Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Your Soul Mate Is Your Karma

Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and their three daughters

Tonight is Election Night in the USA, so I'm writing this because the last one, Obama Wins 2012? only brings up this deeper question.Why do we look to the other to complete us; why do need relationships, and what do we have to learn from them?

We all have different karma and paths. But one vision I had was how humanity had so much to learn from its relationships, and the last century was one of the great ages where so many karmic threads would come together. in forming connections with time, places, and people..now almost ending in its effect, yet all the more powerful for that.

So, I started my spiritual journey by saying we had to understand the soul mate. That yes, there was indeed, a soul mate for every person, yet we might spend a lifetime looking for him or her. And then, we must learn.

I've also written about balancing the male and female energies. There also was a time when, still searching, I believed that only by meeting one's soul mate could one achieve balance. Yet, even then, I knew that soul mates=karma, or in other words, are difficult, as experience found a way of telling me :) I finally came to realize: karma is a means to an end, and the soul mate is only one of the lessons we must learn.

Here is how it began:

The story, however, begins at the beginning, where all beings are created.

I was in God's peace and love. Then I was told it was time to leave, to be born on Earth.

I didn't really want to go, but God said it was the destiny of all his children to be born. To live and die, and to live again. For no one really dies, He said. There is a reason for your existing, and you cannot fulfill it in a mortal lifetime. Therefore, you are Immortal. Need you then fear anything?

I'm afraid of being alone, I cried.

You need not be afraid, He said, in his infinite kindness. There will always be Love...

Yes, there will be always be love, and the many relationships and types of relationships we have are the way of love. Even compassion is just another form of love that has to do with how we relate to others.These relationships are a way in which we learn about karma. That we are indeed, divided souls. But the soul mate is not the other half of the divided soul. Nor, do we really need to have one.

First of all, our souls are divided because of our separation from God. And our purpose is to reunite with God. It is only because we do not understand, that we manufacture the soul mate as a substitute for that relationship. And then we look for that being, and miss the real search.

The fact is we are so incomplete we feel that love can complete us, and this is based on need, and then we manufacture this idealized version of love (or an idealized version of God) and the fact is that no relationship is easy.

Still, there is such a being, and until we learn, we will always have this need within ourselves, to meet the soul mate.

I said this before. The soul mate, represents our greatest lesson. They are the spirit we feel at the back of our head till we meet them, the relationship that is the hardest to let go of, and often, the greatest pain. We go through many lifetimes without meeting them, yet when we do, there is this instant flash of recognition, of bonding, of fear. They can be at the other side of the world, one dying and the other just being born, they in spirit and we in the flesh, they can be the same sex as us, our father mother grandparent sibling or child, a teacher or friend, even, an abuser or torturer.There is an intensity to the relationship that can be very hard to let go of.

Here's the thing about karma. It too is the hardest lesson, and when we overcome it, we realize we still haven't learned anything. The greater lesson, I have found, has nothing to do with relationships, though for most, at the present state of development of humanity, that is all they can absorb. No, the greater lesson is dharma, your path and how to accomplish that..

Yet this too is important, that we learn how to solve our relationships.It helps to learn that the soul mate is not just a person, it also is an energy, it can also be an event, and, it can be a time, or, a place. We go to or are born in a place, and that energy focus gives us the greatest lesson we must learn. This time, from now till December, can be a soul mate for anyone or every one. The event can be Hurricane Sandy can be the soul mate that is the great lesson, or President Obama, the soul mate that Americans must learn from.

So you should know, in case I have managed to confuse you, those who've followed me so far and thought I meant one thing on the subject, sorry. My teaching is in layers, and just when you get to understand me, (or think you do :) then I will add another level that will stretch you further.

The thing is, most are stuck at the level of soul mates. Israelis and Palestinians are soul mates to the other, Africa is the soul mate to the person that will die of disease, starvation or slavery, your children might be your greatest lesson, to be an aboriginal person is the soul mate that represents the greatest karma, and whoever will have won the election tomorrow, that president will be the soul mate of the American people (and the world) for the next four years. For those who allow their lives to consist only of focus on the other, that is. You can step away from it.

I chose the picture of Akhenaten and his family to illustrate another point. Not many know that Pharaoh Akhenaten and the famous beauty Nefertiti were married, and, knowing them, many might consider that she was his soul mate as well. But, it actually was his daughter, held in his arms, who was his soul mate from many lifetimes. Yet, he loved Nefertiti.

And, of great consequence to every one, Pharaoh Akhenaten brought a monotheistic religion into power, that definitely influenced Moses, thus bringing Judaism, Christianity, and then Islam to the world. So, he was a soul mate to the world too, with all the lessons that entailed.

Yes, we all have a deep longing to meet that one person at the back of the mind. We want the ideal, and are willing to work for that, and to wait. But please,work on your relationships. And work on your karma. They are resolvable.

Above all, what we long for is the peace that comes from within God. Find God (here I will specify that God is neither a him nor a her, but a combination of energies) and you will be complete.

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