Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aeflan, the Queen of Heaven

Miriam, Isis, Aeflan~The Queen of Heaven

The story of the Trojan War, that it was caused by a woman, Helen, and the rivalries of the three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, has long fascinated me. The war between Atlan and Aergon was the result of a mad passionate act by Aeflan, priestess of Atlan. Durga/Kali as forces of destruction/change I can deeply understand.

But while wars take place on earth, they also take place in the heavens. Think of it as a struggle between energies. Think of women as a force for change.

History records a circle, an ebb and flow, of time and energy. Empires and religions come and go, people are born and then, die. Actions and events may arise from the male energy, but the ebb and flow comes from the female, and therefore, magic, alchemy, and the future, is and always will be, the coming together and balancing of the male and female. That the world is out of balance requires that we work together to do so. The coming new age makes it imperative.

But there was a remarkable woman who was at the center of events, who changed us in many ways. She was my mother and teacher in many lives, and I her teacher in others. We helped each other in many ways, and if the path was difficult, yet the love was always there.

She is the woman of myth and legend, whom you may have known as Hera, as Mother Mary, as Isis. She is Aeflan, the Queen of Heaven.

Because of the imbalances between the male and the female, we know more about the changes that men have made in history. Perhaps it is in the nature of women to just be that which is deep and hidden, but it is important that we know what vehicles of change they have been through the ages.

There is a chapter in The Way of Atlan in which he warns “War will come to sweep you away” and this is when he taught his students to become spiritual warriors, wielders of magic. One of his earliest students, Eflan, soon came to be his favourite. For her, he made an extraordinary prophecy: She would be the one to instigate the war, but it was necessary for the spiritual evolution of the planet.

It was a terrible burden to place upon her, but she took it willingly, and after the war I was reborn as her child to help her again. I told Aeflan there was another change coming, a Dimensional Shift when the people of Atlan and Aergon would go to Earth, and she was the catalyst; it was a choice she had made even before she was born.

It was she who was the catalyst for this bleeding piece of earth in the Middle East as shown in Battle For the Soul of the Jewish People which lead to the events of today, as the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all evolve into something..different.

She was a catalyst as Moses's sister, Miriam, and Muhammad's wife Aisha, and Jesus's mother Mary, who spoke with the spirit of her son even before he was born.

I wrote that Cheiro, or Septros as he was known on Atlan, was the first who came and spoke to me in spirit when I was learning about my gifts in my teens. But Aeflan came to me next, and was also my teacher and friend; as was Andron, as were many of the Children of Atlan, who while still in the spirit world, were preparing to return as spirits of change.

I taught my students how to connect with their own spirit friends and guides. But Aeflan? She helps those who ask and are genuinely in need, but be aware, she can really tell you off if you're wasting your time and hers :) She loves those men and women who can go and act on faith, but is impatient with those who are without purpose or use rationalisations to prevent themselves from changing or making a difference. She has been working in the spirit dimension (though the divine female sightings of the past centuries have all been hers, and Michelangelo's Pieta has also been her) for a long time now and will once again, be central to the unfolding that will take place in the next three years.

The other Children of Atlan are being born right now, yet Aeflan, whose purpose was always to be a child of spirit, chooses to remain in spirit until the time is right for her.

She is Aeflan, High Priestess of Atlan, the Queen of Heaven.


Eden said...

Hah, funny. I was re-reading up from your article on Niola Tesla, and began thinking and connecting with those who are being reborn. When I asked for Aeflan, she said she is staying in spirit, that was her place still. Then I read this latest of articles and was happily surpirised to see the last line confirming what she just communicated with me. It will be interesting to meet her when she does come. Perhaps in 2 or so years (she showed me a quick vision of her parents-to-be; her mother is strong of character and has dark curly/wavy hair and was holding her, newly born, in her arms and her father was next to her - they were both cooing over their new baby with love). Perhaps I will meet Aeflan in this lifetime, or maybe it will be in the next :) Whatever way, I know her in spirit and she has been an invaluable guide.

Man From Atlan said...

Thanks, and here's more feedback: someone we both know, with dark curly wavy hair, says she would love to have Aeflan born to her one day :)

Isis said...

Naseer, describe what you call "heaven". Also, interestingly, I was watching a documentary a couple of weeks ago called the Decling Male. It was about how the environmental contaminants are killing/prenting male embryos from developing at all or fully. The male birth rate is dropping significantly. Interesting how this fits into energies and other factors that are going to contribute to the future of the human race.

Man From Atlan said...

Heaven is the point of union with God. In this article I also mean the spirit dimensions; the space between dimensions and the space we go to after we die, when we dream, or have other out of body experiences. These are the dimensions that begin with the crown chakra and go beyond, and Aeflan works and remains in those realms.
Intersting point you make: when the Earth, which rules fertility, is out of balance, then our fertility is compromised..