Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Michael and Co.

One gets tired, truly, of telling people what to do when they aren't quite ready to hear it, but here goes anyway :)

I've been following a minor case of demonic possession, a murder in Italy, and here the leaders of the world are sabre rattling and threatening to attack Syria? What, they haven't learned from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam? Never mind. Wealth and power are nothing, even though as the late dear departed Argentinian President Hugo Chavez said, "the smell of sulfur" is in the room.

The archangels have been playing in our house, and their message is a lot clearer, and honest, than anything you can get from the teevee today.

There are four of them, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, and here is their message, free of what religion has to say. As the foremost beings of God,

Michael leads the armies of God against the forces of Satan in Heaven.

Raphael is the Healer, representing God's power to heal.

Uriel is the light of God, or spirit, that shines on us all.

Gabriel is the messenger. Only a few get to hear Gabriel, but anyone who is touched by Gabriel, knows it.

In the difficult times ahead, remember what they represent. They will touch each corner of the world, and each of us, soon.

Their work is on the spiritual plane, but they also, act here on earth. They don't intercede in our personal matters, but still, watch our actions, and see the choices that humanity must make in the time ahead.

Their advice, and mine: follow your spiritual path.

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