. But people still need to have a constant diet of assassinations, falling down buildings and celebrity icon deaths to create a mass psychological mania which would embrace the giving up of our freedoms.

So the Kennedys, John Lennon and Princess Diana were assassinated, and 9/11 was an inside job.

With my Scorpio nature, with its interest in sex, crime, and the hidden aspects of high politics and history I confess to a conspirological state of mind. I also have the experience of belonging to a military family, with ties to high ranking generals, financiers, intelligence services, industrialists and even presidents. Not that they told me any state secrets :) but, discovering secrets is a Scorpio trait.

In Pakistan, I saw first hand the nexus of drugs, secret operations and big power interests, and in the U.S. I met many fine conspiracy researchers, way before the Internet, with their file cabinets full of information, index cards, and self-published books and magazines. They were a thoughtful, eclectic bunch of free thinkers all right, with none of the stereotypical images of racial hatred, intellectual naivete or social dysfunction much presented by the media. But in the end, my conclusions were my own, based on my political and historical research and experience.

It is said that the nature of a successful conspiracy is that it's unprovable. Oh, you can gather a whole lot of evidence and all you can prove is a) the power of coincidence and b) that government is inept and incompetent. So the fact that various services were conducting hijacking exercises on 9/11 and terrorist attack scenarios on the day of the London Tube bombings while also tracking the 'terrorists' yet somehow failing to stop them would just prove a) and b) . So what? Even if you had proof, what would you do?

Nothing much really, which is fine with the elites, since all conspiracy research does is create inchoate rage and paranoia. That is why I prefer to observe, to be detached, and to look at the future I see happening. Will it be a Prison Planet (to name one conspiracy site) or will it end in wide scale destruction in which there will be no survivors (even the ones preparing underground survival centres)? I leave that up to you to decide, and all I can say is that the world will be changing, soon.

It can be said that there are many interlocking conspiracies, in global corporations, financial markets, government, science, religion, and even, medicine. There is also however One Big Conspiracy, which has been working for thousands of years to one purpose. Control of the planet's resources, and the enslavement of its people. The enslavement is almost complete in the realm of the mind, and nearly complete in the material world. Paranoia? Perhaps, if it isn't true.

But who is behind this then? The answer is not, 'The Jews", and any one who says that is wrong headed. There has been a strain of mind control going all the way back to Atlantis, with artificial divisions of race, nationalism, and religion. That this division, and the people and forces responsible for this resurface again and again, is a given. An unprovable, but observable, given.

And the Jewish people, for all the gifts given to them, are blind to this danger in their midst.
Here are the people behind this. Jewish financial elites, European royal families, and much of Organised religion, all working through the power of the state. They control Crime, they buy and sell global corporations, they start wars so they can profit, and their biggest weapon is not even killing, but Lying.

What can you do to defeat them? Nothing. Just strengthen your self, your spirit and your mind. See where the lies are, don't be distracted by, don't buy into, them. And if possible, just don't buy their shit.

They lie, steal, cheat, and kill. Make sure you don't do the same.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Barack's the one


Immediately after 9/11 I made a short statement: "More than any thing else at this time what the American people need is a person who can articulate all that is best about being American and inspire them to be the people they can be. I hope that person will show up soon".

A year later, in October of 2002, Illinois senator Barack Hussein Obama made his famous anti-war speech in Federal Plaza, Chicago, which, followed by his inspiring 2004 Democratic Convention address, led to him being poised today to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Barack Obama is the one I hoped would show up. If you look just at the karmic coincidence of his middle name, Hussein, and that he's a black man now poised to be President, then that's enough for me. America has too many crimes in its name to ignore the possibility of redemption here.
Please note I am not predicting he'll win the nomination, let alone the Presidency. That will depend on the choices people make. The chances that the election will be stolen once again is high. But the possibilities!

That he titled his book The Audacity of Hope is one thing that explains his popularity. That he inspires so many shows how the American People have thirsted for change and not, more of the same. Cynics, fearing manipulation, disdain any appeal to emotion. Politicians, even within his own party, have thrown so much mud at him it's a miracle that he still leads in the polls. Aside from partisan Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and the disenfranchised will all, I believe, vote for him if he wins the nomination.

Keep in mind he's politician, not saint. If there were two Americans whose absolute honesty and dedication to principle I'd trust to all others it would be Ralph Nader and Ron Paul, on opposite sides of the political spectrum, which just goes to show you that those labels are meaningless. But those two will never be elected, and there's one reason above all I'm talking about Barack today. One, that he's a good man, and two, he has the potential to be the greatest President that ever lived. Not down the road at some time in the future, but now.

Yes, he's inexperienced, but when greatness is inherent in you, you rise to the challenge. A good person may make mistakes, but the damage that can be done by profoundly flawed and compromised people like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, for all their 'experience', is infinitely worse. Good people, on the other hand, tend to do good things.

But I'm saying this from a spiritual, not political perspective. The destiny of the U.S. lies in this one last chance. Let's see what happens.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The Nature of the Spiritual Warrior

I wrote my first book Man From Atlan in 1974, at the age of 24. It was something I'd lived since I was a child, and the feelings and the memories were real, at least to me. I saw a pattern of lives lived, the lessons I had to learn, and the people I had known. In each of the lives I wrote about, I met the same people, was a warrior, and died a violent death. Did that mean I would die a violent death in this life too?

Would this planet?

Man fights in many different ways, for many different reasons. To defend one's self and family, for one' s country, for a belief, or, because it is his nature. I described a man who eventually sickened of death and killing, yet felt it was his duty to go on. And yes, it was his karma to die in battle, or in a violent way. I saw another life, in which an emperor's son asks his father why there always was war. Could there not be another way to resolve conflict? The reply he got was, that as long as it was in Man's nature to fight, then he would.

But there is another aspect of the warrior, and that has to do with nobility, honour, and duty. To defend the weak against the rich and powerful, a cause against the corrupters, and no matter what the odds, to not just master, but be, without fear. And even if the opponents seemed unbeatable, to still, never ever give in.

I'm writing another book, a prequel called The Children of Atlan. It describes a teacher who warns the people of Atlan about war, but also prepares them for it. He trained them to be spiritual warriors, and when the time came to defend their homes, they unleashed forces that destroyed a planet.

In this life all that has happened before, is happening again. I have met many of those I met before, and trained them to be warriors. They are women and men who were the greatest warriors of history, all come back to fight for the cause of the survival of the planet. Their weapons will be not violence, because that is not what this will be about. Their weapons will be magic, spirit, and love.

The greatest battle will not be fought against external enemies, though those do exist, regrettably. The greatest battle will be fought within yourself, but the effects will be felt outside of yourself as well.

And yes there is a battle to be fought: against War, against the greed of the rich and powerful who seek to dominate, against poverty and the destruction of the environment. But first, you need to change yourself, and you need to be warned.

I saw the Lunar Eclipse as it progressed over Toronto two weeks ago and was reminded of how I first saw it in Los Angeles in 1993, to be followed just a month after by the L.A. quake of 1994 that I witnessed. The eclipse of 2004 followed by the Asian Tsunami, the 2005 eclipse followed by the Pakistan earthquake, and I knew, when I saw it again, that there would be destruction and upheaval. And there it is, with an earthquake in Britain just a hundred miles from where I taught healing and meditation a few months ago, war in South America, and Israel massacring over a hundred Palestinian men, women and children in the space of a week. I was reminded of how I went to Tehran because I felt it was important I do so, and the earthquake then, and near war; and the London Tube bombings two months after I visited. The 2007 floods when we were visiting? These were warning signs, and it saddens me to say there will be more. Watch out for solar storms, magnetic field changes, and the shifting of the dimensions. Watch for what happens tomorrow, March 4.

Wherever I have been, and whoever I have touched, there has been great change. Yet in all this I am well aware of the grave personal and physical danger and entrenched resistance to change. This is the Way of Atlan, to be at peace but prepared to fight, to win without ever drawing a sword.

Who knows what will come? The warrior waits, patiently.