Monday, July 20, 2015

What Next For Greece?

And what next for the world?
The turmoil I saw happening in Europe seems to be catching up to Greece. I've been writing since 2010 there’d be some sort of showdown here.
Then I wrote The Rape of Europa in 2011.
"Whither Europe? After decades of neo-liberal economic policies we are now being subjected to fears of the collapse of European economies and the Eurozone. Here's a magazine article that describes the problem very well: CounterPunch 

"The fight for Europe’s future is being waged in Athens and other Greek cities to resist financial demands that are the 21st century’s version of an outright military attack. The threat of bank overlordsh­ip is not the kind of economy-ki­lling policy that affords opportunit­ies for heroism in armed battle, to be sure. Destructive­ financial policies are more like an exercise in the banality of evil; in this case, the pro-credit­or assumption­s of the European Central Bank (ECB), EU and IMF (egged on by the U.S. Treasury)".

We are going down this road again.

Every Indo-Pakistani student of history knows the Bengal famines in which millions died were engineered by the East India Company to help benefit the 1%.

The tragedy in Greece was set up by modern banking institutions. Tsipras should have told the latter day East India Companies to take a hike. But as I wrote on my WordPress blog before the Greek Referendum, "sadly, I think he’ll back down because socialists are just as bound by economic orthodoxy as Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus and their descendants."

As Alfred Marshall argued, “man should be equally important as money, services are as important as goods, and that there must be an emphasis on human welfare, instead of just wealth”. Yet pensions are being cut now, and Greece's public assets sold very cheaply indeed, just as they were in other Eastern European nations.

Wishing the people of Greece the best, and prayers for them in the days ahead. But this is just the start of the dismantling of the European social safety system that we are seeing in the UK, Spain, and soon, all over the world. This is the plundering of the planet for a self-chosen few that has been going on for millennia.

Yet all I see around me is hopelessness and a lack of direction. Even the 'gods' of Olympus (picture above) lost direction a long time ago. I see no change, no hope for humanity until it is ready to make a collective leap of faith. And if you have questions or need help, ask.

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