Friday, October 16, 2015

O Canada

Time for change
We are a better people than this. After almost ten years of rule by Stephen Harper this is what happened to the Canada I love.
First, in 2006 there was the unprecedented intervention of the RCMP by falsely accusing the Liberal Finance Minister of insider trading during an actual election Canada: Report whitewashes federal police’s intervention in 2006 elections This directly affected Harper's win and the RCMP and CSIS would continue to assist him in his campaign to further divide Canada over the years.

In 2008, Harper had Governor General Michaëlle Jean prorogue parliament to escape a vote of non-confidence by a coalition of the other three political parties. He went on to prorogue three more times to avoid facing Parliament, thus disrespecting the institution of democracy.

Many ridings across Canada reported electoral shenanigans by the Conservatives 2011 Canadian federal election voter suppression scandal and now he has made voting much more difficult.

On so many issues he disregarded or flouted rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada. Like his hero George W. Bush he has lied to his own people, and is no respecter of our rights and freedoms.

His emphasis on the oil based industries has created an imbalance in our economy and made us one of the worst polluters in the world, per capita. His Trans Pacific and Trans Atlantic trade deals have and will cause the loss of so many of our high quality jobs.
Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons According to this article, Stephen Harper had a crisis of faith which led him to become an Evangelical Christian.  He and his father left the United Church after the 1988 decision to ordain homosexuals. This also is why he belongs to a millennial sect which blindly supports Israel and endangers our foreign policy standing around the world. His office rejects Muslim refugees fleeing war torn countries.
His religious beliefs are his own concern, but how they affect policy is not. End Times Christian Zionists tend to be anti-reason, and want war to bring about their vision of the world.
In the final analysis, he is a bully. He tried so hard to create a climate of fear by demonizing Muslims it turned against him. Canadians looked into the abyss of prejudice and drew back, ashamed.
We are a better people than this. We are fighting to change things. An astonishing 31% more people have cast their votes in advance polling than the last election. 70,000 students have already registered and cast their votes in a pilot project to set up campus polling.
I think of the series of articles I wrote in 2008 about Obama:
I liked him at the time because he represented hope, and change. I knew from my visions a full year ahead he would win the nomination and the election, when Hillary Clinton looked the front runner. I also hoped, but did not expect, he would change the way things were done. I also wrote then:
What I see is a great sea change in the way WE deal with life, and say "we can't continue this way", and if what comes next makes us work harder, that's what's best, for all the right reasons.
I have the same feeling for Justin Trudeau when he was chosen as leader of the Liberal Party. I had this thought of him winning. Maybe it will be in alliance with the NDP. Maybe he'll win a majority. I do not know how it will turn out. As always, I have hope.. But I do know Harper's conservatives have to be stopped, and if people should just vote for the best candidate in their riding for the job, then I wish Justin Trudeau, and all of Canada, well.



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