Sunday, January 10, 2016

What's Up With The U.K?

What next?
It's nearly nine years since I last visited the UK. You look back with sadness at the possibilities for change you saw then, and what's happened since.
We arrived during the 2007 United Kingdom Floods  and now, the region is still reeling from heavy rain fall and floods as a series of storms hit the Isles going on into 2016 2015-2016 Great Britain and Ireland floods 
Yes, there is an imbalance all over the world. It's raining today, January in Canada! I'll meditate and pray for peace, but really it's about what you will do for change.
I follow 9 and 12 year cycles. Where were you 9, 12 years ago? What have you done since? Are you repeating what you did then, or will you do something different?
I could go on about spiritual imbalance, but really, that won't work till you figure out your material and emotional foundations.
That's why I placed so much importance to the February 15, 2003 anti-war protests all around the world. A seminal event, and of course I had to be there. But people got discouraged after that, and divided as propaganda was used to convince us of the case for war. So 12 years later, we had the war in Syria causing a million people to flee into Europe.
So, almost 9 years later, floods. I warned of a cleansing of the earth then. Earthquakes, floods, disasters. Wake up calls. Personal as well as environmental pain.
But I look to the signs of hope. The good people I met then, who I still pray for. The people I continue to help. The ones who did not give up, so I didn't either. There will always be hope.
We are slowly taking back the world, one country at a time. My country, Canada, first. With leaders and parties who will be held accountable.
The UK, which I love as I love Canada, and its people. That it elected Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader was great news. Attacked every day by corporate media and pro-war elements in his own party. Yet it's the young people who follow him that I respect most, because it is they who will change the world.
It will be a long process, but there will be change. Be involved in politics and environmental causes. Do not be influenced by anything except your own knowledge and conscience. Be a force for healing, of your self and the planet.

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