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What's Up With Saudi Arabia?

Sad Day
I've been holding on to this piece for so long. Today's suicide bombing attack near the Prophet's mosque Medina Bomb Blast and others in Saudi Arabia were like, as one person said, "the end of days". Yet, as I tried to point out cause and effect, it seemed like once again, people don't exactly want to know.

This thought started last year. I see signs in the oddest ways, but their message is clear. First, the Mecca Crane Collapse of Sept. 11, 2015 in which a crane collapsed in high winds and damaged the Grand Mosque. 111 people were killed, 394 injured.

Then the Hajj Bridge Disaster of September 24, 2015. A stampede caused by the closure of two access roads
“People were packed so tightly that they could not breathe and started tumbling over each other, and many became trapped underfoot,” Shah says. Saudi officials denied reports that the stampede was linked to the closure of two roads near the bridge for a prince and his 350-person convoy, but protesters say leaving them open would have prevented the crush."
2411 people were killed. The Saudi kingdom lied about the extent of the disaster, prevented proper Islamic burial of the bodies, and covered up their princeling's role in causing it. They are absolute monarchs in a world no longer tolerant of despots, and worse, they are pious frauds hiding behind the 'purity' of their faith. There's much more I can say about my vision, but for now, there are great world changes coming, and the collapse of Saudi Arabia is part of it.

What's happening with Saudi Arabia? From my earliest memories, w/Saudi students at University (mostly of Marxist persuasion, LOL) to remembered past lives, I have no ill feelings towards Arabs, or even, Islam.

Even when they planned to demolish many Islamic heritage sites they claimed it was to accommodate increased numbers for Hajj and Umrah Saudi Arabia plans $6bln makeover for second holiest site in Islam but really, it was because their strict interpretation of Islam wanted to raze the prophet and his wife's grave and move it to an unmarked location. Just as they destroyed many Muslim saints tombs in the 18th century Emirate of Diriyah So, lies then, just as they claimed today's blast in a security compound parking lot was "a planned military exercise" and a "propane tank blast".

There have been many betrayals of the Arabs, from Hussein Bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca by the British after WWI when they went back on promises to protect the Arab territories to the secret Letter From President Roosevelt to King Ibn Saud, April 5, 1945

(FDR) gave two undertakings to Ibn Saud; first that he would do nothing to assist the Jews against the Arabs in Palestine and, secondly, that he would never do anything to harm the Arab people. He promised that the United States Government would not make any changes to its policy on Palestine without prior consultation with both the Arabs and the Jews.
the Saudis promised, in return for those two promises, to provide access to America for its oil reserves. They would also, suppress Arab nationalism.

American promises were not kept, of course, and if King Saud's son, Faisal who saw first hand the breaking of those promises in 1948 should impose an oil embargo, he would conveniently be assassinated (1975).

The Saudi kingdom, now rightly afraid of being overthrown by their subjects, scared of calls for democracy, lashes out, funding ISIS/Daesh/Al-Qaida Jihadis around the world, begging for help against Iran.

It is a barbaric country, where 16 year old dissident Ali-Mohammed al-Nimr gets condemned to death by crucifixion and beheading. For what? Taking part in pro-democracy protests?

It is a barbaric country, funding, along with Turkey and Qatar, thousands of Jihadis in Syria who commit the worst atrocities, as they did in Iraq and around the world. They did that in Afghanistan, they did that in Pakistan, and the chickens have come home to roost, indeed. I didn't say that, Malcolm X did..

It is a barbaric country, having starved, blockaded and bombarded Yemen almost 500 days for daring to get rid of their stooge leaders. The Imperial Human Sacrifice in Yemen is horrendous.

But it isn't just the Saudis. Those who enabled and sold them arms, them, the British, Americans, French? You, too, are responsible so don't whinge that it comes home to you.

On March 13, a New York Times front page article went into some detail about American support for the war. The story, titled “Quiet Support for Saudis Entangles U.S. in Yemen,” stated that the U.S. provided the assailants of Yemen, “with intelligence, airborne fuel tankers and thousands of advanced munitions…” This was already reported elsewhere earlier in the war, and the American role is probably far greater than that. But what was remarkable was the story’s exposure of the rather cynical reasoning for this support. During the high level deliberations over whether to intervene (emphasis added throughout all subsequent quotes):
“…there was little real debate. Among other reasons, the White House needed to placate the Saudis as the administration completed a nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi Arabia’s archenemy. That fact alone eclipsed concerns among many of the president’s advisers that the Saudi-led offensive would be long, bloody and indecisive.
Mr. Obama soon gave his approval for the Pentagon to support the impending military campaign.”
The Times further reported that:
“…Mr. Kerry was the most forceful advocate in arguing that the United States had an obligation to help the Saudis at a time when the Iran talks had left the kingdom questioning America’s priorities in the region.”
“Mr. Obama’s aides believed that the Saudis saw a military campaign in Yemen as a tough message to Iran.
“Their main objective was to give Iran a bloody nose,” said Philip H. Gordon, a top White House official at the time and now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.”
So there you have it. The U.S. enabled the Yemen war as a reassuring gesture for the Saudis and a “tough message” for the Iranians. Thousands killed and hundreds of thousands of children being starved, all to send various signals to allies and adversaries: war as a geopolitical messaging app.
The West will change or it will not. Islam may change or it may not. Near both sacred mosques during Hajj, then the last days of the holiest month? You can listen to the message. Or, not.

But Saudi Arabia? The kingdom will be gone within 20 years.

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