Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writer's Blog

There is a place where all the knowledge of the Universe is stored
To get to the Akashic Records
Zoom past Physical Discords
Release surly Psychic Bonds
You becoming one with Gods

Soaring into Deepest Darkest
Space, you see ahead of you,

A Castle of Light, beckoning
Gates opening, Spirit entering,
Welcoming hall, marble floor,
Stairway ascending to another door

And there before you
Is the knowledge of the world
And visions within unfold
Of past, present and future you
~Naseer Ahmad

I never had a problem writing; hence writer's block :) never was a problem. The words just came; I just wrote. Man From Atlan was written in 3 months, The Way of Atlan in 5-6 months. The first was written full time, the second, part time as I worked part time jobs here and there. Then a lull as I devoted myself full time to my work and family.

But you are drawn to your purpose in life, and mine was based on the root of my name, Nasr, which means 'the helper'. Not a problem when you already are a counselor, healer and doctor. But just, not enough, knowing that I was meant to teach, and not just offer palliative care and solutions. I had to teach.

So I became a gypsy and travelled the world, first with my family, then by myself, and wherever I went I helped people, and taught them, and still that wasn't enough, knowing how dire things would be. I'd have liked to write more books but that's a full-time job, and I have so many. Then I could write and publish to a website, and enjoyed a certain appeal from 1999-2005, but then, certain technical complications arose which I have to resolve before the site can come back on. There even was a screenplay and a movie that almost got made, but oh well never mind.

A writer has to keep writing, or he will die. So instead of books, I wrote thousands of little pieces in various websites and blogs and my purpose was to teach; and, just keep writing. For the way I changed things was through healing and energy, how then could I help those who I could not touch in person? Through my writing; every book, every little piece, has an energy to it. I reflect back to people their need for healing, and when they read, they change, in some way or the other. Many are inspired to present their own, unique voice to the world, regardless of how it might be received. Many had a renewal of faith and purpose. All had their own personal challenges to face, but my offer as always is to just ask for help when needed. And in the meantime, I will write.

The Way of Atlan Series and,