Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Crystal Skull of Doom

As the movie "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" comes to the theaters I want to mention my own experience with the Anna Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull and the lessons to be learned, from working with objects, or, the worship thereof.

I first encountered the Crystal Skull at a Psychic Fair in 1989, the story related in "Journey of a Healer"

Some people of a New Ageish disposition (including myself) have related the other-worldly experiences they had with it. Some of a more sceptical tendency have suggested, without proof, that the skull is man-made, of recent origin.

It seems that modern man needs to debunk anything suggesting the supernatural. The Turin Shroud, the Crystal Skull, Astrology; it seems that in their zeal to provide proof of fraud they need to commit fraud themselves. You need to wade through the recent Archaeology Magazine article to see what I mean. The writer, Jane Walsh, of the Smithsonian Institute, by placing the Crystal Skull alongside other skulls of recent origin, suggests that it is fairly modern too. Again, without proof.

The other side, which I find more credible, is represented here:
It suggests that while the story about how it was found may be a mystery, an examination by Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (the world's premier laboratory in quartz crystal technology) in 1970 shows that the skull could not have been made by any known modern means. This leaves either extra-terrestrial or other-worldly means.

When you hold an object in your hands, you can pick up the energy within but also that of the being that made it. For what it's worth, I felt the object cames from Atlantis, and was made by humans using specialised machines. There is a story of how a person who held the skull was cured of a brain tumour, and it so happens that right after I held the skull I helped a patient with a brain tumour. But I credit also the healer I met that night, Helen, from St.Catherines, Ont. who actually inspired me to do make the choice to commit myself unreservedly to my healing and teaching.

I also believe that "Mike" Mitchell-Hedges (on whom the character of Indiana Jones is clearly based) received the skull from a secret society associated with the Freemasons, which is why he obscured its origins.

Never mind. The Indiana Jones movies are all based on a quest for a supernatural object, be it the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, or Shiva's stone. And that is the biggest mistake of all, to worship an object, or place it above what you yourself are capable of achieving.

The Crystal Skull is a magnificent object. It is meant to be a repository of information about Atlantis's origins, its technology, and, a message for the future. But all that information already lies within you.

One of the exercises I teach my students is how to make a wand. You find a small branch, attach various stones to it, then charge it to do healing with. It's a tool, that's all. Or you can take a gemstone and fix it to a ring or pendant. The vibrational qualities of the diamond, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby, kryptonite etc. are amplified by your own energies. Quartz Crystal has a unique quality of being neutral and therefore best able to retain energies. The better the quality of the stone and the person who made it, the more significant the results. One of my disciples, Eden, had the most amazing experience with a person she was doing healing with.

But my message to you is this: You can change your vibration to that of quartz crystal, and have unlimited power, not just that of an admitted artefact of Atlantis, be it the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant, or Crystal Skull.

Crystal Skull Photo copyright Gayle Press BBC 1996


Anonymous said...

One can avail oneself of the greatest power in this temporary material cosmos, as well as the eternal spiritual manifestation through the vibrational representation of the Supreme Person, the Maha-mantra. Known world wide as the Hare Krishna mantra.
This vibrational representation of the Supreme Person is said to be non different than the Supreme Person Himself.
It's free to ALL humans and recommended as the only practical and realistic way to escape the grip of Maya, the cycle of rebirth in this material miasma of misery and illusion.
This vibration subdues the effects of Maya and allows for the soul to slowly retain its original constitutional position as an eternal servant of God in a loving personal relationship.
The highest goal of human life.

Eden said...

Yes Naseer. Your lovely reminders of the places we can reach and tools we have at our fingertips to focus what is already within us, are always so timely. Those were great experiences for the people I've used my wand on, and for me as a healer. It helped me connect even more deeply with the incredible power we all have and remember it's presence. It's easy to forget it's there and the strength we have to affect things in such great ways.
I don't believe that the cycle of rebirth into the material world can be called neither misery nor illusion. I believe, as you have reminded me once again in this life, that we choose to be reborn to learn, as well as experience the wonder of physical connection (can't do that as spirit). Our karma are our lessons to learn, however tragic they may be, and by doing so, we can grow and evolve, and we become closer to God.
Like parent's learn from their children (not just the other way around), so does God from us - we are God's children, and we grow together. Religions and new-age and all the other stuff inbetween all point in the same direction - going back to, and our connection with, God. Just loose the baggage dudes.
With love, Eden :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Eden,
You have such a way with words, I truly hope those that read Naseer's blogs and your comments will benefit from the reminders.
Sending all my love,