Monday, January 31, 2011

The People Are Revolting

And not just in Egypt

Revolutions always begin with a small act.

This one began when a fruit seller in Tunisia killed himself. He had been forced to take down his food stand because he couldn't pay a bribe. Unable to feed himself or his family, he set himself on fire as a protest. His death caused widespread riots that led to the government being overthrown.

This led to a wave of self immolation in North Africa. Three people in Egypt caused the people to take to the streets. They were tired of the corruption and rise in food prices. They are still there in the streets, six days later, and calling for the brutal dictator Hosni Mubarak to step down. The US is caught flat footed, they'd been supporting him for thirty years. The Europeans are silent. The Palestinian dictator Abbas and Saudi King Fahd issue statements of support for Mubarak, and Israel, defending its ally, asks the West to "tone down its rhetoric against Mubarak"

The lunar and solar eclipses of Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011 have brought great change to the US and Europe, as I foretold. I should mention the Jan. 04 eclipse was visible in Cairo as well as across the M.E.

The floods, the political changes, the environmental disasters have all followed, as foretold. There even was a 7.2 scale earthquake off California, where the lunar eclipse was strongest. The wave of Nationalism. Hungary has a new nationalist government that rejects the IMF and is taking back control of the economy. Egyptians are united as Christians and Muslims reject violence and say "we are all Egyptian"

We are seeing the failure of globalization and interventionist colonial wars. The US has become irrelevant. Europe is struggling to overcome its own financial mismanagement.

Food prices have skyrocketed. People are angry at the greed, corruption, and fraud. They have lost their homes. The world's economies were diverted to enrich a few, who go unpunished for their criminality. People are also angry when money is available to fight wars while they have not enough to feed their families.

It is starting again, as it always has. The actions of a few, snowballing. Poland 1948, Hungary 1956, worldwide in 1968, and Egypt, 2011. The world is not coming to an end, it is a beginning. The next place where people will rise will be Europe, and then, America.

This is the message:


We will not be governed by you.

Update: Feb. 05, 2011.

The leadership of the ruling party has resigned. The dictator's party, and the U.S., wants 'an orderly transition'. The people of Egypt have refused, stating they will not stop the protests until he leaves. They deserve our admiration and support. Who could imagine the actions of one man, so changing the balance of power in the world?

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