Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Terror in Mumbai

There was a terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26. Around 12 shooters, armed with AK 47's, grenades and bombs, came ashore and killed over 170 and wounded over 300 people in three days of horror. The attackers held off two thousand troops, and in the end, only one of them, shown here, was captured alive. He says he was trained in Pakistan by a terrorist organisation, and now both countries are trading accusations back and forth.

Killing civilians for a cause, however justified it may seem, is condemnable in every way. But so is lying, and the Indian government is lying through its teeth, and that is worse, because lies have a far greater capacity for harm, as can be seen in what happened with Afghanistan and Iraq: millions killed for the most clearly observable set of lies.

Here's an analysis: http://www.counterpunch.org/khan12022008.html
and another: http://www.daily.pk/world/asia/8485-the-mumbai-attacks-the-real-perpetrators-and-their-goals.html but I leave it up to you to decide.

When I was in Los Angeles in 1993 I met an nuclear arms inspector with the IAEA who told me "the pity is the Indians can't trust the Pakistanis and the Pakistanis can't trust the Indians".

Pity indeed. The Indians have a painful history of being conquered by the Muslims and Pakistanis have the painful history associated with the partition of India and forceful annexation of Kashmir. And you have dishonest corrupt politicians on both sides who would rather point fingers at each other than solve their own country's problems, and India and Pakistan have fought four wars so far, and the only who benefited from that were those who didn't want a South Asia bloc to prosper.

That would ultimately be the choice of the people of India and Pakistan. You look at the joint karma of two countries born 24 hours away from each other and it is apparent how much healing each country needs (see national horoscopes above, and the trend to violence in both countries) but I will say this one more time:

Those who believe that Pakistan will be broken up or eventually be conquered or reabsorbed by India are sadly mistaken. Pakistan, for all its problems, is lucky and blessed, and it will survive, because it has great forces on its side. (It still needs to change though)

Both countries have supremacist religions. Both countries are corrupt in their political and religious leadership, and both have a heavy karma. I pray for both, to see the light of what might be.

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