Friday, December 21, 2012

The Art Of Invisibility

My daughter tried that

I teach that we all have certain powers, long suppressed. I believe that people can learn what they have forgotten. All you have to do, is go back to that feeling you had as a child.

My daughter has been trying to become invisible. Every weekend she tries to sneak down by my office, where I'm usually glued to my computer instead of sleeping like everybody else. And each time, I say "hi dear", which annoys her greatly because she's being especially quiet, trying to test me as a way of developing her own gifts.

So I explained to her that what I felt was her energy, which was like a volcano going by :) So next time, she tuned down the volcanic activity, and I still said "hi, dear".

So I told her I could hear her thoughts, and showed her how to turn it off. And the next time, I said "hi, dear", once again.

Now she's getting really mad, and trying harder. So I told her the secret: "you're trying to become invisible". Don't try. Don't even think about it. Just become still, and  it will happen, because then you'll activate the green and gold chakra, and don't even think about that.

The next morning she stands behind her mom and stares at her, then asks did you feel me? And Chloe says no, she didn't, sorta (she's quite perceptive, actually)

The morning after that she goes up behind her and Chloe didn't feel her at all, then when she turns around, there's G, 1 cm behind her and she's been there several minutes. Now she's learning to be absolutely still, which is when things happen for you.

G tells me "one day I'm going to be more psychic than you, daddy".

So I start teaching her about magic.

I am so proud of all my children.

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