Saturday, July 20, 2013

Black vs White

Thoughts at a meditation

So the day after I wrote my last piece about the upcoming meditation Toronto gets hit by a huge rainstorm. More rain falls in two hours than we get in a month. I'm out on Bloor Street, and the rain is being driven sideways. Lightning flashing by every two seconds, and the thunder is almost continuous. God is pissed, and so am I. No umbrella, and I'm soaked. Eat at a restaurant, see a movie. When I head home, am told the subway's been hit by a flood, so no trains for the last four stations. Get home hours later, and the powers's gone, for 300,000 people across Toronto. Indeed, these things happen whenever I decide it's time to have a clearing, but this is ridiculous. The storm aimed directly at Toronto.

The next day, the power's still out. Thank goodness my family's OK, and eventually the power comes back on, 16 hours later. My neighbors had their basements flooded, but we were OK. But I'm not OK, having been hit by a food infection. WTF? The last time it happened was like 40 yrs ago? High fever, chills, the runs. Is this from one of my patients, who has the C. Dificile bug? No. I get rid of the bug in a day, but don't eat for 5, resting and thinking of the meditation to come. I do so much healing, and and think of and am in a healing situation 24/7, thinking of friends, family, the planet and universe. So much energy goes through me, this was a psychic illness brought on by every thing, and, a sign post to show me my path ahead is very clear.

I was going to talk about healing, about the events at the family picnic and confirmation about the direction in life I was taking. I had known this since I was 5, when I went to Mt. Fuji. Why are you here? What is your purpose in life, and what are the blocks that prevent you from moving forward? I think, with admiration, of a woman who, after meeting me, decided she couldn't marry someone she was engaged to. The next year, she met the right person, and they now have a child. I got a call from another woman, and we have a lovely chat. She used to be my student ten years ago, and had this lovely white aura around her. Now, it's blue, and I am sad for a bit about what might have been if she'd continued. What is it that holds us back?

Then the verdict on the Trayvon Martin shooting, and it seems, that America still has a long way to go. I am not going to engage with one case, when there is so much wrong on the subject of race and prejudice. I will also be talking about this at the meditation, as I watch people's reactions to the case. A friend in Hawaii says the native people can be pretty racist against white people too, and another from there, that the last day of school was always "beat a haole" day (a white person). I reply, the people that have the most karma are the Black, Native, and Jewish people. That, does not excuse the racism and hatred that has been directed against them over the years. I would like to help them, but they have to change too, and ask.

But still. We used to be one race, and one day, will become one race again, due to intermarriage and spiritual awakening. Yes, the different races were created through genetic manipulation on Atlantis, but I had many friends from all over at the international school in Tokyo, and my beautiful mixed background children in this wonderful multicultural city of Toronto like, and are friends with, Jamaican, Chinese and Asian kids. When we love, who knows what the heart will bring?

At the meditation, as people arrive with food and wine. A student says he will be having his first client, a gay man in need of healing. He ends up having to say, he isn't gay himself, and we laugh because that is what happened to me at school. My best friend was gay, but every one thought I was gay, LOL. So I worked with AIDS patients, hands on even terminal patients, and never once took sick from any one. There was a dear young man called Daniel, who got it from a Hepatitis B vaccination. I took him off a macrobiotic diet that wasn't good for him and, with regular healing and meditation, he recovered. But when we went away to the U.S, he got back into the unhealthy diet and the AIDS came back. We met a friend of his in Houston who told us of his passing away, and how some of his family were there to support him, but others, including his own father, were not, and how his last words were, he forgave every one. This, I think, is one of the lessons of healing: Learn to forgive others.

Yes, sometimes we are born as men in women's bodies or women in men's bodies. We come back as black, white, native, poor, rich, whatever it is we need to learn. I, who have been Jewish, Native American, and if I was Black, then I had to be a Black Revolutionary :) know that karma is a learning experience.

Another student says what of the feelings of hopelessness one gets sometimes, and my answer is, just stick to your path. Find where you want to go, then move to it. Spirituality is not an easy journey, but, it gives answers. And yes, work on getting the right relationships. It is unfortunate that so many are lonely. But there is no reason why that can't change. First, you must learn to be alone.

I think of Pfc Bradley Manning, and, Edward Snowden, who in their idealism chose the honest path that would lead to their isolation. I sent a well wish to Snowden on twitter and got a response from him, much appreciated. They tell us we must do what we think is right, and not, accept less.

But above all, try not to be negative or fearful. When you are positive, and make the best of what you get, and try to be honest and do not cheat, or lie, then good often comes your way, and not the bad. We react too much, and holding on to the past or what others do is not the way to peace. As Chloe points out, I do not react to things the way others do, but when I do, then watch out. I know that people's karma will give back to them all the pain they cause others, but still, sometimes one must take a stand.

This is what Black and White are. Two sides, in opposition, yet each requires the other.You can't be perfect, or try to reach perfection without recognizing that both exist inside you. Why, blame the other? What I do, and breathe, is healing, and whatever I learn, I pass on to others. This is the path I choose.

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