Sunday, May 25, 2008

Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns

Do you think humans invent anything? The angels talk to them all the time~ my daughter Gebbriel, age 8.

Muslim mystics believe that one can summon demons and djinns by reciting a certain passage of the Quran one hundred thousand times; and that Angels are spiritual beings of light who exist only to serve God, while demons and djinns are supernatural beings with freedom of choice. Satan was a djinn who therefore was able to rebel against God and was cast out of Heaven to Earth for that reason. He leads legions of demons and has dominion over Earth and Hell.

Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley wrote down a system for communicating with Angels and Spirits called Enochian Magic. They claimed that it had been dictated to them by Angels; latter-day writers on either side of the rational-spiritual divide argue whether they were con men or Elizabethan spies, or they truly had the occultic gifts long sought by European philosophers.

Religion teaches that Angels speak to and guide humanity, and New Agers believe we have Spirit guides and Angels even intervene in human affairs.

That's a good question. Do human beings ever have an original thought, or are we just mouthpieces for celestial forces? I ask this because of my own experience, and asking the questions of our freedom of choice, the nature of God; whether Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns do exist. Do they control us, or are they figments we create to satisfy a deep psycho-spiritual need, and if they do exist, are they like us, (hopefully) independent self-realised beings, with ultimate freedom of choice and responsibility?

Children can, I feel, tell us more because they are more closely connected to the world of spirit. I also saw that we are surrounded by these beings, but each has their own purpose, and how we communicate with them is bound by certain rules, not to be taken lightly.

As we come to the beginning of a New World, the question of whether Angels and other beings are talking to us becomes more and more crucial. And how, how, do we get to communicate with them?

In short, I believe that they do exist, and that they all have certain roles, functions and rules that they are bound by, just as we are. They exist in the multiple dimensions; they (as my daughter reminds us) speak to and guide us all the time, and do they ever have attitude!

Angels are beings of light created by God. They exist to carry out God's will, but in that context, still have freedom of action and choice. (Of course, if they disobeyed, they'd be cast off, but what's freedom of choice without consequences?) They cannot be summoned by anyone except God, and fight from within the spiritual plane. But when they do come to Earth, they do so for a reason, and it is up to people to choose what they will do with the blessing given to them. Some women that I knew; one, a nurse who died in a horrific car accident. She saw her spirit rise above her body, then a being of light walked into the room, and she returned. Another, hit by a car, felt an angel's enveloping wings around her. Two who felt that presence while waiting in a rehab clinic. Whether they learned from it was up to them.

Angels have an infinite curiousity about the human species. They like to joke about us too, with all the pretensions and belief systems we create in order to understand our existence. They, as creatures of spirit without the karma of humans, laugh about those who claim to command them. Angels aren't gentle beings. They have attitude, and say their purpose is to 'kick human ass'.

Spirits of those who have departed try not to hang around too much, but sometimes are held back by their own emotions or that of the people they left behind. But they long for the peace of letting go, and moving into the white light when they dissolve into oneness with God.

They comfort us and provide guidance. We are surrounded by the spirits of those who are waiting to be born, those who have passed away, and even, the spirits of the living. I was visited by the spirits of those I had loved and yet to love, and they guided me to study palmistry, and write, and that I would need to leave Pakistan. They can't tell us the future, for that would take away our freedom of choice, and they long for the physical touch of being held by loved ones.

Demons are aspects of ourselves from the recesses of our soul. None of us are free from them, but as free beings learning about the full extent of our freedom of choice, we need to separate ourselves from what we think God wants of us. Yes there are consequences to our actions, and there is karma, the lessons to be learned, the actions (choices) we must make. Demons tempt us, with ego, and lust, and wanting. That may separate us from that oneness we crave, but we have to learn, and seek knowledge. And the journey, when completed, is that more fulfilling than blindly following a set of man-made rules handed down to us by mystics writing for a particular time, place, and people.

Demons can possess us, then, with greed for power. They can tempt us through ego and illusion. They can mislead us with philosophies to justify our every action. They can come through past lives. And yet, they still are creatures of God just as much as Angels, and fulfill their purpose. But make no mistake, the world's leaders, political, religious and financial, are demon-possessed, and nothing more than a good exorcism will cure them. Death and destruction follow them, but they are no better, and no worse, than what we are and the power we give them.

Djinns are of course not just a remnant of my own background though I'd call them 'energies' or entities here in the West. But for this article Id like to say Djinns. They are created by emotions and desires and unreleased pain, even, occultic practices. A house, a place, a people, may be possessed by these disparate energies just as much as a person might be. We can clear them from us through water, fire, spirit, earth and air, for they are beings of the aforementioned elements.

So there are so many of them. We could try to harness and then instead, be harnessed by them. Best to release these energies and send them back to God, instead of creating new entities with every inaction, act of cruelty, and feelings of desire unfulfilled.

Do Angels, Spirits, Demons and Djinns speak to us? Yes, and we must decide when to and when not to listen to them. And ask, that our choices always be wise ones. Above all, do not be afraid. You are all beings of God.


Anonymous said...

Dear Naseer,
I was just thinking about how much you've helped me in the last few years and how greatly appreciative I am. Bless you:)
Lovely article.

Man From Atlan said...

In my cosmology, djinn, being elementals, do not have free will, but demons definitely do.

And to add to what I wrote then, Lucifer and Satan are like the antimatter to Angel's matter, but both fill God's purpose.