Tuesday, December 11, 2007


“Show me a miracle”, people say (and I will believe)

I tell you this, that faith flows not from miracles, and belief will not come from what I do or not, but yourself.

MIRACLE I - Toronto 1985

A family friend was in the final stages of acute myelocytic leukemia. The doctors said he had a week to live; the priest had given the last rites. I visited him in the hospital, and brought along some vitamin C. While there I went into a space of oneness with him, and felt drawn to rub his feet. He went into remission that night, his blood count normalized by the weekend, and his tuberculosis (from the radiation and chemo) cleared up. His doctor said, “Well, spontaneous remissions have been known to occur.” My friend (and I) thought it was due to the Vitamin C, which he took religiously from that day on. Many years later, I realized that I’d done a healing, and it had not even been my first one.

MIRACLE II - New Mexico 1993

An American lady used to come to my center in Toronto for the weekly meditations before I moved to the U.S. She grew quite attached to the spirit of (my then unborn daughter) Aruna. One day, walking up a trail in New Mexico, she was hopelessly, completely lost. Without food or water, she stumbled around the mesas for seven days. As she lay down, prepared to die, she prayed and asked for help. She saw me then, with Aruna in my arms. A storm came, and rain poured down. Revived, she climbed down and found a search party. Her son was there. They’d been searching the lower areas, not even imagining she could have climbed up the mesas. They would have missed her if she hadn’t come down to them. Coincidentally, Aruna, Chloe and I were driving through New Mexico at the time, on our way to Los Angeles.

MIRACLE III - outside Karcag, Hungary 1996

Picking up my son Lee at Budapest airport, Chloe, Aruna, Raven and I drove back towards Debrecen. A series of delays had held us up, and I was cranky. Outside a small city called Karcag, we came across a boy on a bicycle that had been hit by a car a few minutes ago. He was unconscious, a trickle of blood running out of his ear. I got out and placed my hands on his head. Not asking for anything, just being. The bleeding stopped, and he regained consciousness, insisting he was ok. We put him into the ambulance, and drove off. If I’d been on time that day, our paths would not have crossed.

MIRACLE IV - Arizona 2000

One of my students called me in Toronto. A little girl was in a car crash in Arizona and her liver had ruptured. Bleeding to death, she was being airlifted to hospital. She asked if I could help. I connected with the spirit of the girl, and helped her to heal. She is alive today.

MIRACLE V – Devon 2004

Coming back from a concert one day, Heather and I came across a Ginger cat lying on the road.
It had been hit by a car and was dead. I got a shovel to move it to the side of the road, but first thought to give it a blessing. The next morning it had disappeared and Heather thought a fox had run off with the body. A few days after I went back to Canada ‘Ginger’ wandered back in to see Heather, and drops by once in a while now.

MIRACLE VI – Here, there

I'm not an easy teacher to be with, for I reflect back to individuals their imbalances and need for change. They must let go of their ego. They will be tested, and must face their fears, doubts and unhappiness every day. They are taught to perform miracles, and sent out into the world. I expect much, but give much more. At each step, they know they are loved and protected.

MIRACLE VII- and Everywhere

Many people I came across in the course of my travels had been searching all their lives, and lost faith. After meeting me, they had a transformation, in the thousands. One of them, challenged by a skeptical person about my claim to be the incarnation of God, replied, “I don’t know, but after meeting him I have never felt as close to God as I do now”.

I see miracles every day, everywhere. Why don’t you? You believe, and then you do not.

I see ordinary people facing up to the greatest obstacles, trying to make a better future for them selves, their families, the world. Never giving up, somehow surviving, retaining their decencies and kindnesses. I see, despite every thing, the ultimate survival of the planet. I see the miracle inside you.

Every thing that happened was not to prove anything to me or any one else. They were signs, to show me my path. Perhaps there are signs for you too. Did you not pray, and ask for help?

C/ Naseer Ahmad 2004

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