Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The End of Days?

Not really

An evangelical preacher predicted the end of the world on May 21. Didn't happen, though an Icelandic volcano erupted and a killer tornado hit Missouri shortly afterwards. But the question has been stirring at the back our minds as we lead up to 2012. What will happen then? Will every thing come to an end? The answer is no, not only is it not the beginning of the end, but only, a new beginning.

I thought of waiting until next year to address the fears of apocalypse in 2012, but decided to do it now, to help people understand what they should do to prepare. Most people won't understand, but that doesn't mean I must not try.

Look at the huge changes that have already taken place since last year. People sense these shifts, without understanding why, yet are experiencing huge disruptions in their personal lives and health.

The Asian Tsunami of 2004 saw an interesting phenomenon. Before the waves hit the island of Sri Lanka many animals were observed heading to high ground. Their senses helped prepare them for the event. But humans, on the other hand, with their logical minds mired in linear reasoning, had no sense of what was to come. So when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in Fukushima this year, people weren't prepared for it, or the nuclear disaster that followed.

Karma is an interesting phenomenon. It's a learning process, a plan of action and movement, of change. But here's the thing: it isn't fixed. People can change it through their actions, through spirituality, through living lives of acceptance and good deeds. A simple way of life, which while not easy, brings so much peace.

A Psychic told me once, a long time ago that I would have 5 children, marry twice, and die at the age of 58. The first two came true, the last, didn't. I aimed to have my work done as best I could by then, and accept whatever might happen. And perhaps, because of that, and perhaps because there still is more I've chosen to do, I'm still around.

I have a mission, just as some of you who will listen and hear, do. Your purpose is unfolding. How then can this be the end, when time is infinite, never ending, and so too are our lives?

There are many people out there, looking for answers. They were meant to do great things. The year ahead is not an easy one, but still will be, a time when many will perform miracles.

Come to me.

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