Sunday, November 04, 2012


Who knows?

I understand what the Native American Indians meant when they would address their petitions to the "Great White Father" in Washington. It was of course a term taught by white people who tried to use Indian symbology in their relationship with them, but still, that has many meanings. Those native peoples residing in Canada would of course address their petitions to the "Great White Mother" Queen Victoria in London. :)

It shows that people were taught to believe in an authority, be that the President, or the Queen, that would hear them, grant them justice, and rule them fairly. That person was the ultimate symbol of their nationhood, so they must look to him or her if they wanted change.

Barack Hussein Obama is poised to win the next election as president of the United States, and, even though most polls say it will be a close run thing, there are others, such as the Princeton Election Consortium which make it even more probable, seeing as how it's based on electoral college votes that actually elect the president, and not, the popular vote. It will also depend on everyone getting out and voting.

Of course, a conference of astrologers already has predicted he will win, so that's good enough for me :) They also suggested, way before Hurricane Sandy hit the North East United States, that with the planet Mercury turning retrograde right on election day, there would be delays in counting the vote. I also see the possibility of judicial challenges creating some sort of turmoil, but then, it should sort itself out.

I wrote on March  08, 2008, Barack's the one "But I'm saying this from a spiritual, not political perspective. The destiny of the U.S lies in this one last chance. Let's see what happens". And, there was this caveat: "Keep in mind he's a politician, and not, a saint".

And on November 05, 2008, I wrote And Now What?

"I had a vision a full year ago, and, when every one thought Hillary Clinton would win, knew he would be the Democratic candidate. I said as much, on a political website. Astrology helped confirm that to me, and also that it would not be the day for John McCain (bad time for Virgos) but didn't want to raise hopes. Whatever I might believe, I would say that it would depend on the effort of people. It simply is unfair to put all our expectations on one person when in the end we all had to make the effort, not just him".

"And in the years ahead, and they will not be easy, he must do his share, as we must do ours. But if he inspires us to be better people, then that will be enough. Yes, he has to end the wars abroad. He can cure the economy, if he allows compassion to take over from greed. He has to bring peace to the Middle East. He has to help heal America, and the World. But that isn't his job alone, it's ours".

As we all know, the last four years have been deeply disappointing for many. I've heard all the excuses, and have no patience for them. Whoever wins the election, we have learned our lesson. There needs to be many grassroots movements, in every possible way, and all over the world.

But, for the next four years, keep this in mind. Obama's humanity, his flaws, are reflected in us. The Great White Father (and Mother) resides not in heaven, or London, or Washington, but is within us. Hope, and change, will always come from you, and not another.

Yes, the ultimate source is God. Does God listen, and give justice? Yes, but not the way you think, because it happens here, on this plane, and in our karma. From now to the end of this year will be one of the most momentous periods of our lives. But, whatever else comes our way, I will always trust in the goodness of humanity.

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