Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Bird Came Again

Red Tailed Hawk

We just moved into the house of a person who isn't well, who needs healing-but doesn't know it.

And some people showed up for healing-but many more did not. Those who need it the most, resist the most.

I'd said many people would pass away this year. It happened.

But, I can't just frighten people with what I see when all that does is take away their freedom of choice, and the lessons they must learn. They have to know they need help, and they need to ask.

A Bird Came For Healing once. The next day our neighbour died. Birds are messengers of spirit, and where else do we go into spirit but the point at which we die? Yes we can go into spirit, through meditation, and dreams, and healing, into various levels.

But there is a way, and that way is to let go of ego. The ego is the part of us that, based on the past, defines us.

So I had to look at myself and ask what I had to change.

Then another bird came to our new home, and it was a Merlin Falcon, again. Another bird, rarely seen in the city, which hovered right outside our window for the longest while.

Then yesterday another Merlin, flashing by in front of our car.

Merlin was Arthur’s teacher. He is in spirit, and being reborn again. We, too, are being reminded to change ourselves, and rescue our spirituality.

And in the time to come, remind ourselves: Whatever we need, will come to us.


Anonymous said...


hope you and your family are keeping well. i enjoy reading your articles and so does my sister. she's away for a few days right now or she would have posted. she's not offended at anything you said, but sometimes like to pretend you are annoying her. she's an incredible poseur and piss artist. pay no attention to her silly moods and tenses.

pleased to learn you have started up a new spiritual community. you may remember i was in pondicherry, so i know about community life. that was an ashram through. more like a religious summer camp where many are sincere and seaching for something but quite a few are just playing around at being "into religion" but are really looking for sexual relationships.

bye for now. keep well. i'm sure xanoo will write in again when she has the time, but her work load has increased quite dramatically recently and she barely has time to breathe...


Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, lalara.
I'm really encouraging everyone to be aware of the idea of Community, that we aren't solitary beings, but all connected together by bonds of love, energy, and common purpose.

Anonymous said...


Hope all is well in the Community. No offence has been taken by me at any of your ideas, which are, in relation to sexuality, pretty mainstream, i.e., tolerant, liberal and laissez-faire.


Man From Atlan said...

Thanks for the reminder I haven't written about Sexxx, X. There may be references through the other articles about Sexual Alchemy, but really, aside from the fact I think the human race is pretty fucked up (sorry) about Sexuality and Relationships, I think it a pity we don't know that it isn't about procreation or repression, nor is it Tantra (which is just one Way) it is about Transformation.

Xanadu said...

You may not have written about sex, dear Naseer, in your articles — but you have made many passing comments on that subject elsewhere.

What is one to make of your comment that "many people have compared me to Rajneesh"? Wasn't Rajneesh a notorious sex guru and didn't most of his disciples live in sexual promiscuity?

Come now, expert logician, what would you think of ME if I told you: "Many people have compared me to Genghiz Khan." Would you think, "Oh, she sounds like a nice, peace-loving girl!"

Admit defeat, Naseer, if only on this point.

But no, I know what you're going to say! You're going to say: "People have compared me to Rajneesh only because both of us have such deep soulful eyes!" (Smiley face).

Man From Atlan said...

Ennhh. Rajneesh was a professor of philosophy who developed a syncretic blend of Zen and Western psychotherapeutic approaches; I always thought he was influenced by Gurdjieff.
THIS is what his followers were referring to when they met me, except i hadn't read philosophy at that point, but developed my own, and sexual promiscuity wasn't my bag, but personal choice was.
Many thought Rajneesh was kept under control by his closest disciples through the use of LSD in his later years, then poisoned to death.
I prefer to look at the spiritual good that ALL the Indian gurus did, while not losing sight of the wrongs.

Xanadu said...

To tell you the truth, I don't know much about Rajneesh. I haven't read any of his books, but I did read a biography about him a few years ago by one of his disillusioned disciples. It was called "The God that Failed." Full of scandal and negative stuff about Rajneesh. So maybe it was wrong of me to judge Rajneesh on the basis of one book that set out to say bad things about him.

I'd like to ask you a question. What is your opinion of Sai Baba? Was he a holy man or a fake? Did he really materialize precious objects (like rings and necklaces) out of thin air, or was he a trained magician using sleight of hand?

Perhaps I ought to broaden that question by asking: do you believe in miracles? Can the laws of nature sometimes be suspended?

I remember how a Catholic saint, Thérèse of Lisieux, was once asked if she believed in miracles and she replied with charming simplicity: "Well, why not? God can do anything, can't he?"

Man From Atlan said...

Of course I believe in miracles, Xanadu, having witnessed them myself; believing that you have also. That's what I write about:
The best ones are the ones that come when you're not trying to make one :)

Man From Atlan said...

The Baba? No.

Anonymous said...

How are you keeping, Naseer? Hope all goes well?
I check your site from time to time to see if anything new has appeared, but you've been unusually silent. Hey, you're letting your fans down!

How are things on xymphora? Is Rowan back? Are lobro and laurie and the rest of the old crowd still there?

All the best,


Man From Atlan said...

My fans will have to wait, sorry ;)
till I clear a few things from plate.
Hope all is well with you.
RB never shows up at Xymphora, Laurie rarely, and the only one is lobro.
Actually, I am working on three articles for this blog, so do check in by Friday :)

Man From Atlan said...