Friday, December 07, 2012

An Impending Storm

Not even a lull, any more

Just before the 1994 Northridge earthquake, there was a deep, unnatural hush in the Los Angeles canyon my family and I used to walk every night. Just before the 2004 Asian tsunami, many animals on the island of Sri Lanka were observed moving towards higher ground. I saw it happening, almost ten years prior, but sadly, most humans, lack the ability, to see.

Palestine, has finally won semi-nationhood status at the United Nations. A cause that I felt deeply about for the last 45 years has finally moved into its final stage. Now, it's up to the people of Palestine and the good people everywhere who support them.

A young man has to make a momentous decision.

A woman I know has to take charge of her life.

I was thinking we were in the midst of a lull after the momentous events of November, and then, almost instantly, it shifted, and now the storm is fast approaching. 

I warned someone this would be the most difficult two weeks and yet everything seemed OK but just an hour ago she found her sister has Stage 4 kidney disease and with only one kidney left needs a transplant. Yes, I will help, any one that asks. But, I demand faith, and trust, or I will step away from those who just cannot, will not, ever see.

Stop wasting time.

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