Saturday, February 05, 2011

Karma Happens

Fate and Destiny; on the other hand, not always.

We were supposed to get "The Storm of the Century" but that somehow passed us by in Canada.

Yet we're still in the midst of the storm of change taking over the planet, and it may be time for us to understand karma, and our place in it.

First, please understand that karma isn't a punishment, or even the consequence of our actions, though I understand why religions use it as a way of controlling human behaviour. Whether we fatalistically say "If God wills it" or Inshallah, whether we see it as part of the Wheel of Time, like in the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, or that it is an energy we shape ourselves, is something only you can determine, and accept or not in your lives.

I've written a great deal about karma already in these pages, and the many ways it can be manifested, or alleviated. I even, in my teachings, try to incorporate it within Dharma, a Way, or a path to enlightenment.

First, Karma is based on choice. We have been given that gift of free will, so whatever happens, in our material world, our relationships and spiritual imbalances, we have chosen it.

Second, Karma, and its corollary, Dharma, is simply the path to enlightenment we have chosen.

Third, wherever we are out of balance, is where our Karma is.

So, will humanity rise above its conflicts and imbalances and find its way back to God?

I believe it will.

Because, this is what I know:

  1. We not only have a fixed fate or destiny, we also have within us, the means to overcome it. The tools exist inside us.

  2. This doesn't mean bad things won't happen. They might. But as I pointed out many times, the outcome may also work out to the good. As I showed, once people found the path, they kept being brought back to it. Things happened, in ways often miraculous (Not to say people should hang around waiting for a miracle, you also have to try, to find your path)

  3. Yes, Karma happens. It can bring pain and suffering. But the greatest pain is the lack of peace, and the lack of connection with God (whether you believe in God or not, as long as you try to be a good person, and not cause pain and suffering to others, then God will continue to believe in you. And yes, I bring peace.

So there's this storm that covers all our lives, and one even greater to come. A pity that many I reached out to didn't hear me clearly. All you have to do, is ask.

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