Friday, January 28, 2011

The Dog, Shifted

Into another dimension, that is

Occult studies fascinate me because they acknowledge the possibilities of other dimensions. Integrating that within Spiritual Healing and Teaching is one of the paths I chose to follow. The chakras are a part of that; they are doorways into other dimensions. So when I heal, people sometimes go...elsewhere. But the fun really begins when all this happens randomly, anywhere:)

My wife Chloe has learned to er, follow her nose:) because when you turn left, instead of right, who knows where your instinct has led you?

When one learns, and goes into the deeper levels of Psychism, then it is not merely a matter of following your intuition, but that you go into another space where things...happen.

Shirley MacLaine, when she wrote about her out of body experiences, wrote about seeing herself as connected to her body by a cord of light, and that one must not let go of it, or you might not be able to find your way back. And it's true. There are dangers.

I. on the other hand, teach how to let go, so that you not only shift into other dimensions, but, you take others with you.

This happened in 2005. It was during one of the torrential downpours we'd been having for many years now, which was so uncharacteristic of Toronto. Chloe was walking down a different street on her way to the store. There was a dog, sitting very still in the rain, watching the street. A man walking by also stopped. Was the dog lost?

Chloe felt no, so she asked it where do you live, dog? It heard her, of course, and got up and went a hundred yards the other way to a house. They knocked at the door, dog waiting patiently beside them.

Excuse me ma'am, have you lost a dog? No, it's inside (not even looking at dog beside them, or, somehow she can't see it)

Are you sure? Pointing at dog. Oh, my God!! How'd he get out? Front door's locked. So's the back, and the garden gate (she has to show them that) Big mystery, I'm sure. Dog walks back in, Chloe goes on.

There are places in the Universe where time, space, and the void converge. Sometimes people tap into that. An object disappears and you never find it until you see it in front of you. Or time warps around and you wonder what happened to it.

The space beyond our physical reality exist, whether we can see them with our five senses or not. We can learn to do that, or do so unknowingly. You can see the future, gain knowledge, teleport from behind closed doors, do magic, be invisible.

Children do that, then forget as they become adults. I don't want my children to ever forget, so, I teach them. And also teach others'.

And our faithful friend, the dog? They teach us too. In the time to come, we will all need faithful friends.

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