Friday, November 28, 2008

Atlan Healing Centres

Atlan Healing Centres isn't a chain of clinics or temples. 
It's a group of people around the world~
Many years ago, I wrote:
"You have been on a healing journey since the beginning of Time.
You seek completion, balance and peace.
You ask for help in letting go of karma and realizing your purpose in life.
Thousands of years ago the Teacher of Atlan came to Earth to help incarnate the energies that would heal this planet.
Naseer Ahmad is a physician, healer and spiritual teacher.
He has taught many people to become healers, teachers and magicians. Will you join him?"
Within six months, America may be at war. I hope not. The economy will have to recover. I hope so. The years 2009-2012 will bring great events into play, and the things that have to happen, will.
I'd like to talk about the many wonderful people I've come in contact with, and the difference they'll make in the time to come. My goal has always been to inspire people to reach their highest potential, and I have helped, in many ways. The fact is, we are blocked from learning to connect with others, and ourselves.
Using the healing I've written about here, I have taught thousands of people the technique (actually it's an energy) called Spiritual Healing in The Way of Atlan. Using healing, I have influenced many more, all around the world. Some people have found my lessons too hard to bear, but the love I have will always be there for them.
I made a prophecy many years ago:
Things would get much worse; (difficult for humans who're hard-wired to be optimistic) and, there would be a great need for healers.
So I went to the United States.
Travelled through Europe and Asia.
Where ever I went there was great upheaval, but also, great healing.
Teaching the Way of Atlan to thousands, and ultimately through them and my website, many more (It really was popular)
No, it isn't new age. It's the old ways, forgotten and returning now to Earth.
A combination of shamanism and sky/sun god monotheism/polytheism but from before the new religions arrived.
A flowing into the river of energy that flows through the heavens.
The people who, connected with each other, brought and will bring great change into the world. If I said president-elect Obama was one of them, would you believe me? He's an Atlanian, even if he doesn't remember, but I have hope for him to do the right things; but it must come from his free will.
But yes there is much resistance to change. But I have planted the seeds, and unknown healers walk among you, all connected to each other by a grid of energy, and don't expect them to solve all the problems of the world, but if a stranger says to you: follow me, then do so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Naseer, your messages always inspire me and help me remember who I really am. I love you so much!
xxx Chaieomie

Suresh Sai said...

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