Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Teach The Children

More Joy In This, Than Any Where Else
Thoughts: Things are being shaken up. Me, too :) 
I didn't have a teacher, except what I learned myself, and from past lives. But I learned from the people I met, and things along the journey.
I spent a lot of time on Twitter recently, so if my writing's a bit sparse, you know why :)
But I wrote a lot of Twitter poetry.
Many of my friends are in hospital and thoughts are with them.
Events leading up to the Grand Cross this month have shaken us all. More to come.
Fascist revolution in Ukraine. Russia will assert itself.
Flight MH #370, lost in the ocean. As is the truth.

But the flight boxes may resurface.
My daughter saw that in a vision a year ago. Oriental faces, Indian Ocean.

Then a lot of spirits showed up.
The earthquake in Chile, 8.2. Smaller ones in L.A., places close to me.
Discovery of a new planet that helps me put together my astrological sign ruler ships theory.
It is the missing ruler of Libra. We will focus on Justice and Balance.
It is the time when a planet is discovered that establishes humanity's change.
I told a lesbian the person she was looking for was a man :)
Peaches Geldof, Bob Geldof's daughter, discovered dead. Sad.
The year I saved the cat "Ginger" in the UK,  a follower met and chatted with Bob Geldof.
She didn't talk about healing. Some things are meant to be, but, he, is a Libra.
Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, going through life shattering change now.
The U.S., a Cancer country, great changes now, but without justice, who knows?
Without spirituality, who knows. Spare me the New Age nonsense.
Pluto in Capricorn drives me to say truth.
Normally I just observe.
My children are dancing between dimensions.
Things, them, appearing and disappearing every where.

So much psychic shit happening.
My daughter met someone at school who has an illness.
His own healing ability has kept him alive.
She finds conventionally prettiness shallow.
People are being drawn to her for healing.
Yes, I will teach children, that is my joy.
Comas. Michael Schumacher, in a coma.

Being in a coma, you're stuck in this maze you cannot leave, stuck.
I've helped so many recover.
But there are some who were not meant to be, no matter how much I know I can help.
Humanity, in a coma.
Why am I drawn there?
Why am I drawn to help children and young people?
Because they can change, and they can change the world.
The rest, will be up to them.

ETA: Right after I wrote this, a 16 yr. old sophomore high school student in PA stabbed twenty students, many seriously injured.

This is what I was picking up: Uranus square Pluto, more shocks to the system.

These kids are so out of balance. Their parents don't, or know how to talk to them.

I am glad I taught my children.


Kathleen Kempker said...

It is Earth shattering...
Interesting wishes to all the children, no matter your age.
And best wishes to the author. Always.

Man From Atlan said...

Thank you!