Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Every thing happens for a reason
April is the longest month.

Interesting to see what I wrote about in the last two blogs come about.

"By next month, the crisis will have gotten worse, not just in politics but in people's lives, as two planets of the unexpected, AND a solar eclipse by the end of April, remind us how much we need to change, but do not."

More killings in Ukraine over Easter, and just before that, a Korean ferry sinks near Jeju Island, with 300 missing, or dead, most of them children.

And many friends I know were in crisis, in hospital or worrying about their future, in deep emotional pain for a variety of reasons.

Why do bad things happen to us? Is all this because it is part of our path, or, is it because where we cannot change, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Does this imply we can change things?

I will point out what I said a long time ago. I bring change. Wherever I go, and whoever I talk to, there will be change. But the greatest change is the one you attract to yourself, because of your own lack of spiritual balance. Which must, which does, include the physical and the material. And, our emotional balance. Which is here, represented by water.

Tomorrow, April 23, will be a very difficult day, as a Jupiter Mars Pluto Uranus Grand Cross becomes exact at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs, affecting people and countries ruled by Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. (The US, which I have had my eye on for some time, is ruled by Cancer. Some say the Russian Federation is ruled by Capricorn)

This aspect was felt for more than a month now, and will be felt, with waning aspects in the month to come. There will be great changes all over, and how and when it affects you, depends on the choices you make.

One way to discern  the future, is to read the signs. To what extent are you trapped by emotions and feelings of ego? Hurt and being hurt, running away from and searching for relationships? On a broader scale, why are we still trapped in a cycle of war? One book I read, Slaughterhouse 5, or the Children's Crusade by Kurt Vonnegut, awakened old feelings of hating war. Now, all I do is care about every person killed by drone warfare and our addiction to killing, the demonic failings of our murderous impulses.

Jeju island is, coincidentally, where a new controversial naval base is being built on what used to be a holiday resort, which now will have arms pointed at China, just as NATO wanted to have bases in Ukraine pointing at Russia. This is where I say karma is too easily misunderstood, but yes, children are being killed everywhere, are they not? In Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and everywhere? You just can not change, can you? And bad things will happen to good people.

Easter is about resurrection. Not about 'hope'. The more people hope, the more they sit, waiting for something to happen.

Resurrection is about what can happen, not what will. There has to be a spiritual awakening. You have to follow the right path. You have to change, no matter how difficult that process can be.

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