Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Natural Life

It's Happened

Hurricane Sandy has just hit land in N.J. as I write this. Parts of Manhattan and New York are under water and the water is still rising. Wall Street is reported to have flooded and that the New York stock exchange trading floor has three feet of water (later turned out to be a false report) An electrical power transformer just exploded while I watched on CNN. IT was huge.. We're hundreds of kilometers north of New York and high winds have already reached us here in Toronto. Sixteen people have died so far.

A year back I wrote about Hurricane Irene and how it might hit New York. Experts warned us there might be a catastrophe and I hoped this wouldn't happen.

This time around I kept asking myself, what difference does it make? As I said last year with the unprecedented tornadoes, as I said after Hurricane Katrina, Haiti earthquake, UK floods, the Gulf  oil spill, and the Fukushima disaster, that there would be more, and worse, until humanity changed. Surely, people could change? Yet all I have had this year was reminders about how difficult it was for people to change. I told them, but all that happened was that I actually lost people I was trying to help.

This flood is unprecedented in the history of New York. I have been watching it since it started, and now, finally, it slowly is starting to recede. I think back to the events of 9/11, and to this storm, and each time, I had a premonition about how I needed to be there. I also knew it wouldn't happen.

I love the people of the United States. But what it needs is a spiritual revolution and that won't happen until I am there. That will not happen till ONE American meets, and, follows, me.

A disciple called me last week, to say she was going to Jamaica with her husband, but was concerned about the hurricane and the weather. She was leaving on the 27th. Then, hearing the smile in me, asked "why're you smiling?". I was actually thinking, "so you want me to change the weather for you, do you? :)" and told her that. Yes, I can, and it's already stopped raining in Kingston, Jamaica that I can see from the Weather Channel :) Yes, I can do miracles, but first, that requires belief. And that people let go of their ego and their fear and disbelief.

I saw the movie Cloud Atlas on Friday. It is beautiful, amazing, and filled with a spiritual message. We are all connected. What we do will lead to a a fascist society that will be destroyed in an apocalypse but, throughout these intertwined lives of many people reincarnating over and over again, there is always the striving of people longing for freedom, and love, and for what is possible, and what humanity is capable of.

This is what we must do. Live a natural life, free of the excessive possessions, overuse of energy that leads to global warming, free of chemicalized food and environment, and with clean water for all. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of organized medicine, corrupt politics, decrepit 'science' and religion, and follow alternative paths. We must free ourselves from the desires that govern us without losing our capacity to love, forgive, and show compassion.

And, I say this with compassion to humanity. You must follow me. 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Munkácsy Mihály~The Christ Trilogy

Christ Before Pilate ~ 1882

Golgotha ~ 1884

Ecce Homo ~ 1896

An idea of the scale of the paintings approx 20 x 12 feet

I love large paintings and murals. Saw Rembrandt's The Night Watch at the Rijskmuseum in Amsterdam, and of course the large scale industrial photos of Edward Burtynsky in Toronto and the documentary about him by Jennifer Bachwal in Manufactured Landscapes

But the one I love most, even more than the Sistine Chapel, is the Munkácsy Mihály Christ Trilogy which was recently exhibited at the National Gallery of Hungary in Budapest. These paintings, by famed Hungarian painter Munkácsy Mihály, (born Michael von Lieb) were only exhibited once before in the Deri museum in Debrecen in 1996, when Chloe, Arune, Raven and I visited Hungary, and therein lies a story.

Munkácsy Mihály~The Christ Trilogy were painted from 1881-1896. The painter, who most likely died of syphilis at the age of 56, suffered from mental illness in his later life, yet still managed to draw in vivid detail that almost looked like he was there.. 

The paintings were not done in chronological order, so you have Christ Before Pilate (1882) Golgotha (1884) and Ecce Homo (1896), with the crucifixion as the middle, and not the final painting. I have a book of his paintings, with detailed close ups of all the figures. There is Christ brought before Pilate for judgement, then the crucifixion at Golgotha, then the final, in which Pilate pleads with the crowd out to crucify Jesus, ecce homo, or, behold the man. In each of those paintings you see the woman who is Mary Magdalene, holding their child in the first, crouched at his feet with Mary, his mother in the second, and gazing in horror as he is about to be condemned to death in the final painting, Ecce Homo. Look at the other faces, and I recognize them, and the look on their faces. The resistance to change, the fear and hatred. I once met the soldier that was the guard at Golgotha, and that shook me.

Golgotha was the second, and not the last painting, because on it he drew a man on a white horse, and that, is the symbol of of resurrection, already there, already here.

But it is the last one, that is the true culmination of the trilogy. He is being judged, but those that judge, are also being judged. And judgement awaits all.

But the real story was outside, as we left the museum. A homeless man, mentally ill, sitting in the street. So I sat down with him, because I knew he was the artist Munkácsy Mihály, returned. Gave him some money and we left.

Chloe said to me as we walked off, "do you know what he kept saying, over and over again?" (It was in Hungarian)  "He said 'he is here, he is here. He walks the earth'!"

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Meaning Of My Name

Divine support

The Holy Quran: Sura 110: Al-Nasr
English translation: Maulvi Sher Ali (ra)

110.1: In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful,
110.2: When the help of Allah comes, and the victory,
110.3: And thou seest men entering the religion of Allah in troops,
110.4: Glorify thy Lord, with His praise, and seek forgiveness of him. Surely he is Oft-Returning, with compassion. 

This is the meaning of my name Naseer (root Nasr). I am the divine support of humanity. The one that helps. 

The above passage is the last one that came to the holy prophet Muhammad (sa), towards the end of his life, as he saw all the people of Arabia come under Islam. That this Sura (theme) is relevant to that period of time and not the future is something I say with all respect. 

There also is the main commentary on the Quran, Tafsir ibn Kathir which states that Muhammad (pbuh) said in reference to this sura: In truth, the people have entered into the religion of God in crowds and they will also leave it in crowds

And it is indeed true, that many people have entered all the religions in crowds and they will also leave them in crowds. For, each religion comes to an end, and so, too, do the belief systems they create to cover that lack.  

But there still are divine truths, and the whole passage up there is about how God always returns to help humanity, with compassion.

And that everyone forgot the Way Of Atlan, and one day, will return to it. But this isn't why I'm writing this piece.

In the course of my travels, and this time through the internet, I've helped many people. One lady who was in pain, yet within a couple of days is on her way to regaining her health. But there was one person that touched me more than any other recently.

This is a person who has quite a few differences with me regarding my views on various subjects, including spirituality :) and yes I do feel other people's negativity whenever, but know to ignore that. This what they wrote a few days ago:

"I think I met Ergon (Naseer) on the spiritual plane yesterday. I'm not kidding!
I was meditating as usual and felt close to entering a rapture state (just a fairly coarse rapture) but as I'm sure you all know, at that point your own desire to enter the rapture is a kind of an obstacle; plus all kinds of thoughts from the day or even deeper issues come bubbling up.

So I started thinking about my unhelpful feelings and attitudes towards Ergon and realized I need to resolve that. So I pictured him (which I could do thanks to the recent post with his picture) and tried to feel sympathy towards him and apologize for my many harmful thoughts directed towards him.

The weird thing is, I felt an answer. A presence became noticeable and it responded with a wave of compassion and love and the blockages fell away. This kind of thing never happens to me! I am certain that Ergon must have noticed some kind of contact or interaction as well, over there wherever he's at.

Now I'm back to my usual persnickety self, of course, but at least I can claim to be the first one on the forum to have met Ergon in person.

I suppose one or two of you might be slightly skeptical, but this really happened.

For what it's worth my impression is that he isn't actually the Messiah. Sorry if that offends anyone here. It seems more like some kind of ghost or other being latched on to him and began whispering aggrandizing nonsense inside his head and he believed it."

Sigh, a step forward, and a step back. I don't require belief, because it must be freely given. I respect that people may be sincere in their own beliefs so that is cool. But when people who are in some way blocked do not see the message given, then that is sad.

Know this: I have helped, people in the thousands, in the millions through spirit. They met me, and knew I was the voice they heard, the spirit they felt, that came to them when they were thirsting. Whether some believe or do not believe is not up to me. But yes, my friend, what you felt was me, helping you that day.

God does help. This is what I do.