Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Politics of Corruption

I hate the corruption, that permeates everything

Corruption takes place in so many forms it would take a book to write about it all.

In Pakistan, where corruption is a way of life, I used to think of the word in its ordinary sense: public officials taking bribes, a wink and a nod here and there. And in my naivete I thought North America was remarkably free of it. Then I saw it existed here too; the middle of the road Liberal Party Government having to buy votes, bribing to please all its constituent parts, consultancy fees and advertising contracts to Liberal companies galore. The Conservatives were no better, cutting taxes on the wealthy, selling public assets at fire sale prices to insiders.

And if a subway were to be built through lands owned mostly by a Liberal cabinet minister or a Conservative Prime Minister should be handed 'consulting fees' in the amount of $300,000 cash in a paper bag then that was the way things were (I think his daughter was getting married :)

And, Canada seems like nothing compared to the United States, where Congress passes laws written by lobbyists and it invades various countries causing intolerable human suffering just so it can maintain its superpower status and bully everyone into toeing the line. Even the collapse of the economy in 2008 was engineered by market de-regulators who of course, profited, in obscene amounts, from the crisis they themselves created.

We don't even have the freedom to change things for ourselves, since government no longer works for our good but to prevent the masses from becoming too unruly, and our democratic institutions and freedoms left to wither away. Even our laws have been corrupted, and our electoral processes, a sham. Even the votes we cast, are not always counted.

My criticism is based not merely on the mechanics or the incidence of corruption. It exists because we are spiritually unbalanced, so I see my purpose is to educate people to get to a place where they are free to reach their full potential and strength, and not have that taken away by the greedy and the powerful. And sadly, that power grab takes place not only in the physical realms, but also, in the emotional and spiritual.

My criticism is that because of corruption, we cannot evolve. Here's my list:

  1. The corruption of the mind: This is the worst of them all, because our minds are fully capable of solving all of humanity's problems, except that knowledge is suppressed. We are gods capable of magic, yet bound to a very rationalistic view of everything that is. And everything that might lead us to the unknown, the hidden, the true knowledge, is prohibited and taboos created against honest study, and science co-opted to meet the needs of the globalists.

  2. The corruption of the soul: We are taught to fear everything that might happen, we are given a list of enemies to hate on a never ending basis on the basis of race, nationality or otherness, we are denied beauty but fed ugliness in our art, music and culture, we are fed hopelessness, we are led by our desires. Selfishness seen as survival. Psychological shock fed to us daily by the media to make us malleable and unresisting. Pleasure and circuses to create a reward seeking society, Huxley's Brave New World.

  3. The corruption of the body: We are poisoned every day by the toxins in our environment, the manufactured illnesses, the genetically modified and chemicalized foods. Our ability to heal ourselves and lead healthy lives is taken away from us. Our children are inheriting genetic illnesses that weaken future generations, but science is no longer the answer. Scientists who used to exist for the sake of knowledge now temper that knowledge for the benefit of corporate masters.

  4. The corruption of the planet: The riches of the earth, the water, soil, minerals, and food are not for the good of all, but commodities to be exploited for the benefit of a few. Money, manufactured in a manner that makes us and all our future generations indebted to bankers. Drugs, pornography, human trafficking, and murder as further methods of control. A vast armed force of police, armies, and spies to control any desire for the freedom to be left alone, to chart our own course.

  5. The corruption of the language: Words now mean something far removed from what they used to originally: Democracy, Freedom, Liberalism all seem to match an agenda of control and supremacy, but not, the freedom to choose by whom and how we are to be governed, the right to make our own moral choices, to respect others' and, our own, autonomy. "Human rights" that apply to some but not others. "Capitalism" = Good, "Communism" = Bad, like something out of Orwell, who warned us about, the corruption of the language. Media is used for the mass manipulation of human minds. Edward Bernays 1928 book "Propaganda" is a manual about how to use psychology to subvert humanity's impulse for freedom to allow it to be controlled by an overseer class.

  6. The corruption of the overseeing class: They are so far removed from their origins, the survivors of ancient cataclysms. Carrying hidden knowledge they think gives them the right to rule the world. They can kill and invade whomever they wish. Except, they are wrong. There is a justice waiting for them, but since they don't believe, they don't care. There is not an ounce of good or decency in them.

  7. The corruption of the spirit: Where is the spirit of self sacrifice, to do good for others? That exists, but much seen as a liability or a weakness to be exploited. Where is the desire to seek oneness of spirit with God? That exists too, but diverted in many different directions by corrupted Religions, false philosophies and fake New Ageisms. It is like there is a Force that counteracts and shields us from too close a knowledge of our oneness with God.

But we do have, in the smallest tiniest part of our being, a kernel of truth. We are incorruptible, we are God. Hold on to that truth. One day, we will make that journey together.


gentle penetration said...

We live and work in a criminogenic environments. It makes right livelihood very difficult.

Man From Atlan said...

"It makes right livelihood very difficult"
But not impossible, just difficult:)